Rage From the Machine: An Astrological Analysis of Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan.


“Don’t mistake me, I clearly see that Ryan has a whole lotta RAGE in him: A rage against women, a rage against immigrants, a rage against workers, a rage against gays, a rage against the poor, a rage against the environment. Basically the only thing he’s not raging against is the privileged elite he’s groveling in front of for campaign contributions.” 

– These are Tom Morello’s observations of Paul Ryan when he claims his love for “Rage Against the Machine.”

Paul Ryan closeup with apparent tattoos of zodiacs on his cheeksRyan’s astrology chart shows him suffering a traumatic emotional wound sometime during the fall of 1988 (transiting Chiron squaring natal Chiron). This would have occurred during his freshman year at Miami of Ohio, a full two years after his father’s death.

Though Ryan’s Wikipedia page was pretty thoroughly scrubbed within an hour of being announced as Romney’s running mate, in the two years following his father’s death there is no evidence I can find to support any acting out in school, at work, or at home. That’s a concerning sign for a 16-year old who found his dad dead in bed from an apparent heart attack in 1986.

In fact, Ryan was voted Prom King during his senior year at a time when being selected was considered an honor bestowed on the well-liked, and those who excel in academics, sports, or both.  The worst anyone could say about Ryan was that he was the best brown-noser in his class.

But Ryan’s preferences do appear to be those of a very angry man.  Rage against the Machine’s music is angry.  Brutal daily workouts – the kind for which Ryan is famous – appeal to those trying to keep rage under control.  Embracing mean economic philosophies that hurt the weak and underprivileged is an angry choice.  Arguably, joining a fraternity with its long traditions of hazing powerless freshman could also be considered an angry choice.  And Paul Ryan is a bow hunter.

Rebecca Dana wrote “The pictures of him smiling in his hunting gear telegraphed all the hopes and dreams of the libertarian right: a good old-fashioned American dad who loves Jesus and the Second Amendment and who shows it by exerting dominion over the animal kingdom.” He was just like goateed, crucifix-rocking archer Brady Ellison, who helped bring in the first medal, a silver, for the United States two weeks ago. Except he actually kills stuff.

Paul Ryan is the smooth, civilized, 1% version of  a damaged rage-a-holic.  He’s not the “normal kind” who intimidates his wife, kids, and friends, carries a gun, and gets rip-roarin’ drunk several times a week.  Maureen Dowd observes that “Paul Ryan is the cutest package that cruelty ever came in.”

So what was the wound that basically left him hobbled in his ability to express anger and masculinity in healthy ways?  While the meanness of the Ayn Rand philosophy probably felt shamefully good to Ryan, someone in authority (an admired professor maybe) explained to him that embracing the heartless philosophy was actually an indication of superior intellectual understanding and sophistication. Ryan lost himself when he embraced Rand.  She provided an outlet for his anger.  No longer was there any need to resolve it.  He probably fantasized about someday being in a position to inflict pain on lots of people while at the same time being admired for his “seriousness” and economic ability.

In October of 1995 the scab was torn off the the wound so to speak (Chiron opposing natal Chiron). What was the event that deepened the wound? In 1995 Paul Ryan became Sam Brownback’s legislative director and protégé.  Brownback is a religious and economic supply-sider nut, anti-women’s rights, anti gay-rights. A cold hearted angry man it seems, and Ryan’s new role model.  He doubled down supporting the worst in Brownback, and Brownback did the same for him.

Romney and Ryan in paint daubs with real facesSo what we have in Romney and Ryan, is two hobbled men.  Romney sidesteps his lack of love issues by feeding his insatiable appetite for money, and Ryan has an endless supply of anger, and diffuses it with nefarious economic plans to inflict pain on the unsuspecting masses.   These two are both pitiful and dangerous.  Distorted visions, stale ideas, cowardly plans, evasive maneuvers, degrading the many to advantage the few… that kind of “leadership” would truly reflect the kind of men Romney and Ryan have allowed themselves to become.

One final note. Neptune, the planet that puts a haze over everything, falls directly over Ryan’s ascendant, making him a walking cloud of contradiction.  His presentation of himself is deliberately and non-deliberately misleading. So Todd Akin comes along with his Mars in Gemini (forceful and direct communication) opposing Ryan’s Neptune (the haze) and suddenly the haze lifts. Ryan isn’t so confusing anymore.  We see him “in focus” through the corrective lens Akin has provided us.

* * * * * Putting it all in a Cosmic Context * * * * *

On April 15th of this year the universe experienced a cosmic “changing of the guard.”  The fixed star Regulus (one of the brightest stars in the night sky, Alpha Leonis is in the constellation Leo), has moved from its station in Leo (since 150 BC) into the sign of Virgo where it will remain for the next 2000 years (give or take a few hundred).

This transition has resulted in a giant mass male “freak out.” Among other desperate acts, we have seen intensified attempts to crack down on women’s and gay rights.  Males’ 2,160 years of dominance is now officially OVER, not to return again for the next 23,760 years.  That’s none too soon as far as women and gays are concerned, but in the meantime we watch in disbelief at the cosmic temper tantrums being thrown by the historically privileged here and around the world.

Leo is a masculine sign, fixed, fiery, kingly, given to dramatic display and the unquestionable wielding of power and influence.  Leo’s influence is entitled and arrogant.  They are acutely aware of their own specialness. Your head might be chopped off – or the modern day equivalent of it – by treating someone of this sign as a regular human being. To be fair though, Leo’s can be  warm hearted, lovable, and the most creatively self- expressive of all signs.

But the world has moved into the Virgo era and our leaders require different skills and a different temperment.  Virgo energy defines this new age.  It’s earthy, feminine, mutable, concerned with efficiency, humility, health, and wholeness.  It’s ruled by Mercury whose influence is intellectual and objective rather than ego driven.   The new paradigm will not sustain big egos, waste, policies that address segments of a problem rather than the whole, and ineffective health practices.

All over the world leaders recognize that the foundation of their wealth and power has disintegrated.  Women and gays who have retained their feminine energy, refuse to be victims, and hold some memory of their primal power needed to step into the leadership vacuum being created by the dying, overly masculine, “Leo breed”.  They need to communicate with humility and intelligence their ideas to advance efficiency for the health of the collective.  They don’t need to over react to temper tantrums of current “leaders,” but to step over and speak over them. Established leaders have already been undermined.  They’re weak, their institutions are weak, and they themselves are in need of relevant leadership.

It’s past time to move on!

TOJO (The Orange Juice Oracle.)

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