Vern’s Simple Voter’s Guide! (Start with page 3!)

[Mike Ortega, Mike Jacobs, Pete Hardin, Bryan Chehock, Boomer Vicente,
David Dodson, Jay Chen, Katrina Foley, Sunny Park, Vince Sarmiento,
Rose Espinosa, Al Mijares, Sherine Smith, Martha Fluor, Kimberly LaSalle.]

When I finally looked at my sample ballot, I can see why so few people “VOTE DOWNBALLOT” – this ballot is 4 pages long, and there’s NOTHING IMPORTANT TILL PAGE 3. (Except David Dodson.) For example, the first thing you see is 26 candidates for Governor, when we all know Gavin Newsom will win re-election. EVERYTHING IMPORTANT this month (except Dodson) is on page 3-4 – from Congress to Supervisor to Judges to Board of Education!

So I’m going to suggest that you start on page 3-4 of your ballot, like I did. And THEN if you have time, go back and get pages 1 and 2 – including David Dodson for Board of Equalization! (If you have a lot of time, you can click here to read Greg’s and my reasoning for each of our choices.) So here’s starting on page 3, and skip “United States Senator” too, Padilla will win re-election easily:

United States Representative

  • 38th district: Linda Sanchez (incumbent, not in danger)
  • 40th district: Dr Asif Mahmood (good luck to him)
  • 45th district: Jay Chen! (this is one of the most important races!)
  • 46th district: Mike Ortega!!! (Let’s help this progressive challenger make the runoff!)
  • 47th district: Katie Porter! (superstar incumbent, not in danger till the runoff)
  • 49th district: incumbent Mike Levin! (Greg prefers Nadia Smalley – but only for the primary)

State Senator

  • 30th district: Henry Bouchot
  • 32nd district: Brian Nash
  • 34th district: Disappointed with incumbent Tom Umberg (D), I am considering voting for Placentia Mayor Rhonda Shader (R) … but you do you. Umberg will still win.
  • 36th district: Kim Carr!
  • 38th district: Catherine Blakespear!

Member of the State Assembly

  • 59th district: Write-in Leon Sitexclusive interview here!
  • 64th district, which is almost all LA county except for La Habra: Greg says Rose Espinoza, I think we should find out more about the four other LA County Democrats.
  • 67th district: Sharon Quirk-Silva (who’s safe anyway)
  • 68th district: Bulmaro “Boomer” Vicente – VERY IMPORTANT!
  • 70th district: Diedre Nguyen – ALSO IMPORTANT!
  • 71st district: no endorsement between the two Republicans running.
  • 72nd district: Judie Mancuso!
  • 73rd district: Cottie Petrie-Norris
  • 74th district: Chris Duncan!

Judges of the Superior Court

  • Office 5: Kimberly LaSalle!
  • Office 9: Joe Dane.
  • Office 11: Marc Gibbons!!! (great guy!)
  • Office 21: Ray Brown
  • Office 22: Fred Fascinelli
  • Office 28: Jessica Cha
  • Office 30: Michele Bell!
  • Office 33: Brett Wiseman
  • Office 45: Kevin Brian Jones.


Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond

And THESE County Education races are “Game Over” this month – NOT A PRIMARY!

County Superintendent of Schools: Al Mijares!!!!

Board of Education – We must take this Board back from the crazies this month!

  • Area 2: Martha Fluor!
  • Area 4: Greg says Paulette Chaffee, and I’ve promised not to say anything bad about her this month.
  • Area 5: Sherine Smith!

County Executive Offices

  • County Supervisor District 2: Vicente Sarmiento!
  • County Supervisor District 4: Sunny Park!
  • County Supervisor District 5: Katrina Foley!
  • Assessor: Richard “Rick” Foster!
  • Auditor/Controller: Write in John Moorlach
  • Clerk Recorder: Hugh Nguyen
  • DISTRICT ATTORNEY: Vote for Pete Hardin, Bryan Chehock, or Mike Jacobs – they’re all better than the incumbent, and if the incumbent gets over 50% this month it’s all over. UPDATE 6/1 – I love Mike Jacobs, but I’ve just become aware that he’s a 2020 Election Denier, and that is a bridge too far. Shows real bad judgment, and shows surrounding yourself with an ignorant crowd and media. Happens a lot to old Republicans I guess.
  • Sheriff / Coroner: Write in Duke Nguyen who should have won last time!
  • Treasurer: Shari Freidenrich – why not?

Finally, page 1 & 2: Statewide Primary Races

(Remember, these ones ARE primaries, and the Democratic incumbent is all but assured to win in November, so part of our thought process is to give a leg up to Green, Peace and Freedom, and other independent candidates, to help those parties build and stay on the ballot in the future. Again, you can read Greg Diamond’s reasoning behind this line-up here, which I agree with.)

  • Governor: Joel Ventresca (D)
  • Lieutenant Gov: Mohammad Arif (P&F)
  • Secretary of State: Gary Blenner (Green)
  • Controller: Malia M. Cohen (D)
  • Treasurer: Meghann Adams (P&F)
  • Attorney General: Dan Kapelovitz (Green)
  • Insurance Commissioner: Marc Levine!!! (D)
  • Board of Equalization district 4: David Dodson!!! (D)
  • US Senator for California: John Thompson Parker (P&F) D’OH, Putin apologist! Just give in and put Padilla.

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