How did the Democrats blow it in Garden Grove?

The Democratic Party of Orange County had a great chance to pick up a seat or two on the Garden Grove City Council.  One seat was being vacated by termed out Democrat Mark Rosen.  The other was filled by an incumbent in Steve Jones who was appointed to his seat. How did the DPOC blow it and end up with two Republicans winning these seats?

Well, for one thing the DPOC endorsed Paul Lucas.  That one is really hard to understand.  The guy can’t hold a job.  He got in bed with Van Tran in order to get revenge on Supervisor Janet Nguyen for not appointing Lucas to a County Commission.  And the DPOC endorsed him?  What the Hell were they thinking?

Lucas then spent the entire campaign ripping the one Democrat who WAS viable – community activist Robin Marcario.  Splendid.  He should have been going after the Republican candidates Jones and Do!  Or better yet, Lucas should not have been in this race!

The DPOC basically ignored Marcario in their rush to try to get T. Linh Ho elected to the Garden Grove City Council.  But Marcario could have won with just a little more help.  Now Jones has been re-elected and Do appears to have prevailed over Marcario.  What a disaster for the DPOC!

I blame Pat Kelly over at the Teamsters for the DPOC’s endorsement of Lucas.  For some damn reason he loves Lucas.  Well, the Teamsters, at Kelly’s discretion, threw their support to Lucas and to Florice Hoffman, who ran unsucessfully for the Orange Unified School District’s Board of Education.  Kelly got punked in both instances by voters who weren’t buying his candidates.  Why exactly is this guy still in charge of the Teamsters?  It certainly isn’t for his political acumen!

If Andrew Do goes on to win Van Tran’s Assembly Seat in two years, the DPOC will only have themselves and Kelly to blame.

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