Red County reports more Daly supporters, but they’re a bunch of Democrats!

Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham is shilling for Democratic Supervisorial candidate Tom Daly again, over at his supposedly Republican “Red County” blog.  Today he posted a few endorsements of Daly, but they are a pack of Democrats. Why would Jerbal tout that on his red-faced blog?

Fullerton Councilwoman Pam Keller, Buena Park Mayor Art Brown and Fullerton Councilwoman Sharon Quirk today announced their endorsement of Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly for County Supervisor in District 4.

“I know Tom Daly will be a great Supervisor. He’ll help our families by making the County an active partner with the communities of the 4th District,” said Fullerton Councilwoman Pam Keller.

“Tom Daly is a reformer with a successful record for creating jobs and bringing government closer to the people,” stated Buena Park Mayor Art Brown, who praised Daly for recently opening a North County Clerk-Recorder branch office. “His leadership will be a great asset for North County residents.”

This is all about Daly opening a sub-office in Fullerton last year, to promote himself, at a cost of about $7,500 a month!  Most County Clerk-Recorders are trying to provide more of their services online.  Not Daly.  He is still driving a horse and buggy in the age of hybrid automobiles.  In fact Daly doesn’t even have a campaign website yet.  I think he may be techno-retarded!

As for why Jerbal is pimping for Daly, it all comes down to the fact that GOP consultant John Lewis is working as Daly’s consultant – and Lewis has always told Jerbal what to do.  I am surprised though that Chip Hanlon is allowing his blog to be used by Democrats, particularly when a good conservative Republican in Fullerton Councilman Shawn Nelson, is running against Daly.

Jerbal explains that these endorsements matter because there are two other Democrats in the race – Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway and La Habra Councilwoman Rose Espinoza.  Shame on Keller and Quirk for overlooking the ladies in favor of Daly, who wasn’t qualified to be a Clerk-Recorder and isn’t much of a Supervisorial candidate either.

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