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OCDA Todd the Shyster For Prison



We, the Citizens of Orange County, CA hereby individually and collectively DO ACCUSE Todd Alan Spitzer, the elected District Attorney of the County of Orange to be patently unfit for the office he holds. We demand his immediate removal. We seek his recall.

In January of 2019,  Spitzer assumed office, after being elected by the voters who ousted Tony Rackauckas in favor of him. While Rackauckas’ record was appalling, we knew who and what he was. He never held himself out to be ethical, nor did he pretend that OCDA under his watch was a bastion of Integrity. 

In stark contrast : Spitzer the GRIFTER ran on a platform of Integrity, Ethics, Transparency and Reform.  As a candidate 3 years ago, he incessantly attacked and often mocked Rackauckas, his former boss.  It should be noted that Spitzer was involuntarily terminated from his position as Deputy District Atty by Rackauckas about a decade prior to seeking the office in 2018. Perhaps if your morals are too low, for Rackauckas, its fair to say you HAVE no morals whatsoever.

[Ed.note: to be fair, what Rackauckas fired Spitzer for, besides his insufferable personality, was his calling out the malfeasance of a female aide in the Public Administrator’s office without realizing she was Tony’s fiancee. In other words, Todd WAS doing the right thing that time. Sorry, I’ll be quiet – Vern]

2019 OC Weekly caricature “Passing the Dirty Baton” by Felipe Flores

In addition to promising a fresh new start and championing a vision of Justice for all, Spitzer bemoaned  the scandal-plagued administration of OCDA and persistently called out the powers-that-be at OCDA for bringing the office under ( well-deserved ) scrutiny by both the state Attorney General & the Federal Government. It was time for a change, said this Shyster and reform could only come through him. His criticism was fierce and layered with a veneer of outrage. How dare Rackauckas tarnish the office in such a manner, said he…..

Upon taking office, it was widely assumed that Spitzer would clean house and then some. Well, We the People got punked.  Not only did Spitzer FAIL to terminate the HBIC’s who presided over OCDA during Rackackaus’ tenure….. in some cases he ELEVATED those persons. 

The first individual who comes to mind is Ebhrahim (Brahm) Baytieh (right.) Despite a relatively harmless countenance, he is a sinister figure.  He frequently touts himself as the “American Dream” because he came from the Middle East at age 18 and supposedly knew no English. Apparently he knew enough to attend law school shortly after arriving in the US. He graduated from law school in the mid-1990’s.  However, once landing a job at OCDA, Baytieh rapidly rose through the ranks to become first a supervising, then a senior deputy district attorney. By the 2018 election, he was essentially running the show at “the 401” ( the building situated at 401 Civil Ctr Drive that served as OCDA HQ until recently ).  In the wake of the jailhouse snitch scandal that made headlines nationwide and even overseas, Baytieh’s name came up more and more often as having been well in the loop as to the sinister practice of the use of jailhouse snitches.

Arguably, Baytieh should’ve been one of the first – if not THE first – to get the boot. Spitzer continued to keep him on and he continues to figure prominently in the management of OCDA.  A few months ago, a 20 year old murder conviction was reversed on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct. The prosecutor in *that* case was none other than Baytieh. He is still comfortably calling the shots on existing cases, despite the fact that this Appellate finding more than disqualifies him for employment as a mailroom clerk, let alone the position he occupies. 

Another infamous character is Gary Logalbo (left.)  This man has been known since the commencement of his career at OCDA to engage in unwanted sexual harassment of female staff at OCDA.  Its been going on for DECADES according to recently unearthed personnel reports. Gary Logalbo cannot keep his hands to himself. Not even when the object of his (one-way) “affection” is a 16 year old intern. 

Read that again. 

Spitzer knows well what Logalbo is about. After all, Logalbo was the best man at Spitzer’s own wedding. And naive voters thought he’d be ousted. Oh for sure….


… or more precisely, the complete lack thereof.

Spitzer has failed spectacularly to deliver on his promises of making the OC criminal justice system a better place for any one, let alone “Justice for All.”  In an abject showing of cowardice & misfeasance, Spitzer has neglected to implement desperately needed reform amongst “line prosecutors” ie the rank and file. But how could we rationally expect him to, when he hasn’t addressed the menaces and misfits at the top of the food chain ? “The fish stinks from the head down” as the saying goes. Indeed it does.

Spitzer repeatedly boasts that “there has been no usage of jailhouse informants under my tenure.” Oh really? What do you want from us, Jackass? A friggin medal ?  Well, to be fair…. we DO live in an “Everyone gets a Trophy” culture.  Someone PLEASE give Spitzer a trophy for not using jailhouse informants (that WE know of ).

  • Misfeasance is generally used in the context of willful neglect. 
  • MALfeasancein contrast, is that which is done spitefully and maliciously, or with destructive intent.

The following accusations of Malfeasance ( willful wrongdoing ) are against Defendants of the Criminal Justice System. In case it must needs be said:  ALL ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW. The manner in which a Defendant may be adjudicated ( deemed guilty as charged ) is in one of THREE forms:

  1. via a conviction by a bench trial (trial before a judicial officer), 
  2. via a Jury trial, or
  3. via a Plea.  In the case of a plea the Defendant basically admits guilt – or, at minimum, agrees there is enough evidence to convict them. Remember this part, we will flip the script and use it against Spitzer himself  in a little bit. Stay with us…..

Presiding over a Criminal Justice Machine that knowingly and willfully deploys unlawful and deceptive tactics.  We allege & accuse that Spitzer presides over a system that he knows – or should be knowing – is rooted in prosecutorial misconduct and illegal acts by OCDA attorneys. Certainly not ALL of them. But most assuredly *enough* of them.  

Irrespective of how heinous a crime a Defendant may be accused of – and even when there is irrefutable evidence thereof – such as the crime being LIVE-streamed in REAL TIME – said Defendant still has the right to a Fair and Impartial judicial proceeding. From the time they are booked into the jailhouse ( or released at the scene of the crime upon a written promise to appear ), the accused has certain INALIENABLE rights.  INALIENABLE means they cannot be deprived of such rights under any circumstances. ( Unless they knowingly and intelligently WAIVE such rights.)  Going further into the significance, it should be emphasized: a “Right” is not something that is GRANTED by the government. 

A RIGHT IS SOMETHING THAT CANNOT BE TAKEN AWAY. Nothwithstanding the above, while Spitzer has been running the circus, the Halls of Justice have continued to be Kangaroo Courts. If you don’t know what a Kangaroo Court is, look it up. Get Learned. No time like the present.  

Between the pernicious pattern of Prosecutors Behaving Badly and Spitzer allowing the deeply entrenched culture of prosecutorial misconduct to continue; it is very difficult for a Defendant to enjoy the RIGHTS bestowed on them by the Constitution. Defense Attorneys must be ever watchful, and always on guard. Literally nothing a OCDA prosecutor says can be taken at face value. If one is lucky, one gets a prosecutor who truly walks the straight and narrow. Such are few and far between.

In what manner are the Rights of Defendants violated? Rather, ask: in what manner AREN’T they violated. Virtually in any way possible.  From unreasonably delaying Discovery*, to the withholding of Exculpatory Evidence**, and that’s just for starters .  Once those hurdles have been successfully crossed – at great cost to Defendants – one can reasonable expect to face even more challenges .  These include prosecutors concealing the criminal record of witnesses and / or victims by proffering such victim / witness under a false / alternate identity or AKA.  An equally persistent problem is Subornation of Perjury.  It is a Felony for any lawyer, yet alone a prosecutor to knowingly allow a victim or witness to lie under oath as to a MATERIAL ( significant / important ) fact. What qualifies as “material” or not depends on the facts of the individual case. In simple terms : a MATERIAL fact is one that can alter the outcome of the trial ( for better or worse.)

That’s why it is regarded as a serious crime.  Yet, if one were to actually view prosecutorial misconduct as the crime that it is, the worst criminals are hiding out in OCDA itself.  That is not my opinion. It is a proven fact.   Any defense attorney who has been practicing locally any length of time will tell you that OCDA has a “Conviction Quota.”  This is a dismal reflection upon the legal profession, and on prosecutors in particular. They are not used car salesmen, nor are they hustling their wares in some parking lot. WHY, THEN:  DO THEY HAVE A QUOTA  ….. LIKE THE PESKY “IPAD SPECIALIST” AT BESTBUY OR THE GUY APPROACHING YOU AT SUPERWALMART HAWKING FRESH PINEAPPLES FROM THE BED OF HIS TRUCK?  

* Discovery is any materials, any record ( written or oral ), any props paraphernalia etc in the hands of the State “the People”, in this case : OCDA.  A Defendant is one hundred percent entitled to know of the allegations against him and the evidence that is used – or intended to be used – in support of such counts ( charges ).  “Intended” is significant because, whether evidence is actually proffered by the State or not, it must still be disclosed to the Defense, if there is a chance it might be utilized at some point. If not disclosed, it cannot be utilized.    A sinister tactic often deployed by OCDA prosecutors is failure to turn over the evidence in a TIMELY manner. What constitutes “timely” depends largely on the facts of the case, but its safe to say that if the Accused is in Jail: they want to enjoy their Right to a Speedy Trial. Someone who is out on bond because they had the means to make bail is going to be less concerned about the time frame. 

** Exculpatory Evidence – That which would – in whole or in part – exonerate the Defendant OR that which is insufficient to support the charge. An example off the top of my head might be burglary vs grand theft ( that does not involve force ).  In short : exculpatory evidence is anything that is beneficial to the Defense and harmful to the State “People” .  This must be turned over as soon as it becomes known.  In the worst of known cases: Spitzer’s staff turn it over to the Defense…… NEVER !   Then the person goes to prison until the Court of Appeals ( or Supreme Court of CA ) reverse the conviction and remand ( send it back )  locally to be re-tried. Sometimes, prosecutors will not retry such cases. In other instances; they will.


Imagine, if you will: that *you* are the Victim of a serious, maybe even violent crime.  The prosecution cuts corners at some stages and, worse yet, commits illegal activity. BUT THE DEFENDANT IS CONVICTED ANYWAY AND SENTENCED. YOUR NIGHTMARES ARE OVER. But are they really?  What if, a year, two maybe THREE years down the line….you get a phone call while chillaxing on the beach.  A clerical assistant at OCDA regretfully informs you “We effed up.” The Defendant is Free once again, and we are looking at trying the case.

BUT – BUT – BUT … splutter…..trying to make sense of it. You demand to speak with a prosecutor, preferably the one who took the case to trial (Good Luck with THAT venture.) You get the run-around, so then you show up to the Clerk of the Court and a kindly staff member hands you the Appellate Opinion (Ruling).  THE PROSECUTION COMMITTED MISCONDUCT BY – – – –  .

Did OCDA /  Todd Spitzer do you a favor?  Did he though?

DEFENDANTS’ RIGHTS ARE VICTIMS’ RIGHTS!  If you can’t quite wrap your head around this one, its OK.  Its  not as confounding as it sounds. Actually, its not complex at ALL. When a Defendant’s Constitutional Rights are violated, it doesnt serve the victims/survivors well because they will be put through the agony all over again.  Or …..perhaps the Appeals Court opined that the conduct was so egregious, that the charges are entirely dismissed because there was not SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE TO BEGIN WITH. How do you like Todd Spitzer NOW???

“Defendants Rights are Victims Rights” is a mantra frequently echoed by one Paul Wilson, he of Seal Beach. Its not enough for this poor man that prosecutors bungled the case of Scott Drekaaii, which was essentially quite open – and – shut. Nope, they had to deploy the illegal tactic of jailhouse snitches, causing the entire District Attorney’s office to be booted off of the case by the Hon Thomas Goethals. It was this case that sounded the death knell of Rackauckas career.  Well, why pin it on Sptizer? Not pinning ANY of this stuff on Spitzer. But if you ask Paul Wilson…. Spitzer played him for a pathetic fool.  While vocally attacking Rackauckas and chronically opining that Rackauckas is “the worst DA in the history of California”, candidate Spitzer dragged Paul Wilson around town, parading him like a trophy.  “Justice!” bellowed Spitzer.   Spitzer courted Mr Wilson and charmed him like a siren charms wayward sailors.  “REFORM, NOW!” hollered the campaigning Spitzer, pointing fingers at the sitting DA.  Tony Rackauckas’ office responded in a press release that 

“Todd Spitzer is unstable and unhinged and cannot be trusted.”

So Spitzer – profiteering off of Mr Wilson’s pain, and riding the coattails of the Drekaai case, sailed into victory in Nov 2018.  Then promptly proceeded to GHOST Mr Wilson. Mr Wilson just wants answers.  He wants to know why the deputies employed by the disgraced Sandra Hutchinson were never relieved of their duties.  Never disciplined. AND CERTAINLY NEVER CRIMINALLY CHARGED BY SPITZER. 

By 2019, Spitzer had a new full-time “job”:  avoiding Mr Wilson and the other victims / survivors of the Seal Beach massacre.   By the following year, Mr Wilson had enough.  Realizing he had been used and discarded like a napkin, Mr Wilson held a small, PEACEFUL rally outside the 401. Then Spitzer revealed the depth of his “caring for victims’ – he called a press conference and slandered the hell out of Paul Wilson.

Paul Wilson is now suing Todd Spitzer individually and in his capacity as elected DA, alleging Fraud, & Defamation of Character. Get your free seating at the Central Justice Center, this case will be fun. 

For those of y’all who actually made it this far: let’s revisit #SpitzersScandals. Before we dig through the ACTIVE cases, lets take a peek at those Spitzer quietly settled AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE.  Remember, up top, when you learned that a Defendant has the Right to go to Trial, face his Accusers, and all the other benefits? Well most of these are wholly applicable in CIVIL cases as well.  Remember when you learned that a certain number of Defendants will simply agree there is enough evidence against them? Well, so it is in CIVIL cases as well.  In the lawsuits we’re looking at now, Todd Spitzer substantially admitted that there was enough evidence to find him guilty in the civil causes of action. Otherwise, he would have gone to Trial. 

Christine Richters (left) is certainly a name you’ll want to google. She has sued Todd Spitzer not ONCE, but *twice*. Her filings have come at a cost of over $200,000 to you OC Taxpayers.  You all are Spitzer’s sugarmommies every time he can’t keep his octupus hands to himself. It must feel good, yall keep voting for this predator.  How many lawsuits before you say “enough?” According to Ms Richters, Todd Spitzer (while a county supervisor) stalked her at her home and engaged in physical and sexual harassment.  Just the kind of DA you want advocating on behalf of victims, right?  Most recently, Ms Richters sued him for defamation. Spitzer settled once again.

Last year, Melanie Eustice, who was part of the top brass at OCDA, alleged that Todd Spitzer called her into his office, physically assaulted her and grabbed her (employee) keys from her hand.  I suppose he couldnt wait until security got back from lunch so they could escort Ms Eustice out.  Ms Eustice, for her part says Spitzer never told her she was being terminated, never mind asked her for her work keys. 

In the claim, Ms Eustice (right) further alleged Spitzer was an abusive boss and repeatedly engaged in a pattern of illegal behavior. Her claims include the following statements made under Oath. 

While working in Spitzer’s office she endured a hostile work environment, including angry outbursts, emotional abuse, bullying, shaming, and control tactics. When Mr. Spitzer could not compel Ms. Eustice to do his bidding in connection with the RFP (Request for Proposals) and PRA (Public Records Act), he erupted in a fit of rage charging at her and screaming, “Get the fuck out of here!”

This is quoted verbatim from   an Oct. 23 , 2019 claim filed with the County of Orange. Upon the lawsuit being settled in Ms Eustice’s favo,r THAT claim cost you fools $250,000. Are y’all awake yet?

Most recently: an accomplished Investigator named Damon Tucker (left) who blew the whistle on Spitzer’s illegal acts was reinstated, but only after Spitzer was ORDERED to by an Arbitrator who presided over the claim.  Investigator Tucker was retaliated against by Spitzer personally who attempted to repeatedly intimidate him into not revealing Spitzer’s illegal activities uncovered by an investigation.  Spitzer demanded Investigator Tucker cease his probe. When that failed to happen, Tucker was  unjustly and abruptly terminated.   Investigator Tucker made serious allegations that were formally found to have a factual basis. Translation: they were deemed TRUE.  Amongst his most disturbing claims was that those private defense attorneys who donated to Spitzer’s 2018 OCDA campaign received preferential treatment in court for their clients once Spitzer took office.  Stated Alternatively: IF YOU ARE A DEFENDANT ACCUSED OF A CRIME AND YOUR PRIVATE COUNSEL DONATED TO TODD SPITZER’S ELECTION CAMPAIGN YOU RECEIVED A SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION OF CHARGES, AND IN SOME CASES OUTRIGHT DISMISSAL OF SUCH CHARGES. Damon Tucker is now back on the job, and was granted his wages retroactively. This claim also numbered in the area of several hundred thousand dollars.

Here are the lawsuits CURRENTLY pending against Todd Spitzer that have NOT yet been resolved because they are too new: A defense attorney who happens to be Muslim was referred to by Spitzer and Gary Logalbo (see above) as a TERRORIST on numerous occasions, various weeks apart.  His claim is currently pending with the County. Its expected to be settled at Taxpayer expense. Most recently, a prosecutor – also of the Islamic faith – actively employed by OCDA filed a claim with the county alleging a “hostile and racist work environment” and confirms that she too was called a “Terrorist.” She is referenced only as “Jane Doe 3” in the claim filed November , 2021. She, along with several other female employees have accused Spitzer of “enabling a ongoing, incessant pattern of sexual harassment.” As of January 19th of this year, three more female employees have filed lawsuits against Todd Spitzer alleging similar conduct

How many more lawsuits and claims must be filed by victims of Spitzer (and settled at taxpayer dime) before the citizenry says “ENOUGH!”?



Thank you for your Attention to this Important Cause. #wevegotacountytosave 

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