Anti-Health Care Public Relations Industry: Who are the players?

Here at the Orange Juice! blog, you’ll find a good cross section of viewpoints surrounding the current Health Care Reform Bill that is being worked on by our representatives and will eventually be signed by our president, Barack Obama.  Most recently, blogger Terry Crowley has covered the emerging drama of escalated angry confrontations in town hall meetings.  I find the people with money bursting from their pockets and willing to spend that money on Health Care Public Relations to defeat any measure of the bill to be most interesting.  Their names are hardly familiar and their names are most familiar, but what are THEY doing in the business of health care and behind the scenes with their PR firms taking whacks at stopping the bill?   Dick Armey, Rick Scott, Thomas Scully and more…..  Take a look at their incestuous relationships in the health industry, what amount of money they are willing to spend, and just why they want to deny ordinary americans fair health care coverage at the above video.  Here is the original        Link

These people and their coroporations have been enjoying obscene profits at the cost of  household bankruptcies when Americans get sick and cannot pay the hospital bills.  These guys NEED to stay in control and they will do anything to snatch fair health care coverage for ALL AMERICANS  away from true reform.

Do not be scared my friends!  Keep asking your questions.  Keep going to meetings!  Keep informed and remember, most of the answers can be found if you will only  FOLLOW THE MONEY.

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