Yorba Linda Hate-fest Update: Pathetic Bawling Pauly gropes for excuses as her Villa Park colleagues reject her. And further amazingness!

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While the rest of us have been distracted with Wisconsin, Sacramento, Costa Mesa and – Jesus – Japan, our fine friends at the Voice of OC have thankfully been following up on that horrific Yorba Linda anti-Muslim hate rally we all saw recently on the unforgettable CAIR video.  Here it is again, if you haven’t seen it or want to again – that “lover of free public access to political events” George Collins (who shot some of the footage) has been trying to bury it for weeks, but once these things “go viral,” that’s a toothpaste-back-into-the-tube situation.

And this monster Deborah Pauly (at 1:27) is more pathetic the more we get to know her.  You heard her above, speaking generally about all the local American Muslims who would be congregating there within the hour:

“Let me tell you, what’s going on over there right now [pointing toward community center] make no bones about it – that is pure unadulterated evil.”

“You know what, this is the bad seed.  Make no mistake – and you know what I’m talking about.  This is the bad seed, and we are in the middle of a fight for our lives.  The fight for the future of our country.”

“I have a wonderful 19-year old son who’s a United States Marine. As a matter of fact I know quite a few Marines who will be happy to help these terrorists [pointing toward community center] to an early meeting in paradise.”

NOW her story, predictably, is that she was ONLY referring to a couple of controversial speakers who were scheduled to be at the event, Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Amir Abdel Malik Ali, whom Congressmen Royce and Miller also criticized.  (The Congressmen’s presentations were also reprehensible in their own ways, but not to the degree of Debbie’s.)

But WHY did she not mention these two speakers, why didn’t she make it clear that she was referring just to them, not to all the innocent Muslim men women and children in attendance?  Well… and here Debbie broke down in tears explaining to the Voice of OC – She was *sob* scared – scared that if she mentioned their names, they would KILL her!

Let that sink in.  To start with, here’s a woman, a bully who’s a woman, who turns on the tears to get sympathy.  And in her terror (yeah, she looks real terrified in that video) she disperses her rancid hate and death threats to an entire peaceful religious minority instead of the two controversial speakers.  And this supposedly petrified specimen of femininity is an Air Force veteran living in one of the safest towns in the County, on top of a hill, probably in a two-story house bristling with firearms.  This woman calls herself a Tea-Partier but she would make Ben Franklin and Tom Paine puke.

But who are we kidding though, that’s just her new story, she wasn’t really afraid of these guys.  Exhibit One:  What sort of mother brags about her “beautiful young daughter” to a group of swarthy foreign men she thinks are going to attack her? No, Deborah Pauly is merely that same combination of bat-guano insane and full-of-shit that we recognize from her role models Palin and Bachmann.

George Collins hides his original, unedited video of the rally… WHY???

So, the fellow who filmed the Republican politicians’ speeches you saw above – that’s George Collins, videographer and perennial Santa Ana Mayoral candidate – has been forcing down every YouTube version of the above clip, due to his copyright.  That’s his right, I know he doesn’t like how CAIR chose only the most outrageous comments from Pauly, Royce and Miller – although of course that’s how you edit things when you’re trying to make a point.

But I’m surprised this week to go to his site, Santa Ana TV, and see even the original unedited 60-minute video of this rally gone, which is a real pain because I wanted to see it all in context again – especially organizer Karen Lugo’s comments.  So I called George, who is none too friendly to me, but at least takes my calls.  He claims that it’s no longer up to him, that the video now “belongs to someone else” and that if they give him permission he’ll put it up again.  He says this is very complicated, and that’s all he can tell me, and, “Thank you very much, guy.”

So I guess the speakers on that video – including two Republican Congressmen – consider their remarks that evening, even in full context, to be embarrassing, and want them hidden.  Good to know, and good to know Mr. Collins would assist them in that.  I wonder if payment was involved.  And here, folks like “Junior” keep telling me how much Collins cares about making political events available to the general public.  I guess there are limits to that…

Meanwhile back in sleepy Villa Park…

Deborah Pauly’s four council colleagues are obviously getting way more than fed up with the unwanted publicity she’s bringing to this little upscale town, which most of the world had never heard of before.   Last year during the big anti-Mexican craze, Deb tried to jump on the Arizona bandwagon by having her Council endorse SB 1070.  The four other mellow, moderate Republicans turned her down, contending correctly that it wasn’t a local issue and would only be divisive.  Deb spent the next few months in a snit, touring other city’s Council meetings, trying to get THEM to do it, and bitching about how ashamed she was of her Villa Park colleagues.

The feeling is exceedingly mutual, it seems.  As peaceful little Villa Park began to turn up in the news as the burgh from whence this howling Islamophobe wench sprung, Council met to determine how to publicly distance themselves from Pauly.  Tuesday last, they released the following statement, which diplomatically avoids mention of her name, but clearly is intended as a condemnation of her if you read it carefully (emphases mine) :

“Comments made by Villa Park City Council members in public do not represent the City of Villa Park unless made with City Council approval.The Villa Park City Council and the community support the Constitutional right to freedom of religion. We also condemn violence and threats of violence, and terrorism and threats of terrorism. Furthermore, we oppose any individual or group whose opinion runs counter to these values.”

Maybe the poor Villa Park teachers should mention that next time Deb forces her way into a Villa Park school to make the kids listen to her anti-Muslim rants – they could say, “Children, this lady is on our City Council… but the other Councilpersons think she’s insane!”

OC GOP, you have a problem…

You guys chose this unhinged, blubbering psychopath as “first Vice Chair,” over honest, plain-spoken, fellow tea-partier Allan Bartlett, who realizes that there’s only so many minorities you can demonize and piss off before your party shrivels into a vestigial remnant of itself.  Did I say plain-spoken?  Allan supplied the Voice of OC with this quote:  “You have a lot of people (in the GOP) that want to kill – it seems to me – they want to kill all Muslims.  I don’t criticize [Deborah’s] right to be there, but it has generated publicity that I don’t think — our party could do better as far as messaging right now.”

When Pauly heard of this comment from her TP rival she shot back that it was “incredibly irresponsible,” and “a very dangerous thing to say.”  Yeah, more dangerous than her vituperative mouthing-off, which has been heard around the world, right.

Meanwhile your OC GOP is led by THIS beacon of moral clarity, newly union-bashing lobbyist Scott Baugh, who responds: “In Democracy — in a country with free speech — at rallies a lot of things are said. I wouldn’t read too much into it.”  That’s right, don’t read too much into the Party’s first vice chair calling one of the world’s great religions “pure unadulterated evil” and wishing its adherents “an early meeting in Paradise.”  Bold, Scott.

Maybe a good go-to guy for an unambiguous OC GOP statement would be devious pollster Adam Probolsky?  Well, the Voice reporter evidently thought so, and came back with: “The news of the day is not what makes up the activity of the day of the Republican Party.”   Really, what??  Later Adam clarified himself:   “It’s just Deb Pauly.   Same crazy stuff.”  Oh.  Okay then.  OC GOP, you have a problem.

And, on the Irony-coughs-up-blood front…

The organizer and emcee of the event, Yorba Linda resident Karen Lugo – whom, if you had a chance to see Collins’ video before he hid it, you would have heard saying things like, “When we have a group that is asking for special preferences and special treatment, it is not a matter of discrimination to say no when a group is less than one percent of our population,” turns out to be … wait for it … on California’s State Advisory Committee for the US Civil Rights Commission! (hit play)

Let me repeat that:  Karen Lugo, the organizer and emcee of the rally, advises the US Civil Rights Commission! (hit play)

Ms. Lugo is also an “Adjunct Professor of Law” at Chapman University, president of the Orange County Chapter of the Federalist Society (which spawned Don “Spanky” Wagner) and a protege of wingnut failed AG candidate John Eastman (whom we recently followed around Long Beach.)  I have been trying to contact her to ask her how she feels about how the rally turned out, and also who recommended her for the Commission, but it’s been hard to get through to her.  One of her major jihads before now has been defending Disneyland’s ban on employees wearing Muslim garb.

“It is a matter of something very importance to our culture and society to tell a corporation like Disneyland, ‘We support you in keeping your culture and in not allowing the hijab to be worn as part of an employee’s garb.’

– Karen Lugo, rally organizer, “civil rights commissioner” and Chapman Adjunct Law Professor

How the GOOD people of the OC are dealing with this.

When I saw the CAIR video, my first reaction was that I wish I had known that protest was happening, so I could get together with other good tolerant Americans and express support for the Muslim crowd, while showing them that most of us actually aren’t assholes.    Turns out a lot of other folks were thinking the same thing, and ONE of them actually decided to organize such a coalition.  Vicki Tamoush has now started a group called “Interfaith Witnesses,” which had its first meeting Wednesday at the Orange County Friends (Quakers) Meeting Hall:

Interfaith Witnesses Planning Meeting:   Many of you wrote to CAIR or expressed on the Face Book and email your disgust at the actions of several elected officials and others outside an ICNA fundraiser in Yorba Linda last month. A team of “Interfaith Witnesses…” is being formed to respond to such events in the future. Please note that we will not engage or confront harassers in any way at any time. (You will be asked to commit to this before you participate at future events.) This meeting will be held to briefly explain the concept and form geographical teams of Interfaith Witnesses. ALL people of ALL faiths, clergy and laity, are encouraged to attend: INTERFAITH WITNESSES Wednesday, March 16, 2011 7:00 p.m. at Orange County Friends Meeting 2091 Business Center Drive, Suite 100 Irvine, California, 92612 Here’s their website, with directions, etc. http://www.orangecountyquakers.org/ For information: (714) 362-7676 or (714) 368-5100 If you are interested in holding a similar organizational meeting in your area, please call.

And there’s this too, coming up:

Anti-HATE Rally for PEACE, Villa Park City Hall

Tuesday March 22, 6pm
17855 Santiago Boulevard, Villa Park, CA 92861

Join NOW to protest the hate and demand that:
* The city of Villa Park CENSURE Ms. Deborah Pauly & that she publicly APOLOGIZE for her hate statements.
* Rep. Gary Miller, Rep. Ed Royce & Councilman John Anderson apologize for their comments against the Muslims.
* The Republican Party end its silence and address growing anti-Islamic sentiment amongst its representatives.

Vern says:  “Villa-fy!”


[Late PS.  The anti-Muslims have responded to the CAIR video with their own video,  here.   The video is somewhat irrelevant, mostly consisting of radical things ONE speaker, Malik-Ali has said.  Why he’d be chosen as a speaker for a charity event by ICNA I have no idea, but I  plan to ask them today.  They evidently couldn’t find ANY damaging material about the other “controversial” speaker, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who in 1991 was the first Muslim to deliver an invocation to the House of Representatives.  In any case the reason I say the new video is irrelevant is because both Pauly’s rant and the mob scene following it had nothing to do with the speakers but were directed at the peaceful, devout attendees.  And for the record, $60,000 was raised that night, all of which stayed in the US, went to legitimate charity purposes and is strictly accounted for.]

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