Daly supporter Art Brown to run against Daly’s pal Norby for Clerk-Recorder

Buena Park Councilman Art “Stinky Pete” Brown

Buena Park Councilman Art Brown, who is termed out, has announced his intention to run for Orange County Clerk-Recorder, according to Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham, over at Red County.

I can only assume that John Lewis is behind this given that Jerbal is reporting it.  but does it make sense to put Brown on the ballot?  Does that help Chris Norby, the termed out Republican Supervisor who is also running for Clerk-Recorder?  I am not sure about that.

Voters now have two white guys to pick from – one a Democrat and one a Republican.  Or they can vote for the only qualified candidate on the ballot – former Deputy Clerk-Recorder Hugh Nguyen.  This move seems to hurt Norby more than Nguyen.

And this puts current Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly in a tight spot.  Brown just endorsed him this week, for Supervisor, in Norby’s 4th District.  But Daly is working with Norby’s handler, GOP consultant John Lewis.  So does Daly support Brown or Norby now?

Just who is Art Brown?  Why does he think he can do the job of a Clerk-Recorder?  And why does he so closely resemble Toy Story’s “Stinky Pete” character?

  • Brown tried to compel his fellow Council Members to buy him a Palm Pilot.  They wisely refused, according to the L.A. Times.
  • “OCTA’s most seasoned traveler was Art Brown, mayor pro-tem of Buena Park, who spent $24,017. Brown took 14 trips requiring air travel to places like New York, Miami, Washington D.C., Toronto, Portland and that most glamorous of all capitals – Sacramento. While in New York to do the annual OCTA’s–in-great-shape! song-and-dance for Wall Street rating agencies, Brown stayed at the chichi Le Parker Meridien hotel for $300 a night,” according to the O.C. Register.
  • Brown is a retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, according to the OCTA.
  • He appears to own a private investigation company, according to an online source.

Brown appears to be a longtime political hack.  He and Daly make quite a pair…

Brown has no shot at this seat.  Nguyen, who started out as an unknown underdog, has already raised $12,000 in one month and gained the support of major O.C. political figures such as former State Senator Dick Ackerman, State Senator Mimi Walters and Lincoln Club Member Dale Dykema.

Norby just got married for the fourth time and his new wife has a bunch of little kids.  To say he is distracted right now would be an understatement.  I find it hard to take him seriously when it is so painfully obvious that he is running for a job not because he is qualified to hold the office.

Nguyen is more qualified to be Clerk-Recorder than Norby and Stinky Pete combined!

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