Republicans, now is the time to come to the aid of your Party!

As Registered Republicans in Orange County since 1994…this time, we can say we have seen a variety of good and bad electeds. We have seen a variety of idiots, mental deficients and downright criminal folks running for office. This starts at the top of the RNC and nationally elected folks down to the lowest on the totem pole. School Boards, Water Boards, City Council Members, County Office-Holders, State Legislators, Congressional Representatives and Statewide Office Holders. We have seen and experienced dirty politicians from both Parties throughout those years!

We have seen the best of the best, people like Gil and Anita Ferguson who started a group called “Principles Over Politics”. The idea of that group was to bring the truth to those of us lucky enough to live here behind the Orange Curtain. These were the days when Tom McClintock was a real conservative Republican, not a Trump apologist, and so was Darrell Issa. In those days, the array of interesting folks spanned the political spectrum and offered an opportunity to hear ideas which were both educational, intelligent and not downright propaganda. This group was not and could not be perfect, because as we can see, most people change throughout the years as they have to take the cash to stay in office. “Principles Over Politics”, however brought the topical issues that mattered forward, along with a variety of very thought provoking and interesting speakers.

A Reincarnation of this group seems under way and in the order at the National Level. “Principles for America” seems to represent, on the surface, a very large segment of Republican Registered Voters that believe that there is a need to find the truth amongst all the lies, rot and misrepresentations in our society. They seem to grasp and understand that the end of the Republican Party could be very near. They also grasp that all the lying polls and propaganda of the last six years have to go…..if the veracity of our Party is ever to be restored. The Republican Party cannot just survive solely on the paid-off support of Fox News, News Max or Reliable News, Foreign corporate lobbyists, The Oath Keepers or the NRA!

What has happened to the Republican Party in the last six years? The metamorphosis may have started much earlier than when NRA and CPAC sold out to the Trumpster arm of the Republican Party. In those days, many groups that were conservative and Evangelical on the surface were finding it very difficult to get funding because of the success of the Obama Administration. As we are now finding out, Russia and many other foreign powers, White Supremacists, Industrial giants like Big Oil, Big Agra and Big Pharma started throwing huge amounts into the coffers of certain candidates they could easily influence – while attempting to fill the economic void!

Understanding the the criminal methods employed by these groups is a long study for another article. Let us just say that starting with Twitter, Instagram, Face Book and now say Tic Toc…….as well as all the new Apps available they have created a plethora of wonderful resources for the bad guys who can use, twist, label and mine this information for hand written false narrative, misrepresented articles for various news channels that also have been bought and sold and ramp up that information Nationally. Same behavior starting at the corporate top, some starting with various paid off on-camera talent, their producers and all with the willing cooperation of corporate boards. This is the very reason why car chases are being covered rather than the plight of the homeless for example.

“Principles for America” may become our saving grace for the Republican Party….but then they too may become infiltrated, corrupted and violated, unless monitored closely. If not corrupted, we may have a singular chance to save the Republican Party before it totally self-destructs. “The Truth will set you free….” they say. If so, we need now to re-create the Republican Party from the ground up. We cannot just wait until the next election results to do much of anything. A concerted effort will be required today, tomorrow and into the future!

The time has come to let Donnie Trump start his own party, which includes the like of the Oath Keepers, Marge Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert, Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, John Kennedy, Mark Meadows, Ted Cruz, Lindsay Graham, (DINO’s) Joe Manchin III, Kyrsten Sinema and others, as well as a whole variety of very bad Florida and Texas electeds at every level. We need a clean slate. Someplace to start a party of ethics, honesty and logic. A party not paid off by corrupt Corporate greed. Heck, we may wind up being only one third of the size of the so-called party we have now…..but it will be real…..not a just phony baloney representation. In the 1970s, the Democrats were constantly accused of wearing Smile Masks and not facing the facts. Today it seems the Republicans are wearing Trumpster Hats and doing the same thing!

What we are suggesting is that Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney and John Kasich lead the charge and put this group together, with a long term vision for immigration reform, prescription drug caps, middle class tax reform and a country that can defend our environment. You do not have to be a Democrat to believe in reform for these things. These are American issues, along with the National Defense Budget and the search for a brighter, healthful and livable future for all Americans. Romney/Kasich or Chaney/Romney or Kasich/Chaney 2024?

In the meantime; Donald J. Trump: “You are fired!” Go get your own Party and leave ours alone!

Cheney, Romney and Kasich you have now been hired. Because:

“Now is the time to come to the aid of your Party!”

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