Democrat Recipe for Victory in 2012 and Beyond

I was just thinking what would I do if I was a Democrat?  What are some of the things that would ensure the party continued success in the future?

Here are some of the things that I have come up with.  Not entirely on my own of course, some have been refined and added on to by conversations with Art Pedroza and former blogger Ryan Gene Willams Trabuco.  For anyone who cares Ryan is now on the Executive Board of the Republican Central Committe down in San Diego.  Way to go Ryan!  He also told me that he is considering another run at public office soon.

This recipe is free of course, the Dems don’t have to thank me or pay me for this.


1 – Re-introduce the Fairness Doctrine: This would bring talk radio’s numbers down which in turn would help Democrats; it will put Fox News’ slogan to the test.  “Fair and Balanced”

2 – Appoint Bill Richardson Secretary of State: This helps with the Hispanic/Latino vote.

3 – Amnesty for illegal Aliens: This is a move that would ensure Democrats dominate the Hispanic/Latino vote for the forseeable future even more than they did in this election.

4 – Make a Federal Law that all states have to implement Same Day Voter Registration (including Oregon): Make a bill that gives states money to fund this effort if necessary.  Who cares if the taxpayers are footing the bill?: Does anyone need an explanation on why this would help Democrat candidates?

I want to hear some input on this from Vern “Super Dem” Nelson.  I also want to know what the Conservative readers think about this as well.

I voted for Bush twice and as a Conservative voter the only conservative things that I can really point to that he accomplished are: the Bush Tax Cuts and Bankruptcy Reform.  (Please no feedback on Bush, that’s not what this post is about.)

In any event, this post is not just about how to ensure future victory by changing the rules, but what do the Democrats want and hope that the Democrat controlled government will accomplish?  Healthcare Reform?  Gun Laws?  Environmental Protection?  I want some feedback!

Take care of yourselves and each other…oh and go ahead and raise my taxes to do that if you need to,

El Luchador

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