Senator Lou Correa endorses Art Pedroza for the Santa Ana City Council!

I should have know that the fellow who organized this week’s hit pieces against me was none other than Matt “Jubal” Cunningham, the editor at the right-wing Red County blog.  Thanks for all the P.R. Matt!  You spent a small fortune telling all the DTS and GOP voters in my city about my blog.  I certainly could not have paid for such free advertising.  Sure enough, we are headed for 2,000 visits to our blog today!

The bad news for Matt is that I have just been endorsed by none other than popular State Senator Lou Correa.  He also has mailed a slate piece to all the voters in Santa Ana touting my campaign as well as a few of his other favorite candidates.  (See the graphic above).  I just received this mailer today.  Thank you Senator Correa!  You know that I will stand for the people of our city, against the forces at City Hall that have let them down so completely for over 20 years.

Senator Correa sent this mailer, which is in English, Spanish and Vietnamese, to a huge list of voters in Santa Ana – and it is likely too late for Matt to do anything about it, particularly since so many people have already voted.

You have to wonder why Matt is so worried about me winning.  He does not live in my city.  He lives in Orange, where he voted for the deranged Steve Rocco for the Orange Unified School District because he could not stomach voting for his Latino Democrat opponent.  Now Matt is backing my opponent, Republican Carlos Bustamante.  Hmmm…first Rocco now Bustamante.  I see a pattern there!  Matt could make a difference in Orange County, but instead he sides with the worst candidates available!

If you want to help me defeat Bustamante, please help me walk precincts this weekend.  I have extra copies of Senator Correa’s mailer that I would love to deliver to our voters in person.  Click here to email me.

Thanks again to Senator Correa for his support.  Together we will take back the Santa Ana City Hall and restore the people to our local government.  In the year of change, I have a feeling thath our City Council is headed for the biggest change of all!  This Nov. 4 vote for me, Jim Walker and Lisann Martinez, for the Santa Ana City Council, and go with George Collins or Michele Martinez for Mayor.  Bustamante appears to be done, and Team Pulido’s days are numbered!

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