Hadley-Diaz Update: US Marshal Ian Diaz Indicted & Arrested

(Image borrowed from “Crime Online”)

“What a piece of work!” gets about one-eighteenth of the way to describing Deputy Marshal Ian Diaz.  News last week is, he’s FINALLY been indicted, by a Central California Grand Jury, and arrested, for all the sick and twisted deeds that MOST unbiased people already figured he was guilty of.

This is an Anaheim story, because not only did many of the initial events take place here, but last month we Anaheim taxpayers had to pay out “an undisclosed amount” to Woman 1, Michelle Hadley, for being framed and wrongfully imprisoned for three months:

From the April 27 agenda.

Hadley, framed and wrongfully imprisoned for three months.

But why are we Anaheim taxpayers on the hook for a US Marshal framing his ex and getting her wrongfully imprisoned for three months?  Because four of APD’s finest detectives, (Michael Cunha, William Segletes, Michael Lee, and James Pewsey, the latter of whom was later awarded 2017’s “Detective of the Year”)  took their fellow law man at his word, despite a lot of evidence pointing to him as the culprit. Another casualty of the “Blue Wall of Silence.”  Add this settlement to all the other settlements and judgments we’ve been paying out to APD victims’ families.

If you haven’t been following this crazy story or need a refresher on the things Ian and his wife Angela (Woman 2) did to Hadley before Ian decided to blame everything on Angela, there’s my old 2019 piece or there’s this or this

Angela – thrown under the bus by husband for 5 years.

High points – motivated possibly by scaring Hadley out of any interest in the Anaheim condo they’d bought together, Diaz and his new wife Angela began fabricating ever more baroque threats and sending them to Angela from identities made to look like Hadley’s.  That wasn’t enough – the couple began using Craigslist to make it look like Hadley was sending out strange men to fantasy-rape Angela.

And true to plan, Ian ran to the law, marveling to sympathetic APD that he had “never seen anything like this!” during all his time investigating threats as a Marshal … “At what point does this girl [Hadley] get arrested for sending this shit and hiring guys off Craigslist to rape my wife Angela?”

So that happened, and the equally cop-credulous DA Tony Rackauckas got Hadley locked away.  Three months later when the ruses keeping Michelle in jail began to fall apart, Ian threw his wife under the bus, blaming it all on THAT evil genius.  And that also flew.  The red flags pointing to Ian the whole time, Ian the known Craigslist addict with professional experience in creating Virtual Private Networks, are too numerous to mention here.

Well, finally he’s indicted – and remember there will still be a trial – here is his indictment.  And people, including other cops and DA’s, need to stop saying, “That guy wouldn’t do that – he’s a cop!”

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