Meet Your 2012 Candidates!

Welcome to Abel Maldonado’s Top-Two Universe.  You and I just live in it now.

Well, at least now we can focus a little better.  Let’s look at the choices-of-two we have left for us between now and November.

First, President.  Well, there was no suspense here:

Then Senate, where octogenarian DiFi will face GOP fresh face Elizabeth Emken

(disappointing us mischief makers who wanted to rub Orly Taitz in the GOP’s face)

AD-69, Santa Ana and central Anaheim.

This is unbelievable.  Sure enough, too few Democrats and too few Mexicans bothered to come out to vote, so we’ve ended up with the big-money half-Reep-half-Dem Tom Daly, running against a real Republican, Joe Moreno! (Congratulations, Joe!)  Tom’s corporate backers spent a lot of time and money lying to the district’s Republicans and telling them that Joe wasn’t really running.  Well, he sure did good for someone who’s not running, while us Julio and Michele backers were busting our asses.  Did the district’s Republicans not bother reading the Daly mailers?  Were they smart enough to not believe them?  Or are they just such robots they’ll check off the “R” candidate without thinking?  At least I’ll give the district’s Republicans credit for not hating on Latinos.  Maybe more Latinos than we know are turning Republican?  The results of this primary may hasten that phenomenon, I hate to say.  And kudos to Chris Emami for calling this – I thought he was mad.

Here are your two AD-69 candidates.  The whitest man in the OC,
and the shiniest-faced Republican Latino.

AD 74 – Newport, Costa Mesa, southern Huntington, and thereabouts.

Mr. Munger’s mega-bucks pumped into empty-suit RINO Leslie Daigle went for naught – it’s refreshing to see that happen in at least ONE case!  So hardcore rightwing Republican Allan Mansoor, whom many people don’t like for many good reasons, will be challenged by very intelligent newly-minted Democrat Bob Rush.  THIS will be an interesting race.  Many Republicans are going for Rush, and the ones who chose the moderate Daigle in the primary should look at him too.  Bob’s 34% added to Leslie’s 23% would do the trick.  I’m looking forward to interviewing Bob and maybe helping on his campaign!

47th Congressional District –
Long Beach, Garden Grove, Los Al, Cypress, Westminster!

YOU lucky OC’ers are going to get the OC’s second Democratic Congressman, name of Alan Lowenthal.  But now we know who his Republican opponent is – the very extreme and moneyed Gary DeLong.  Here’s what they look like:

The 72nd AD – Reep on Reep BLOODBATH!

(That’s northern HB, Seal Beach, Fountain Valley, Westminster, Garden Grove, Los Al)

Sorry Joe Dovinh, you nearly got 2nd place.  But the silver lining is, We’re gonna get to see nasty, rich Republicans Troy Edgar and Travis Allen spending hundreds of thousands of Republican dollars beating each other up for FIVE GRAND MONTHS!

So that’s Edgar and Allen, no Poe.  Heh.  Couple a weenies.
As Kissinger said when we were arming both Saddam’s Iraq and the Ayatollah’s Iran in their bloody war of the 80’s,
“If only there were some way they could BOTH lose.”


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