CADEM ADEM Fail – ONE OUT OF FIVE voters did not get their Mail-In Ballots!

Excuse me, but doesn’t this happen every time – like, every two years?

Let’s consult the Orange Juice Blog archives… yes… yes… this does happen every freaking time. Here’s the story I wrote in 2021, and it’s entitled “CADEM ADEM FAIL: Ballots sent late, for wrong districts, or not at all. Call 916-442-5707.” I could practically just reprint that story again this year, but history as we know doesn’t repeat exactly but just “rhymes” really good.

This time around, enthused about the progressive slate in my AD 68, I personally got 53 people to register to vote by mail for their ADEM representatives. (That might sound like an accomplishment but I was aiming for 100.)

And TEN of them never got their ballots in the mail. They did things right and by the Dec. 31 deadline, and they were given their 10-digit PINs, but no ballots have come. FOUR of those people were able to drive to Santa Ana last Saturday and vote in person, but SIX of them remain disfranchised. They have e-mailed, and so have I on their behalf, all to no avail.

Do we once again have to demand that the Party postpone the ADEM vote-by-mail deadline until they get things right?

Do I once again have to publish this story and embarrass my Party in front of jerky Republicans and independents?

Do I once again have to post this story all over social media, where once again it’s gonna get dozens of other Democrats chiming in “Yeah that happened to me too!”?

Well, here goes…

(The illustration I used last time.)

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