Disney’s Incest Problem.


I didn’t write this.  I had to swear on a stack of mothers’ graves I wouldn’t say who gave me it.  But it does come from knowledgeable insiders.

I think it’s an essential resource for understanding Anaheim’s power structure right now, and for understanding how important it is to elect a more independent Council this November.

We have nothing against Disney – let them continue to rake in billions bringing joy to simpletons, bless their hearts.  But they do not need to run the government of Orange County’s biggest city.

– Vern


Clockwise: Pringle, Kalogridis, Ament, Priest

Curt Pringle is former mayor of Anaheim and former California State Speaker of the House.

Curt has a business and friendship relationship with Disney President George Kalogridis and his partner Andy.

Disney’s main consultant is Curt Pringle and Associates.

Vice President of Curt Pringle Associates is Todd PriestGeorge, Andy, Curt and Todd vacation together.

Kris Murray, Anaheim Councilmember, is Curt Pringle’s protégé and close confidant.

Pringle swears in his protégé Kris Murray

Carrie Nocella is Disney’s “government relations executive.”

Carrie Nocella is Anaheim councilwoman Kris Murray’s best friend.


Carrie Nocella is close friends with Curt Pringle and his family and they also vacation together.

Curt Pringle advises George Kalogridis on all Anaheim governmental matters, especially transportation issues, such as ARC (Anaheim Resort Connection) and ARTIC (Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodel Center), both projects worth in the billions of dollars.

Curt Pringle is the consultant for ARC and for contractors for ARTIC.

Curt Pringle is the consultant for Bike Nation, a project of OCTA and city of Anaheim.

Disney lobbyist Nocella, Murray, and council candidate Jordan Brandman.

Curt Pringle, Carrie Nocella and Kris Murray are in constant contact with each other by cell phone during all council meetings and closed session meetings.

Kris Murray and Councilmember Gail Eastman travel together on Anaheim business trips, such as to Washington DC and Sacramento.

Curt Pringle and Councilmember Harry Sidhu go on fishing trips on Harry’s boat.

Harry Sidhu and Curt Pringle have private meetings and conversations regarding city business.

Curt Pringle is the consultant for Yellow Cab of Orange County, who is vying for most of the city’s cab franchises.

Councilwoman Eastman, developer O’Connell.

Curt Pringle is the consultant for Bill O’Connell, a private hotel developer, who, with the votes of Murray, Eastman and Sidhu, just received $158 million of taxpayer TOT for his hotel development.

Curt Pringle advised Disney to write the letter to endorse district elections; HOWEVER he then added the clause about a citizens’ advisory commission which is a stall tactic, a stall tactic that was ADOPTED by the Murray, Eastman and Sidhu majority

Disney does not REALLY want Districts.  Their business is surrounded by some of the poorest neighborhoods in the city and they would have trouble controlling their constituents.

Carrie Nocella does Disney’s bidding by telling people of their “power of the control of three votes” (on the Anaheim council.)

Nocella, Murray, and OC Business Council director Lucy Dunn

Carrie Nocella threatens that if any recall is made against Kris Murray, Disney will fight with everything they have.

Todd Ament (above) is Anaheim Chamber President, hired by former mayor Curt Pringle.

Todd Ament’s salary is paid with Anaheim taxpayer dollars.

Nocella and Ament met with OCEA president, Nick BerardinoThey made an agreement not to hit each other’s council candidates.  OCEA will leave Jordan Brandman alone and Disney will leave John Leos alone.

Kalogridis, Brandman

If Jordan Brandman wins, he will continue to protect Disney’s interest.  If John Leos wins, he will protect OCEA’s interest.  [The latter doesn’t seem like as big of a problem right now though – Vern]

George Kalogridis was warned of Nocella’s rogue actions.  He said he is in support of Nocella.  He says his only job is protecting Disney’s interest.

Pringle servants Lucy Dunn and Reed Royalty, gatekeepers to the OC’s economy.

Curt Pringle convinced his friend, Lucy Dunn, to be the director of the OC Business Council several years ago.  The OCBC advocates for ARC, ARTIC, and the hotel TOT incentives to private developers.

Curt Pringle convinced Reed Royalty to be the director of OC Taxpayer Association.  Reed Royalty will soon step down and Orange Mayor Carolyn Cavecche, another Pringle close friend and ally, will take his place.  The Taxpayer Association speaks in favor of any and every Pringle & Associates project.

Curt Pringle created SOAR (Save Our Anaheim Resorts) originally in 2007, to fight against one residential development in the fringes of the resort area because HE was not their consultant.  SOAR advocates for anything that involves Curt Pringle and Associates.


This is why they call themselves the Masters of the Universe.

Dunn, Brandman, Murray, Sidhu: “Masters of the Universe”


Scrapbook: The inseparable Nocella and Murray.   This and most photos thanks to SaveAnaheim.com.

All of them, Arrested Development-style:  Ament, Nocella, Royalty, Murray, Sidhu, Pringle, Kanszler (of SOAR), Brandman, Lodge.  Again, from SaveAnaheim.com.

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