Meg Whitman ripped Latinos in the primary, now she wants their votes

Does Meg Whitman think Latinos are stupid?  She has set up a new website, “Latinos for Meg,” where she says she opposed the Arizona racial profiling law, S.B. 1070.  And she claims to be against Prop. 187.  But check out the mailer above.  She made it very clear she was against the Dream Act and against Sanctuary Cities.  We know far too well where this hater stands.

And look who was on the back of that mailer?  None other than former Governor Pete “187” Wilson.  Read his quote carefully.  Wilson says that Meg is “100% opposed to amnesty.”

This woman is most definitely not our friend.

But that is not stopping Whitman from putting out a complete lie of a video claiming she wants to help Latinos get jobs.  Sure she does!  What a joke.  We know she wants to deport Latinos, not help them get work.

What a farce!  Check out her ridiculous commercial below:

The California Democratic Party criticized the ad campaign this afternoon, according to the Sacramento Bee.

In a written statement, party spokesman Tenoch Flores said, “Apparently Meg Whitman forgot that we live in the age of ‘the internets’ – ironic for someone who touts her eBay experience. She sincerely believes a Spanish language advertising buy is going to gloss over the fact that together with her mentor Pete Wilson, and her rival Steve Poizner, she engaged in the greatest Republican Party anti-immigrant hate-fest this side of the California-Arizona border.”

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