New York Gets Marriage Equality! (that’s “gay marriage” to you old fogeys)




In yet another all-too-rare LURCH FORWARD for this nation, the very populous state of New York has finally, after great debate and suspense, taken the plunge into full civil rights for our gay brothers and sisters.  Thanks to the bravery of a few GOP state senators there – who may well face electoral backlashes from their knuckledragging constituents, but were at long last responsive to sound and just arguments and overwhelming public pressure (pulling teeth that was) – New Yorkers will no longer be forced to either marry someone of the opposite sex or stay single.

Damn!  Now New York is ahead of us, with our Talibanic Prop 8.  When the hell is that getting overturned?  I’ll check for you.  First, a word from the Courage Campaign:

Dear Vern,

We did it: the NY State Senate just voted to legalize same-sex marriage! Gov. Cuomo is ready to sign the bill, which already passed the Assembly, and NY will become the largest state in the union to grant couples the equal rights they deserve.

You helped make this happen! In partnership with the Human Rights Campaign and New Yorkers United for Marriage, Courage members made call after call until we picked up the six votes we needed. Previously undecided Senators like Addabbo, Huntley and others publicly cited the number of calls they got from folks like you as a reason they supported equality. Now, we’ve got to keep this train moving.

Can you chip in right now to help us push for marriage equality in other battleground states like Minnesota and Maryland?

Here’s why this is important, Vern: we can use the success in New York as a tool to move residents and lawmakers in other states. At Courage, our Testimony project helps compelling stories go viral.

In Minnesota, where voters will face a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in 2012, we can use the story of a Buffalo, NY couple getting married after 52 years together to convince an undecided Duluth, MN voter. When we’re pushing Senators to repeal the “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA), we can show them the stories of couples who get married from New York, but live in or move to another state, so they lose the rights from that marriage at the border.

Will you chip in so we can bring what worked in New York to other states?

This will help us beyond marriage. We can also change hearts and minds in states like Tennessee, where the governor just signed legislation banning any protections for LGBT people and where the Senate passed the odious “Don’t Say Gay” bill. We can show the rest of the country why they should stand on the right side of history. We’ll use your contribution to tell those stories through viral videos and ads in other states so we can speed up the day when all Americans, LGBT or straight, can finally be equal.

We’re ready to move on to the next state. Will you join us?

Thanks for everything you’re doing,

Adam Bink

Native Western New Yorker and Director of Online Programs, Courage Campaign

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