Michele Bratcher Goodwin for Supreme Court!

Editor’s Note: It’s thanks to Chris Williams’ column in “Above the Law” that most of us know about Ilya Shapiro’s disgusting racist tweets about “lesser black women,” which got him fired from Georgetown Law right after being hired…

In our correspondent T R Black’s friendly note to Chris (below), he gave a big shout-out to the black woman HE thinks would be the best Supreme Court pick, one who is even better than Biden’s list of 13 worthies, UCI Law’s Michele Bratcher Goodwin (below.) Over to TR…

Hey Chris,

Thanks for putting together this illuminating piece of news, including Max Kennerly’s disputation with the Shapiro brothers (poor Georgetown Law) and the link to Amy Coney Barrett‘s answers to the Senate Questionnaire.

I wish I had been aware of this document when I penned this brief brief regarding Amy Coney Barrett’s qualifications as a person. As you can easily discern, she was unable to answer my cursory inquiries!

As far as Biden’s opportunity to improve the Court, while all thirteen of the currently discussed candidates easily exceed the judicial wisdom of any of the current members, especially Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh and Barrett, I would nominate a person FAR beyond anyone on the current Court: Michele Bratcher Goodwin of UCI Law.

You can see it on the face of the esteemed Dean of UC Berkeley, Erwin Chemerinsky, when he sits on a panel discussion with her: Ms. Goodwin’s light is SO bright, she needs to wear shades at night. Upon confirmation, she would immediately take it to the next level and dominate EVERY aspect of the court, from erudite questioning of petitioners, to writing opinions, to the meetings of the justices, and public speaking engagements, all while setting new standards of fashion sensibilities.

As a nation, we would finally have someone to look up to again within that institution. With its current low public approval ratings, god knows this Supreme Court needs a goddess like Goodwin more than ever.

Respectfully submitted,
T R Black.
(See video of Goodwin below.)

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