How and Why Mitt Romney Wanted to Outsource and Off-shore American Jobs

The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor says:  “Bring us your tired, huddled masses……”.  At the dawn of the 20th Century, the United States was a burgeoning manufacturing nation.  Rich in cheap and abundant agricultural products of wheat, corn and oats – American farmers had plenty of food to feed people, unless of course there came a drought or pestilence.  The United States had plenty of rail transportation, horses and beef production.  Kansas City, Missouri took steers to the rail head in Chicago, Illinois  while the great Mid-West Farm Belt which included Nebraska and Iowa found a booming farming bonanza.    Soon the United States was busy being a net Exporter of almost everything.

Kay and Michael Corleone, with Statue of Liberty face and crown superimposed over Diane Keaton.

“Who’s naive now, Kay.” (Note: sometimes it’s best just to take two random references in the story, mash them together in a graphic, and just stop thinking about it.)

Immigrants from Germany, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Poland and so many others….soon came to fill low paying jobs in factories, in the fields of fertile farmland and in the homes of the rich and well off.  English, French and Swedish Nannies were soon found in abundance.  Our open borders brought those from around the world eager to leave their poor and disadvantaged backgrounds.  New industry abounded with beginning of both the Automobile and Aviation technologies.  European trained doctors and lawyers soon followed.  American – Land of Opportunity!

Along with great number of Immigrants came their politics as well.  Socialists, Communists, Insurrectionists, Fascists and of course Anarchists.  Left-Wing Radicals that were against the First World War, against Big Banking and against Social Classes.  This all came to a head with the famous Sacco-Vanzetti case on the 1920’s.  This is where the concept of “the put up job” may have come from.  The case against Sacco-Vanzetti was “iffy” at best.  This “Landmark Case Against Anarchists” was publicized widely.  The US Government in 1927  wanted people to know – Anarchists were “Persona Non Grata” that would be prosecuted without prejudice.  It was the US equivalent of an “Italian Message”!

In the meantime, Labor Leader John L. Lewis was trying to find some “Social Justice” for Irish and immigrant Coal Miners.  The Mega-Corporations of the day owned the land, the mineral rights, the coal and as they said in the song:  “Owe my soul to the Company Store!”  Everything that was bought or ingested by the miners or their families had to be acquired at the “Company Store”. Soon, that credit card made miners nothing more than paid indentured servants to the Mining Company.  A severe lack of safety procedures and over-worked miners put lives at risks.  Cave in and loss of life were common.  The United Mine Workers were created to bring some balance, fair wages and safety procedures to US Mines and their operation.   The Railroad Workers quickly followed suit.  The rest is history and soon almost every state soon had Workman’s Compensation Laws for on the job accidents and injury.  Large Companies had to provide Health Insurance for the worker and his family.  Jimmy Hoffa as President of the Teamsters Union created one of the powerful Unions in America.  After his disappearance in 1975…..the Teamsters Union power declined severely, but great gains had been made through his leadership.

Organized Labor thus began almost 100 years of response to Giant Corporations, Mega-Millionaires, Poor Working Conditions, Fair Wages and their desire and acquisition of Health and Retirement Benefits, in lieu of wage increase.  In the 1970’s came the first incursion into Public Employee Unions which soon proliferated primarily for Police, Fire and other First Responders to Emergencies.  Before long Union proliferation had created “super perks”, “super benefit packages”, “early retirement programs” and in fact benefits greater than were being offered in the “Private Sector”.

Fast forward to the days after President Ronald Reagan in 1989.  When President George Bush set the stage for the beginning of the “Out Sourcing of America”.  Bill Clinton soon followed suit with the passage of NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement and “The Giant Sucking Sound” that Presidential Candidate Ross Perot brought along in 1992.  This quickly opened the doors to US Manufacturing…to move their manufacturing to Mexico, Canada, The Caribbean, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil and the Eastern Block Countries after the “Fall of the Wall” in 1990!  Russian Manufacturing came running to secure business “from America”.  China saw that the opportunities for their country to grow exponentially could follow in the wake of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines.  They didn’t waste any time.  Their clarion call:  “We can make anything you make – just show it to us and we will have it copied in 24 hours!”  Taking the plan of the Hong Kong Tailors……China has made this a reality.  In the meantime, India’s strategy was to become “the go to place for cheap labor”!  Along with cheaper labor, India created giant Universities of Higher Learning to compete with those of the United States.

Fast Forward the HI-B Visa.  Prestigious Mumbai and Calcutta Universities are supplying the bulk of IT Engineers to the United States who want to replace high priced older workers.  High Tech Companies that want to replace 38 to 62 year old high priced IT Engineers with those from India freshly minted at ages 28 to 38 years of age for half the salaries are doing so with impunity.  This is accomplished by allowing more and more HI-B Visas.  This law allows Temporary Workers with skills which are deemed critical – to take American Jobs until a specific project or contract is complete.  Not simply restricted to IT Engineering, Structural Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Doctors, Health Professionals, Medical Equipment Engineers, Technical Writers and Big Pharma Represenatives are all being trained and supplied to the United States by other countries.

Global or International Corporations have also filled the grand void – dodging taxes in a variety of countries – by Off-Shoring their banking.  What is a Profit or a Loss for an International, Global Company?  That depends.  The complexities are immense and thousands of International Attorneys and Bankers are employed just to make sure – No New or Old Taxes!  Electronically, these efforts can virtually be accomplished on a new High Tech Cell Phone.  Moving billions, trillions and quadrillions of dollars with the simple push of a button.  Having the IT Tech Engineers capable of tracking and understanding these transactions verges on a Mad Magazine take off of “Spy vs. Spy”!  The so-called Revenue Short-Falls of Governments around the world are being affected.  These super oligarchs have learned their systems well from the International Drug Cartels, The Russian Mafia, the Chinese Triads and the Japanese Yakuza.

The concept is difficult to grasp unless you look back to the past and watch the 1983 Al Pacino movie:  “Scarface”.  Remember the story of bankers in Florida laudering the drug money of the Columbia Drug Cartels?  Another Al Pacino Movie:  “The Godfather” has a line to his soon to be wife Diane Keaton:  “The Corleone Family with be legitimate in 5 years!”.  There is little doubt that International Business was listening, watching and understanding how easy it was to “Game the System”.  The International Banking System that is.  We must all ask ourselves the question:  How did Liar Loans, Credit Default Swaps, Phony Derivatives, Meaningless Hedge Funds, Specialty Investment Vehicles and trillions and trillions of “Black Corporate Money” simply disappear?

Mitt Romney wanted to Out Source all American Jobs to low wage alternatives….wherever they are.  Mitt Romney wanted to Off Shore every manufacturing job in America.  Who was Mitt Romney – Mitt Romney is an American Business Man.  Mitt Romney knows how to make money for himself, his family and those that he chooses to allow in his inner circle.  Mitt Romney is not alone – there are lots of Mitt Romney’s all around the world.  They could care less whether the price of dairy products or gasoline goes up this year.  Mitt knows that all jobs will soon be going elsewhere and he still has his house in the Cayman Islands – just in case things get a little dicey –  here in the good old USA!

So….why are we not raising the tax rates on Corporations and Individuals making over $250,000 a year – again?  Why is so important not to have Universal Health Care?  Why should Social Security recipients not get their Cost of Living increase for 2013?  Why must Medicare to cut back to make sure older Americans use all of their resources for out of pocket healthcare  their final years?  Why must Big Oil, Big Pharma and the Insurance Industry get Federal Assistance from the Treasury…with impunity?  Why must we save Wall Street Institutional Investors again?  Where is the Equal Protection of the Law for Middle Class Americans?  Why can’t we treat immigrants from Mexico with the same respect that we have treated others in our history?  The answer is simple:  We are treating them with the same respect!  The same respect we gave those from Vietnam after the war in 1975.  We just need to make their presence legal….so that we can move on.  Make their residence legal based upon one simple rule:  their immediate application for US Citizenship!  Either that, or go home!

The time for innovation is here.  As in the beginning of the 20th Century, this is the beginning of the 21st Century….and we need “a new birth of freedom and the Government of the people, by the people and for the people….shall not perish from this earth!”

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