T-Rack, in a first for him, charges two Fullerton cops in Kelly Thomas beating murder.




Nobody had much expectation of our District Attorney Tony Rackauckas doing anything other than what he’s done most of his career – siding with law enforcement and sweeping everything under the rug – but the weight of evidence and the glare of public and media attention (thanks to our own Tony Bushala and friends) was just too harsh this time, and two Fullerton policemen are being charged in the gruesome beating murder of homeless man Kelly Thomas.

Jay Cicinelli

To be precise, ONE officer, Manuel Ramos, is being charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter, which could get him up to 15 years to life in prison;  while another, legendary one-eyed Cpl. Jay Cicinelli (pictured to right) is being charged with involuntary manslaughter and use of excessive force, which could get him 4 years in prison.

The Register describes Ramos threatening a cringing Kelly, “These fists are getting ready to fuck you up.”   The cause of Thomas’ death, according to the DA’s statement, was the compression of the chest, making it impossible for Kelly to breathe.  The other injuries to his face and head, Rackauckas said, contributed to his death.

Cicinelli, who lost an eye years ago in the LAPD and was then hired in Fullerton, was described here by eyewitnesses as going up to the prone Kelly after he’d already been savagely beaten, “dropping his knee on him,” and hitting him repeatedly with the butt of his Taser, “concentrating on a front portion of Thomas’s face…with the cold precision of a surgeon.”

Apparently the four other cops on the scene – mere onlookers? – are not facing charges.  Is that right, even if they did nothing – shouldn’t it have been their job to pull their out-of-control buddies off of the helpless dying man?   More, from the Reg, and developing…….


update:  T-Rack’s presser:


The Mugshots, courtesy of Friends For Fullerton’s Future

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