OC to Participate in “March Against Monsanto” World Wide Action


While many will be traveling this three-day weekend to kick-start the vacation season, others will gather this Saturday, May 25th, along with people around the world to march in solidarity to “March Against Monsanto.” After writing letters, and sending emails to legislators, losing Prop. 37 (California’s Right to Know Referendum), watching farmers lose lawsuits against mega giant Monsanto; watching Monsanto lobbyists get appointed to the FDA — we say ENOUGH! As amazing at it seems, there are still people who do not know what a genetically modified organism (gmo) is —  Saturday will not only be a day of standing up to Monsanto, but a chance to tell others what is happening to the food they feed their families day-to-day.

There are  actions/events scheduled throughout Orange County and the surrounding areas.  Information about the Laguna Beach March can be found here.  I am going to that one. They also have a Facebook event page. Other marches are Long BeachSan Diego, Los Angeles, and Temecula.

Saying this is just a march is not the correct term — its the start of a revolution — organizers are part of a group of new thinkers, calling themselves Millenials and they bring along whole new ideas of activism. They are disillusioned with government, especially when they see those who are supposed to represent the best interests of it’s citizens, selling themselves to the highest bidder — corporations.  They are tired of Mainstream Media acting as the mouthpiece for corporations like Monsanto.

Please listen to the brilliant Indian environmental activist and anti-globalization author Vandana Shiva:

Nick Bernabe from TheAnti-Media.org  writes on March Against Monsanto’s main webpage,

“The rules of change, of activism, of consciousness, and of helping people are being rewritten by you and me, one connection at a time. The new revolution of good is coming from the grass-roots and making its way upward; this bottom-up effect is exactly what those who would like to see us silent are afraid of… The government and corporations are ingrained into the establishment; they’re comfortable in their positions. This will be their downfall.”

After the march, organizers suggest keeping the pressure on local, grocery stores — tell them you want gmos labeled or you won’t buy the product on their shelves; call food manufacturers and tell them you will boycott them until they label or  stop using gmos altogether — like Kellogg (I personally like that one — I enjoy tying up their phone lines — sending them an email, in my opinion doesn’t get the message across like having to pay employees to sit and listen to complaints all day long; organize mass emailing to local politicians and mass calling to their offices when a critical vote is about to be made; support alternative media — mainstream media sold us out a long time ago because those same corporations who are screwing over the American public owns the media that sing their praises!, and start food co-ops. There a couple in Southern California I know about already:

SoLA Food Co-op and Arroyo Food Co-op. I am hoping we get one in Orange County soon.

Now is the time to stop Monsanto from doing more damage, not only to the environment but to our entire food supply. Now is the time to take action. Monsanto is gaining ground in the fight for seeds and if we don’t fight back, we will be forced to buy food that is no longer real food, but instead created in a lab! We can no longer depend on our representatives, it is  time to get back to our roots — We the People!

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