T R Black Interrogates Amy Coney Barrett.

[Although published over a year ago on October 26, 2020, given this week’s hearing at the Supreme Court re: Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization and the inane, inept questions posed by Coney Barrett and her religious colleagues, this essay becomes mandatory reading for anyone serious about U.S. politics and especially the Supreme Court. Mr. Black’s use of the term “stench” last year is used by Justice Sotomayor this week. We encourage anyone capable of a rebuttal to this piece to please submit for publication. Be advised – the following is of extreme length and features extreme rudeness and profanity..]

Good afternoon Mrs. Coney Barrett!!

Thanks for returning to chambers for this special inquisition. While it seems that between the committee members from all sides of the aisle you were asked every imaginable question relating to your suitability to sit on the highest court of the land. One could not imagine that there might be even one question yet to be posed. Not one stone unturned. The senators on that Judicial Committee did their jobs comprehensively and completely. Does that about sum it up, Ed? Heyoooo! WRONG, Carswell!

With immense gratitude to my diligent staff, I have assembled just a very few, simple, additional questions. This will take but a couple short minutes of your valuable time. And do note that you are under oath.

I am reminded by the mainstream media, liberal commentators, family mores, and general rules of a civil society, that a gentleman should never bring up the topics of politics, sex, or religion, under any circumstances. So, I will absolutely avoid those topics like the plague during my time here today.

According to legend, you were the first in a brood of seven children to parents belonging to a very strange parachurch in addition to being ultra-conservative Catholics in the Confederate state of Louisiana. Would it be wrong to therefore assume that you are a victim of the mindset of The People of Praise as well as that of the Confederacy? Would you agree with Justice Kavanaugh that psychological oppression and abuse is way worse than the occasional physical assault by a consenting Catholic adult? Those psychological scars last a lifetime, don’t they? Was your parish ever under water? Has Anne Rice interviewed you?

Were you a daddy’s girl? A sent down girl? In that you are still a card-carrying member of the cult of your parents that has begotten a brood of her own, would it be an unreasonable leap of faith to think that you lack the spine and character to break away from your indoctrination? Consider the similar and equally disconnected fathers of Mel Gibson & Ted Cruz and look what happened to them. Certainly you must find most conservative Catholics to be creepy and extremely unctuous? Does your dad think he is better than David Koresh? Were they real Davidians? Or just the ones you see on TV?

Is daddy surprised to see Joe Biden’s craven image dance across the little screens on every pump at Shell stations across America? Has he received forgiveness for his jackboot loyalty representing their legal causes and their victimization of the very public you now seek to judge? Poor daddy, so wrong for so long. You must be so sad for him? No little girl likes to see daddy humiliated. Especially by Catholic-in-name-only Democrats.

Are you jealous of the rituals of Opus Dei? Do you wish you could suffer physical pain beneath your robe in empathy for the mythical crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the authentic Superstar? Did you ever consider bolting from The Praisers for Albany, NY and NXIVM? Aren’t they into that whole group grope thing, too? Was your baby girl-voiced opening statement for daddy? As a mom, who no doubt indoctrinates her own kids, doesn’t it bother you about how many staffed Bishops hid, moved and denied the existence of so many Catholic child fuckers? Have you ever taught a class on how to just grit one’s teeth and take one for the team? Joe Pa was schooled in that specialty, wasn’t he? Ever see the Academy Award winner, “Spotlight?” Ever had fun with an altar boy?

Isn’t it true that Catholic schools teach by rote and parse and diagram sentences so that the Catholic adherent can “sound” like the voice of authority? Why don’t they teach critical thinking, rather than blind obedience? Doesn’t the Catholic laity, stripped of their authority by logic and reason, impose their authoritarian will to gain compliance to their inane tenets and magical thinking? Don’t they merely produce tenacious, tedious, monopaths? Is that why you have a difficult time being articulate when attempting what some might consider “free association?” Why do you default to excessive use of “you know” as filler? Not very charismatic, is it? It seems that beyond rigorous rote regurgitation, there is no there, there, when it comes to “you.” Or were you just nervous?

You remind me of a great song by Peter Green, founder of the real Fleetwood Mac: “Now when I talked to God, I knew He’d understand, He said, “stick by my side and I’ll be your guiding hand, but don’t ask me what I think of you, I might not give the answer that you want me to.” Oooh well! And, that’s just part 1…

While living the dream in the Hoosier State, did you find the myth of “Midwestern Values” to be true? What the hell does that even mean? Specifically? Are Coastal Values bad? Better than Cajun values? Do you find it unseemly that so many folks in your state and the surrounding states lack those purported values in their die-hard support of a President completely devoid of those inherent “values?” Given the circumstances, does it ring of hypocrisy over democracy?

Do you think the brighter minds in the chamber fell for your feigned humility? In your own element, aren’t you a Queen B? Do other females in your wider South Bend family do the woman’s grunt work so you can soar? Did you read Bossypants by Tina Fey? You claim to be independent. Even from insular indoctrination? Really? Aren’t you actually guilty of the sin of hubris, not unlike the man who nominated you to the 7th Circuit and The SC? Behind closed doors, aren’t sleazy rightwing Catholics holier-than-thou? Haven’t their imperious ilk controlled societies for centuries? Internally, aren’t these people insecure? Don’t they respond better to visceral, physical beatings in lieu of logic and reason?

Leo, Federalist Society

Do you ever wonder how a little nobody from nowhereville got so far up the food chain? Weren’t you hand picked and successfully vetted by the advanced thinkers at The Federalist Society? Hasn’t Swamp Fox and fellow breeder Leonard Leo and his gang of goons hampered the Supreme Court from being supreme at anything? Given his primitive nature and aggressive over-achiever status, hasn’t he in fact, retarded the intellectual growth of the court for decades? Speaking of retarded, have you read any of the more-than-a-few scholarly articles regarding Catholic inbreeding and trisomy 21? Of course, it is happening to other insular cults, as well, like in the Ultra Orthodox Jewish ghettos and Amish/Mennonite communities, too. Don’t let it happen to you…oops!

Did you make the rounds at the Heritage Foundation, too? The brilliant group of top-notch citizens who placed most of the slots (outside of the Trump Family Nepotism Project) in the Trump Administration…such winners as Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions, Rick “the Genius” Perry, basketball center Mick Mulvaney, and Okie scandal meister and major tax waster, Scott Pruitt, just for openers. Was it difficult to meet their intellectual and ethical standards?

Did you gain approval from the fine citizens at Judicial Watch, too? Did you get wet watching Jay Sekulow embarrass himself during the impeachment trial of your president? Is he a Jew for Jesus or, what some of the proud militia boys (supported by your nominator), and Father Coughlin for that matter, might call, “a Kike for Christ?” How about the biatch at Judicial Crisis, angry Catholic Carrie Severino? Is she a peach, or what some on death row in Nebraska might call her, “an uber c**t?” Those killers sure use foul language, don’t they? In your expert opinion, do you suppose she and Lenny Leo ever got a room at Trump International, D.C. using some untraceable dough from their dark money funds? Do you think your new mate on the Court, Beermeister Brett, ever gave her some limp wood after a few too many? Or does she only get on her knees under the table for health insurance magnates in exchange for cash contributions paid under the table? What’s your position on the ACA again?

Funny, but Wikipedia (not leaks) lists all these organizations as conservative “activists.” You aren’t an activist judge, are you Amy? In fact, you’re no “Judging Amy” either, are you? Wasn’t she rational and decent? Didn’t she toil in a family court? Did you have to go to family court to import children from another country? Did they stay in cages while awaiting the outcome of your petition? Haiti’s no Hades, is it? Or, was it? Don’t better ballplayers come from the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Venezuela?

Would you have made it this far without the dark money from racist right-wingers and corporate special interests? You know, swamp things? As a beneficent of those corrupt bastards, is your taint tainted by your association? Do you wonder why intelligent, knowledgeable, ethical citizens do NOT respect the Supreme Court? Not even the Notorious RBG could salvage the court from the stink of its conservative Catholic core, God bless her departed soul.

Since the triad conglomerate of Heritage, Federalist, & Judicial Watch only seem to produce extremely conservative Catholic nominees, do you wonder why there are only a few centrist Jews for a minority façade of balance? Being a conservative Catholic extremist while cloaked surreptitiously in demure attire, do you think this august committee of Senators would entertain other philosophical extremists like you, were they to be wearing the overt attire of their tribes? An Ultra Orthodox Jew in a big black hat and long braids, continually bobbing his head up and down muttering in Hebrew? A Muslim in full burqa or niqab? A Sikh with a turban and a 2-foot beard? How about an honest atheist sans jacket and tie? Aren’t you, philosophically, EXACTLY the same as if you were some jihadist from the Islamic State, or an Operating Thetan Level 8 Scientologist, or a Hindu with a big red dot on your forehead? You’re a Trojan horse who hates Trojans, whether they play football for USC or protect a penis, right?

Do you understand that the posting of the 10 commandments in friezes at the Supreme Court speaks volumes about moral pretensions without the backing of solid ethics or sustainable principle? Don’t you agree, for the sake of eliminating ambiguity, that Merriam-Webster should designate two separate definitions as follows (Black’s Law*)?


Morality: I would posit, as a qualified neologist, that the essence of the term “morals” stems from a belief system based on the delusion of “god.” It is more about “good” and “bad/evil” as prescribed by the “leaders” of a particular sect or cult. These tenets are supposed to evidence the difference between the human animal and the rest of the species on the planet and tend to be static (Bible, Koran, Torah, yadda yadda yadda). They also render man a passive receptor to rules passed down from exo-beings, promoted and executed by people (mostly men) in costumes! These people are not leaders. They are followers of intuited beings not of this earth. Ironically, this pose actually promotes “anything goes” because it is based on unsubstantiated human creations to “justify” the “leaders’” actions. The adherents tend to be myopic and stagnant. War between these beLIEf systems is inevitable. Irrational behavior pervades. Thus, morality is for the mentally challenged.


Ethics are or should be based on a collective’s democratically agreed-upon terms of conduct, or laws that are dynamic, ever changing along with human evolution and acquisition of knowledge based on scientific method rather than fantastical supposition. It should represent “right” and “wrong,” “legal” and “illegal,” “acceptable” and “unacceptable.” Ethicists are humans who actively seek rules in an attempt to “civilize” the human animal, allowing efficient, dependable delivery of creature comforts and to alleviate the fear of “laws of the jungle,” allowing peace of mind. These people are leaders. This ideation is derisively called “moral relativism” by the lunatics in the fundamentalist community, who co-opt terms and attempt to re-define language. That’s their forte. No institution should concede terms to such demagogues. Ethics should be of and for the erudite and evolved.

Let’s use these definitions for the remainder of our time together, shall we?

In your rise to notability, have you ever sat on Putin’s lap in order to sit on The Court? Did he guarantee that you would be nominated by Mr. Trump? Would you ever consent to peeing on these two bastions of class, elegance and manners to get your gig on the big court? Who do you personally respect more: Rudy Giuliani, his best buddy Borat, or his other pals, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman? Or Trump’s favorite fundraiser, Elliot Broidy? Did Elly raise any funds for your campaign to have a seat? How much was spent to secure your nomination?

Did you let the Celebrity President “grab your pussy” in pursuit of judicial power? Did he comment on whether your carpet matched the drapes? Isn’t it ironic that your nomination event, with only the crème de la crème of the intellectual elite in attendance, is considered to be a super-spreader? In the re-foliated Rose Garden, no less? Do you think four more years would paint a rosy future?

Speaking of the gentle opening of genital petals, did you wear a chastity belt before wedlock? Or, did you experiment in college? As a lover of Latin, did you ever have a Latin lover? Did you fornicate with anyone before your husband? If so, was it good? Who do you think The Donald would rather shake the sheets with, Stormy D. or you? She got cash and you got a nomination… do you think you are better than Ms. Daniels? Do you ever feel like THIS? Some ex-Republicans do:

Is it constitutional for an IMPEACHED President to nominate you or anyone else to any court, much less the Supreme Court? If so, is it ethical? Would anyone with class, integrity, or even a modicum of decency accept a nomination from him, regardless of one’s burning ambition?

Trump’s Great Wall, like your wall between church and state, is nearly non-existent, correct? Your pro-corporate bent on Wall Street matches his, too, right? You two have so much in common…. no shame, no decency. A match made in heaven, wouldn’t you say? If heaven were home for demons and run by Lucifer?

Do you find that one who has been personally involved in OVER 3500 litigations in his pre-political life can ever be a moral or ethical man? You actually thought a Reality TV Star, dedicated to uttering calumnies, would make a good president? If Trump University is a fraud, does it stand to reason that Mr. Trump is a fraud? If he is a fraud and conferred a position upon you, are you a fraud? Isn’t your nomination forever tainted by the STENCH of Trump’s corruption? The Trumptanic is not only hitting an iceberg of reality, but it might be deluged by a tidal wave, too, and you will sink with it. Climate change is a bitch, ain’t it?

Trump is on documented record having made over 22,000 prevarications while in office, some of which, regarding COVID-19, have caused endless repeat of manslaughter, if not unimaginable serial murder. Do you know anyone else who has broken the 8th commandment more often? Why would you support someone so guilty of adynaton? How many Hail Mary’s would he have to say to save his soul? Are you surprised that the country has gone to shit? Do you think Touchdown Jesus will touch down on our planet while you are still on The Court? Is anyone in the Trump administration redeemable by the Holy Redeemer?

Do you do any reading outside of the law? Have you read any of the well over 50 books written in the past few years regarding your nominator’s mental health, his illegal activities, nature, and essence, all by fully vetted authors with personal experience with this President? Which Trump books are your favorites? The one by his niece, his fixer, Bob Woodward, any of the many written by insiders from within his administration? Are you in the least bit disturbed by the FACTS as presented? Do you find it unnerving that for the first time in its 175-year history, an apolitical magazine with the stature of Scientific American had to endorse the President’s opponent in hopes of righting the course of scientific endeavors and to re-establish trust in forensic facts? What does the resident in the White House have against being veridical? How do you read his abject rejection of rules?

Trusted publications, not normally involved with elections on any level, like Christianity Today and Nature, have had to call for the removal from office, the man with whom you partied with in the Rose Garden (was Nero fiddling in the background during the event?) just a few weeks ago? Other truth-based publications have had to do the same as well. Did you read the extensive section in the October 18, 2020 edition of the Sunday New York Times? If so, do you think Jesus would do business with this charlatan? Who would let their children anywhere near this man? Did your kids play with an umasked Barron?

Trump being the shallow, cynical misogynist that he is, do you think he really selected you because you are kinda cute for a nerdy judge? Is he just trying to add a tad of eye-candy as his idea of balancing The Court (though not on a high-end 4K UHD TV with an exceptional processor for upscaling, which can be quite harsh on aging women – you included) to counter the countenances of Justices Sotomayor and Kagan? Brett and Clarence will gain some relief from having to continually look at their own wives and Melania “knows who she married.”

As you may know, Mr. Trump has nominated an agglomeration of unqualified jurists to the lower courts, and completely unqualified adherents to administration positions. Of course, this includes nepotistic appointments without security clearances, more than a few whom have since been prosecuted and some who are already in prison. Aren’t you just another one of those cynically chosen cheap suits? Surely you must realize that the man who nominated you, despises you as a person? Love can be so fleeting…and so disappointing…sigh.

Can an individual be highly intelligent and willfully ignorant? Two qualities seemingly at odds, yet forensically true? Doesn’t that phenomenon explain many in the base cult of Trump? Does it apply to you? You claimed ignorance to a lot of accurate information as to many points and issues while undergoing Senate questioning. Is that indicative of myopic focus, or purposeful intent to isolate yourself from uncomfortable truths? In prepping for this hearing, did you strategize to evade valid questions posed by committee members, thus lying by omission? You’re under oath…and global scrutiny.

You realize, don’t you, that the typical Trump voter is L.C.D. (in political wisdom) and that they rail against people smarter than themselves because they are sick and tired of being on the receiving end of continual condescension? And that the more gifted American citizens rail against being governed by goobers from Alabama via both houses of Congress and sometimes the Executive branch? Do you comprehend the concept of false equivalence? Why does the mainstream media pretend there is intellectual equality between conservatives and progressives? Between Trump voters and anti-trump voters? Any evidence? The best they can say is that most Trump voters have a high school education…but they don’t say how badly the schools rate scholastically or how poorly the Trumpist voter did in high school or if they can even compose a coherent paragraph. Since that glove doesn’t fit your hand, how do you acquit your vote for Trump?

Are you sad that only the worst students among your classmates will vote for Trump/you? That the smart ones, who broke the shackles of indoctrination, will vote against you and resent your faulty reasoning as you attempt to move the U.S. back to days when Christians lived in catacombs? Are you amazed at the overall ignorance of the American public when it comes to civics, history, geography, philosophy, and political science? Are you incredulous as to how many low level whites vote against their own well-being by voting for pro-corporate Republicans? Do you ever listen to the “man on the street” explain their rationale for their selection of candidates?

Every blue-blooded American, regardless of race or creed, should be outraged by this shoddy citizenship! Those originalists didn’t cross the Atlantic to be reduced to such a pitiable status. The whole world is laughing. You don’t find this derisiveness amusing, do you Ms. Barrett?

Have you been enjoying this hearing so far?

Good, good, let’s continue, shall we?

Isn’t Senator Sasse cute? The foreplay between the two of you was sexy. You were such the soubrette! What would you have done with him if he were the deciding vote? What if he were as he as flaccid with you as he was with his opposition to impeachment? Would you let Jerry Falwell, Jr. watch? Would Jesus watch Falwell watching you and Ben? How did you get COVID-19, anyway? Was that ride the E-ticket your nominator claims? Subsequently to the completion of this official portion of the hearing, Senator Ben leaked a recording of his anti-Trump assessment…as Phil Hartman would utter with a sly grin, “Sassy!”

Farris, anti-gay activist

Speaking of uber-breeder, Michael Farris, do you think he and your husband combined, have an IQ equivalent to Mayor Pete? Isn’t it pathetic that a pompous prig like Farris assumes he is qualified to be in the same room with Mr. Buttigieg? Did a Catholic named Kennedy make a boo-boo in writing the Obergefell decision? Are you proud of your discriminatory work on the board of Trinity Schools, Inc.? My deceased friend Fred, with Masters degrees in French Lit, Architecture and Film, who also created art that sold and could cook with Julia, had more talent in his toes than you could ever dream of having in your entire being, so I wonder, why do you support hate groups? I thought Jesus People, all of whom are devout followers of The Beatles; believe that LOVE is the answer? Don’t you love The Beatles? Aren’t they still more popular than Jesus?

And, don’t you love the Pope? It seems Pope Francis has confirmed the validity of legal partnerships for LGBTQ couples…not quite marriage, but almost. He loves love. And, remember, the Pope is INFALLIBLE in matters such as these. You believe in the infallibility of the Pope, don’t you? You don’t want to be excommunicated, do you? Why not embrace love, then?

Do you think Chairman Lindsey is as queer as he appears? Is he afraid to come out because of the anti-gay stances held within cults like yours? Could you really stand being in the same chamber as drunken rapist, crybaby Kavanaugh and call him colleague? Are you proud to be in the party with other under-educated white Confederates, the ignorant yokels from the Western Territories that wanted to support slavery, the Proud Boogaloo Boys, QAnon, Scientologists, and the Trump Crime Family of grifters? Are you and “the boys” guilty of the sin of pride? Are morbidly obese blimps like Catholics William Barr & ex-Governor Chris Christie, as well as Spawns of Satan, Trump & Pompeo, guilty of the sin of gluttony? How many Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s will cure that? Are you on the same page as morbidly misguided Republican Governors whose states are rising with infections? Would any of them be admitted to Notre Dame Law School? Why does your pal, pompous Pompeo hate the Pope? Why is he persona non-gratis at the Vatican? Pompeo, Pompeii, Pope, Versace, Fellini, Italy. What gives?

After listening to the Senators on your side of the aisle, aren’t you embarrassed to be associated with these obviously second-rate thinkers? Inferior Protestants? The followers of grave robber Joseph Smith and mass murderer Brigham Young? Are you jealous of The Mikes, Lee & Crapo, because they get to wear magic underwear? Aren’t their beliefs blasphemous and goofy? Mormon Temples? They don’t know if they are Christians or Jews, do they? It is quite evident that Josh Hawley believes in God… do you think God believes in him?

Don’t you and God think Sin-eater Hawley is the most arrogant little fuck from the miserable “please don’t show me” state of Missouri? Isn’t this continual exhibition of low-level thinking like his and yours that provokes the coastal elites to become condescending? Your myopia is understandable, based on your upbringing and lack of an education demanding expanded disciplines and critical thinking, so aren’t you out of your league when you attempt to preach to the cognoscenti while besmirching and dismantling our government?

Do you employ your baby girl voice with an Indiana twang because you were told to lose your Louisiana accent so you wouldn’t sound stooopid like your parent’s Senator Kennedy? Wasn’t our Justice System dead on arrival from Europe? Has it ever been the envy of the world as Mr. Lee would have you believe? Isn’t this assortment of privileged white people an indictment of our national universities standards and ethics? Are you politically correct as portrayed here?

After being spanked intellectually, ethically and philosophically by Kamala, did you secretly wish she would turn you over her knee and give you a much-deserved bare-bottom spanking until it glowed like a washed ripe apple? You know, that sting that makes you feel alive? One that would make even your sisters at Opus Dei jealous? No safe word needed…Cheney.

Do you find it curious that only Republicans say, “You can’t attack religion?” Why? Is it because they are or claim to be religious? Is it because ALL religions are irrational, indefensible and unreasonable, since “the law” is supposed to be based on reason as applied forensic facts? Do you understand that Galileo annihilated Catholic thinking in the oppressive Vatican prior to the outset of the “Age of Reason?” Three-and-a-half centuries later, and still no intellectual advancement. Did you see “Amanda Knox?” It’s on Netflix. Check out the blurtations from the Italian Catholic prosecutor and wonder why the so-called system of jurisprudence is so impudent and imprudent.

During your nomination ceremony, you spoke kindly of the barely-cold Justice Ginsburg. But, it seems the only thing you had in common with her was the affliction of workaholism and a love of the law. While you adored Scalia and exhibit major daddy issues, I surmise “Ruthie” tolerated his provincial patriarchal condescension to keep the peace and suffered maybe a sliver of normal daddy issues, herself. After that intuited commonality, we find an abyss of difference, don’t you think? Did you ever cry when getting an A- on any test or essay?

Isn’t it true that Merrick Garland is still eminently qualified for the High Court? Are you? If both of you follow the law as written, without prejudice, what makes you better? Different? POLITICS, right? If you are simply a highly qualified constitutional scholar with no preconceived opinions on any issues that might eventually worm their way up the chain to the Supremes, and Merrick Garland possesses equal erudition on the U.S. Constitution and lacks preconceived opinions regarding those same issues, why not just let him have the seat on the highest court in the land? He has more experience and he was in line first. Isn’t it because of your religious “faith” and EXTREME prejudices that you were selected by the primitive Federalist Society and the Confederacy-based Heritage Foundation? In a proper antebellum society, wouldn’t Judge Scalia’s caddy, Clarence, be serving you tea at three while wearing appropriate servant’s attire? In that setting, would you lose your Indiana twang and revert to the drawl of a propah suthen belle? Or would that invite the taunts of “Amy Phony Barrett?”

How many times have you seen the film 13th by director Ava DuVernay? If you haven’t seen it, then you are certainly not ready for Prime Time. You would become the third stooge on SCOTUS with Clarence and Samuel, who both share very primitive views on Criminal Justice. Like you, don’t those two lazy, no-account Vaticanistas want to dismantle Medicare and Social Security? Jesus must be so proud!

If you were a neutral, “open-minded” justice, wouldn’t you be informed by your Catholic indoctrination? If not, wouldn’t you be considered a “Catholic in name only?” Do you think altar boys fucked by priests within the walls of the Vatican should be tried by Canon law? If so, will you be taking a cannon to U.S. law? Do you eat the body of Jesus on Sunday? Have you ever drunk his blood? Have you ever read the legend of Dracula? Did Jesus have a cabal of 12 male groupies who went on their knees in front of him? To the best of your knowledge, did he ever feed them the staff of life? Why don’t you believe in gay rights? Do you know the difference between court packing and priestly fudge packing? Do you have a safe word? Does Lindsey? Do you want to borrow mine…Cheney?

Are you on board with the traditional Republican mandate, which promotes Zero Dark Thirty-like torture, approved and nurtured by John “de Torquemada” Yoo? The mandate that woman must have children regardless of financial circumstances while welfare is cut? All of which could be averted by a stronger Planned Parenthood, which is constantly defunded by Republicans, who, when in charge of the Executive branch, cut funds to nations that allow abortions? Again, would you mind sharing your safe word? My very close colleague, John Yoo, and me, share “Cheney.”

An astute observer might have noticed that I have asked many questions and made implied innuendos regarding sex. Why do you think I did that? Is it because of your non-answer to Griswold (contraception)? Wouldn’t that lead a mature, reasonable person to assume that you, are sexually fucked up? Your sabre dance around the Roe decision? Because you, are sexually fucked up? Your lack of certitude regarding Obergefell because you, are sexually fucked up? Based on your gross immaturity in the areas around sex, sexuality, and gender, will you recuse yourself when a case involving any aspect of those icky topics rears its uncomfortable head? In that you seem to have problems with Griswold, do you consider anal a moral form of birth control? Do you love anal so much that you stopped having kids after the fifth? Do you plead the fifth on that? Do you think overpopulation is a problem for maintaining a habitable planet?

With all due respect, honey, do you know who the fuck made abortion illegal in the first place? Was that statute “constitutional”? Don’t you respect the dignity of women to make their own decisions without input from your BIG government with its delusional, magical thinking and holier-than-thou overreach? Especially those women who are far more intellectual, reasonable, and ethical than you, your friends, and associates? Can you deny that Planned Parenthood is thee most important non-profit in the entire country for SO many reasons? Don’t “you people” whine about “losing your religious freedom” all the time? When what you should be doing is simply losing your religion, like R.E.M.? How about some liberty for the freedom from religious nonsense?

Isn’t the herd mentality rush to achieve herd immunity more than a little misguided? Do you think consuming Swedish meatballs from IKEA can stanch the virus in its tracks? Can quacks from the ducks at the Hoover Institute lead this country out of its pandemic dilemma? Or will they push us into the puddle of no return? Have you ever shot anyone in the face while out hunting with political friends? Is it possible that the herd mentality of Trumpism is an even greater threat to the Republic than COVID-19? What do think will remedy the late-in-life, under-educated folks in the cult of Trump, and is their very existence within our borders a tragic indictment of the entire U.S. educational system? Isn’t the support of Trumpism deleterious to the health and well being of your own spawn and rental children? Are you an anti-vaxxer mom?

Speaking of high society and higher education, like most so-called educated people, you lack the understanding of high-level math and proportions, right? You admitted to others you know “nothing” about economics or science (Global Climate Change), etc. Of course, this is apropos for a Trump nominee, I suppose. So, will you tell us how an economic system based on eternal growth can exist on a finite planet? Have you ever induced any algo-trades on the market and were they profitable? Wouldn’t we be better served on the High Court by a non-lawyer polymath with authoritative knowledge in a multiplicity of disciplines, who knows how to research the issue at hand along with the ability to ask great questions? An actual thinker instead of a child-like texter?

Have you ever been to the Creation Museum in Kentucky? Are you familiar with the concept and scientific fact of evolution? Do you and your myopic ilk actually understand evolution? Isn’t “originalism” like Original Sin? Kind of an ambiguous made-up charade? And hasn’t textualism been completely discredited by leading legal scholars? Isn’t it somewhat ironic that “original textualists” aren’t original thinkers, but more like banal librarians with a magnifying glass looking for minutia while missing the big picture?

Wasn’t Justice Scalia completely over-rated? The court reporters for most publications mentioned that he was funny…fat men usually are, one way or another, but the media never published anything he said that was funny. What about his bestie, the slow-witted, clueless anachronistic white man who continues to show up to work in black face like a minstrel from a bygone era? The cynical choice of Bush 41! Thomas for Marshall…like Barrett for Ginsburg…like $125,000 for Ruth…real BAD trades. Do you think by the time your bambinos are in law school, you will be known as the curse of the Court?

Does a strict textualist judge practice as did Justice Cardozo, the intent of the law superceded the letter of the law? Isn’t a judge who fails to apply Cardozo intellectually lazy, like most unqualified members of our failed judicial system? Have you ever been with a jurist who isn’t aware of Justice Cardozo’s thinking and its import, especially regarding poorly conceived and written statutes?

Isn’t the living Constitution flexible? Therefore, hasn’t originalism been dead for nearly two centuries? Is there really any place in America for traditional conservatives? Being that the universe is dynamic and conservatism is static, is conservatism as practiced by current Republicans even a feasible possibility under the laws of physics? Don’t most of the problems in America stem from stasis? Isn’t the scientific method correctly and logically ruled by humane ethics, and not the magical thinking of religions? Isn’t imposed morality lazy idolatry and applied ethics based on hard work? Are you textualist with the bible, too? Which edition? Did you wait in line at Barnes & Noble for a signed copy?

And, as a noted textualist, is it safe to assume you are a competent comprehensive reader? Do you ever take time off from hawking fund-raising brownies benefiting your kids’ schools, to read current events? Hopefully, you are not fact-averse, like the typical Trump cult member, and that you have read textual essays found within the pages of The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The New Yorker and other sophisticated sources of accurate news? If you have read detailed accounts of the current administration’s activities, what do you think of the expressions of morality found within? The ethics? Are you partial to the credos and ethos of this Administration, you know, the one that brung ya? Are they in line with traditional Catholicism?

Did you not call abortion “barbaric” within one of your many treatises?  Yet doesn’t the primitive nature of religion lend itself to barbarism? Do you think the superficial, faux civility in our society and the legal system truly hides the barbarism beneath that surface? How did the Spanish inquisition go for the non-Catholics? Do you believe in and practice corporal punishment on your kids and students? Would you deny marriage to Corporal Klinger? How many times have your beaten your children? Do the Haitians tolerate more punishment? Didn’t the French Catholics on the island create a wonderful world that endures today? Do they practice voodoo economics? Do you?

Will you have the courage to find your nominator guilty of treason if the case makes it to your court? Will it be uncomfortable for you to see the Trump crime family sentenced to prison? Do you surmise that it will be way more humiliating to wear a prominent red T on your person and reputation, than the crimson A on the clothing of Hester Prynne? As a whore for Trump, do you fear that, to future generations, your T will come to mean Tramp, or Trollope, or sTrumpett? Should your fellow Trump buddies already on the Court, drunken rapist Brett “Crybaby” Kavanaugh & Neil “The Deal” Gorsuch, have to wear the T on their robes, too? Is there to be equality between the sexes after all, even if it is in culpability? Honor among thieves, so to speak?

How long have you suffered from logorrhea? In your 38-page dissent in Kanter v. Barr, you opine that white-collar criminals are not dangerous: Given your gun love, are The Beat Farmers your go-to band? Do you dance around like Stevie Nicks in a trance to their signature tune, “Gun Sale at the Church?” Your culture awareness knows no bounds, does it baby? Have any of your cherub-faced babies spent hours and shells at a shooting range, yet? Do they like Vegas?

Doesn’t that make you pro white-collar crime and corporate malfeasance while socking it to the underclass for petty crimes and drug offenses?  Isn’t it a fact that white-collar criminals are the most dangerous people in the world? Don’t they screw more people in more ways than a petty criminal? Don’t they promote cynicism in the American system of laws, commerce, and justice? Look at what your nominator has done to the Executive branch. Are you totally devoid of math skills and a sense of proportion? No math, no justice! Do you have any sense of decency? Would you have sent your kids to Trump “University?”

How is it that a good Catholic girl joined the party of corruption? Beginning with Nixon, Roger Stone (don’t you just love his Nixon tat?), Ollie North, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, DICK Cheney, Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay, creepy conservative Catholic adulterer and Savings & Loan scheister, Henry Hyde, born-again felonious child fucker and grappling financial fraudster Denny Hastert, the ex-Speaker of the House, ad nauseam. The list is literally endless. Given that history, isn’t it rich that the Mac Daddy of grift, your man Trump, projects “voter fraud” on the Dems? Is it because his daddy was corrupt? How grimy are the hands of your daddy in actions taken or performed for Shell Oil? You’re going to be neutral on fossil fuel-based cases, right? Have the Praising People offered forgiveness and comfort to soothe his guilt in polluting the playgrounds of children like yours and millions of others?

Has this ongoing corruption, seemingly endemic in your party of choice, nurtured selection fraud, such as your nomination to the Supreme Court? You have been hinky when it comes to recusals, correct? Will you have any trouble adjudicating members of your own party for committing election fraud? Given that Trump projects onto others what he practices himself, you must be well aware that it is your party that has been by far the guiltiest of voter fraud. Convict Leslie McRae Dowless in NC and Steve Wilkins of KS; to name just two in the last three years, are the tip of the iceberg.

Since Nixon versus The United States of America in 1972, his party (and yours) has been Numero Uno in voter suppression. Surprising? The selection of president Bush 43 (by your buddies on SCOTUS) over the actual votes of citizens in 2000? All the dirty tricksters, plumbers, and scofflaws from Stone & Segretti in ‘72 to the hackers of the Russian GRU in 2016, and every year in between, to illegal drop boxes in Orange County, CA right now? Always Republicans, never Democrats. The Replicants have always been the angry party of desperation and incarceration. Yet your nominator-in-chief, currently crushed in the polls, declares victory via fraud months in advance of the election? Will you accept the defeat of your man in November 2020? Will you vote NO to any of his baseless, frivolous lawsuits initiated in his attempt to subvert the will of the electorate? Do you have the guts? Will you bitch slap Brett K. if need be?

Where do you stand on all of the presidential pardons handed out by Criminal-in-Chief Trump, as practice for pardoning himself while donning the Ford dictum in the near future? Which charmer deserved a pardon more: Joe Arpaio, Scooter Libby, Mike “Junk Bond” Milken (buddy of Madoff chum, Steve Mnuchin), Dinesh D’Souzaphony, the Hammonds (powerful white arsonists and buddies with the cloven-hoofed Bundy clan), Catholic knuckle-dragger Bernie “Mama’s Boy” Kerik, and others? Notice a pattern? Pardon me for asking…

Does it bother you that, given all the civil unrest across America and many other nations around the planet due to inherent racist practices of U.S. law enforcement and government, that there are no blacks on the Supreme Court? Please don’t bring up the morbidly obese Catholic minstrel, which most woke, thinking people find eminently offensive. What does that say to your imported black children? Are they old enough to see the disconnect that mommy got nominated by an absolute racist? Since they won’t make it to the Supreme Court, do you think they could fill in as actors on South Park, as “Token” was shot by police in his classroom half-way through the current SP special on COVID-19?

Is the fundamental problem with local law enforcement (beyond religiously-based vice laws and bone-headed administrators at the top of most police & sheriff’s departments) the fact that most cops are C-student high school grads at best? Are they mentally qualified to even own a gun, much less carry and use one in confrontational situations? Why is LCD (lowest common denominator) lauded, much less tolerated? Didn’t last summer’s peaceful protests become POLICE RIOTS? From mayors to police chiefs, current policies are reactive and reductive. Shouldn’t there have been a cop with a walkie talkie standing in front of each building where looting might occur, with police cruisers driving around the perimeter, ready to back-up the cops guarding buildings? Law & Order? It’s a TV show. When it comes to protest policy, how about smart and smarter instead of dumb & dumber? Where do you stand? Niggas gotta breathe, bitch!

What do you think of the difference between authoritarians and authorities? You must know how easy it is to be an authoritarian, right? Sums up your version of The Church in a nutshell, eh? But, you must agree, that it is damn difficult to become an authority on any subject? Expertise don’t come easy, does it? You are something of an expert in the area of legalese, no? Why then, are so many authoritarians bossing around actual authorities? Isn’t your hero, D. J. Trump (authoritarian), vs. Dr. Anthony Fauci (authority), a prime example of the disparity and aren’t the deadly results self-evident?

Let’s go over some of your personal tenets so that we can better understand how you may address upcoming cases that could make their way onto your docket, shall we? Correct me if I’m wrong, but you firmly believe each and every one of the following bullet points, right?

  • It’s a given that Trump was wrongly impeached by zealot attorneys for the opposition.
  • A man the magnitude of 45 is certainly ABOVE the law and ethically BEYOND the law.
  • In fact, not only has there been WAY too much criticism of this admirable man, there has not been enough credit and adoration.
  • Prevarication is admirable. Telling the truth is for squealers.
  • Corruption is good for business.
  • Regulations protecting the commonwealth are for chumps.
  • Roy Cohn good. Roy Rogers bad. Bill Barr Catholic.
  • Fox right. Left wrong.
  • ESL is a wonderful program, especially for a person not fluent in his native language.
  • Emoluments are just the perks for an underpaid executive.
  • Running up the national debt is good for internationalists, thus international profiteers living in the U.S. but taxed in China.
  • Infrastructure is overrated. Eisenhower wasted tax dollars paving dirt roads. Space Farce is far more economically advantageous.
  • Golfing while America decays is WAY better than fiddling while Rome dies from COVID-19.
  • Tariffs on Chinese exports worked so well, they gave us COVID -19 for FREE! I love the smell of virus in the morning. Give the farmers direct cash sop.
  • Involvement with over 3500 lawsuits as a private citizen is good for the Legal Industry.
  • Stiffing creditors is a way of helping them become tougher, better business persons in the future.
  • Draft dodging by an error-prone rich kid actually benefits the military.
  • Tax dodging is for winners. Paying taxes that fund the military is for losers. Besides, paying taxes to China eats up one’s revenue previously available for taxes in the U.S.
  • Science is junk…Religion and magical thinking is the basis for all good decisions. Ignore the ongoing flooding in the Miami metro area. The proportions are becoming biblical. Jesus wrote the bible.
  • Cults are the core of American greatness. Ayn Rand, L. Ron Hubbard, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Steve Jobs, Marshall Applewhite, Donald J. Trump, et al. Critical thinking is for idiots.
  • Women ARE second class citizens and only exist for the pleasure of men. Trump believes it. Me, too!
  • Entertaining historians is fun. Providing irony is generous. Having a Yankee use elected Confederates to enforce his edicts and proclamations, is historically delicious. Laughing (at them) is good for the soul. Right, Lindsey?
  • Looking to the Red States for the Deep State seems prudent and logical. The skeevy Steves (Bannon & Miller) know this better than anyone.
  • Republicans are easy marks and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of them for personal gain.
  • Opportunism is rewarded in a corrupt government and good for business. And, the business of business is business.
  • Laws are for keeping the hoi polloi in their places, NOT for application to high White White House officials or white collar cheats.
  • So what if the resident in the White House has many associates in prison and facing doing time? There are still fewer felons (so far) associated with the current administration than there were in the Nixon administration.
  • The U.S. was too high and mighty. It needed to be taken down a peg. The current resident in the White House has done that in spades. Playing the clown on the global stage allows other nations to raise their heads while lowering their expectations of the U.S., thus lowering the pressure on hard-working Americans to excel, lowering stress, thus heart ailments. Besides, Pride is a sin.

Do you disagree with ANY of the above incontrovertible truths?

Let’s move on, shall we.

We agree on the classic definition of catholic, from the Latin, catholicus, taken (borrowed, lifted, swiped) from the Greek katholicos, meaning “universal?” Hard to believe those two tribes ever fought wars, no? Yet, over the centuries, a rift developed between those believers who accepted the methodology of science and the resulting facts and those who wanted to stay in the Olive Garden with Adam & Eve. The Enlightenment didn’t come easy. This giant impasse really illustrates the preclusion of the term “catholic” and renders it almost meaningless. Thus, when an apostate utters the term “catholic,” it is difficult to know what they mean, exactly, right? 

So, let’s find out what type of “catholic” Catholic you really are (at least in your own mind).

What do you think about the intellectual and spiritual abyss between the Catholics of Jesus versus conservative Catholics? Did you see the one about The Two Popes on Netflix? Pretty good attempt to bridge the gap using the boy-Nazi Pope Benedict, nee Ratzinger (not Arnold, though our Arnold “The Terminator” was from nearby), as the retiring tyrant adjusting to turning over the reign and reins to Francis, the new guy, who escaped the Nazis of Argentina. Small world, eh? (Even the Dolby Atmos audio is good on a well-designed playback system.) If you haven’t seen it, you should, because there will be a test on Thursday and you need to know this shit to pass.

Have you met the modern Pope, Francis? Did you make any inquiries? He has the inside dope, right? Tom Hanks used to know…but I think his findings got lost in a fire or blown up in an unholy explosion. Anyway, does Pope Francis know how many heavily indoctrinated Muslims become Catholic in a relatively good year? How many heavily indoctrinated Catholics become Ultra Orthodox Jews? Maybe you could ask a Rabbi on that one. The point being, are you really Catholic of your own volition or by violation? Had you been born a Buddhist, would you still be a Buddhist, and if so, do you think the Republicans would have had the Zen to still select you for the Supreme Court?

Regardless, I need you to understand the difference between the two camps, as a foundation for our further discussion here. Let’s continue.

Would actual Catholic intellectuals, like Father Curran or Father Greeley, accept your judicial philosophies? How do you respond to the eloquent appeal to your better angels by Professor John Duffy, and nearly 100 of your esteemed colleagues at Notre Dame, to stand down until after the election? Do you even have a guardian angel after so much time with Trump and his sycophants in the Senate? If you proceed with this folly, won’t you actually be putting a black mark on the Irish? Did the maskless Reverend President Jenkins commit a mortal sin during your super spreader event at the White House? At least senile ex-coach Holtz will drool in approval of your debauchery. There’s that.

What do you think about the fact that, for the first time in its nearly 50-year history, NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice says, “a real Catholic cannot vote for Trump?” They go on to list many reasons. Sister Simone Campbell of the NETWORK and Nuns On The Bus confirms the decree. Sister Campbell is not only an uber-Catholic, but a hell of a lawyer, as well. She proffered live on MSNBC, “Amy has lived in a bubble and is completely unaware of real people with real problems.” That was mighty Christian of her, wasn’t it? She is attempting to protect you from your sophomoric self and the country from your obvious inexperience. As a far more celebrated attorney than you, she goes on to say that you don’t follow stare decisis in the least, yet you’ve repeatedly averred concurment with that legal principle. If she were correct, wouldn’t that make you guilty of perjury, right here in the Dirksen building? Are you disqualified? Are you ever honest with yourself?

Do you support The Catholic Worker with donations? Isn’t the organization founded by non-Catholic, Dorothy Day, and wasn’t it obstructed by conservative Catholic bishops from its inception, ironically, the most Jesus-like agency affiliated with the Catholic faith? Why do you hang with the backward looking, controlling Catholics instead of the good and decent Catholics?

Ever wonder why so many conservative Catholics are compelled to be judges? Is it in their nature to be control freaks? Domineering, self-righteous assholes? What do you think about phony conservatives who preach freedom when what they actually, factually mean is that they want the freedom to tell the rest of us how to live our lives? Do you watch every episode of “A Handmaid’s Tale” and root against the character played by Elizabeth Moss? Would Father Hesbourgh have been proud of you and your corporate rightwing friends? Many think not.

Isn’t an insecure yet imperious attitude what ails law enforcement agencies across the country to this very day? Isn’t the absurd problem with the police parallel to the problem with the Catholic abuse of kids? Doesn’t that go way back to the Irish imports, able to get work nowhere else? Paddy wagons, Police Protective Leagues, Police Unions, Knights of Columbus…all based in conservative Catholic dogma? Is it a surprise Drug Czars, like Billy Blowhard Bennett and John Walters, have been mostly conservative Catholics or facsimiles? How much do you love the incredible work by intellectual Harry Anslinger and what he did to improve race relations in the U.S. as the derelict-in-chief of drug policy? Do you think a high school dropout without a degree in pharmacology should dictate drug policy? How many Americans have been imprisoned by this fallacious practice? Do you get excited by the word, “fallacious?”  (It doesn’t mean what you think it means, dear…)

Are you hoping that when Jesus arrives during the second coming, that he will beseech his Creator for you and other Trump supporters with the line, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do?” Will you still be pleading ignorance while on the Supreme Court? Is your Lord and Savior really gonna buy that guise? Is His dad really gonna accept that steaming pile of fertilizer? How dumb do you think God is? Clarence Thomas-like stooopid? You may wanna put a steel roof on your house before the hailstorm of brimstone gets amplified by climate change. The Germans near Altoona, PA, can help.

What about grown men in Halloween costumes, imitating the fabulous 1973 horror classic film, “The Exorcist,” by performing that sacred rite in California over the torn-down statue of that infamous abuser, Father Junipera Serra? Isn’t your soul soothed to know these servants of Christ are making the world a better place? Will they be praying over the gamut of Confederate treasonists anytime soon? Will they make a federal case of it? How will you rule on that?

What do you think of the CONservative Catholic propaganda-spewing organ, Newsmax? Do you deem spreading misinformation on a daily basis to be good for a healthy democracy? What of their recent report about Trump’s Peter, Billy Barr, and his failure to find lawbreaking by anyone in the Obama administration? Has Mr. Barr’s deviousness been unmasked? Do you think it is Christian of Mr. Trump to consider throwing A. G. Barr under the proverbial bus, as if there is a bus large enough to accommodate him beneath its frame? Do you think in the movie that Trump will play Judas Iscariot and Mr. Sessions will play Jesus? Will Jeff have to wear risers? Will Lin-Manuel Miranda write the screenplay?

Don’t you find it strangely ironic that, due to your Trump love, you are aligned with QAnon? They are a paranoid bunch that suspect child trafficking everywhere and a pedophile under every rock and pizza parlor, not just those within your church in its universal infamy. You can’t make up this stuff…given the hilarities and similarities, which cult has more credibility, People of Praise or QAnon? Which group has more adherents who are also members of Mensa? Are there any crossover members? Would you feel comfortable partying with the gang at your local chapter of QAnon? Does the mutual adulation of Trump break the First Commandment in your beloved liturgy? How about watching American Idol? Have you gone to confession for this sin? Can you name even ONE of the Ten Commandments that your nominator doesn’t break on a daily basis? Based on that fact, do you think Charlton Heston has released the two tablets from his cold dead hands? Will they burst from the earth this Halloween? Creepy!

Are you willing to accept the help of a professional cult de-programmer? Being in three cults at the same time is highly unusual, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be more ethical to successfully complete the entire compliment of sessions before assuming any responsibilities on the High Court?

Don’t you think the concept of “deeply held religious beliefs” to be flawed? How deep can you be to continually accept childhood inculcation into adulthood? Instead of being deep, aren’t those precepts actually shallow, since they are, for the most part, superficial slogans? Isn’t the real implication of that phrase “in the craw?” In that the craw is really a depository for emotional gut reactions? Don’t those stem from the amygdala, the reptilian part of the brain used for lower level thinking, like the instinctual “fight or flight” response to events? Doesn’t that come naturally? Doesn’t actual “deep” thinking require years of committed scholarship and self-awareness based on an examined life? Isn’t that endeavor best left to the gifted? If you are honest, isn’t the typical Trump voter influenced by their craw rather than any contextual thinking, which requires intellectual effort? As a textualist, one would hope you might employ your upper and lower cortex in lieu of the amygdala used by your fellow Trump enthusiasts.

I know you claim to know zilch about economics, and I believe you on that, but what about the self-defeating continuum of Catholic economics? Each subsequent Pope pleads for rich countries to provide for the poor while simultaneously promoting overpopulation by eschewing birth control. Don’t the very poor, who bring new lives into the world, contribute to even larger populations of poor people, thus crating greater demand on resources and for scarce dollars since the laws of supply & demand applies to labor, as well? Doesn’t this, in fact, lower wages for the poor and desperate? Brilliant! Poverty contributing to overpopulation contributing to poverty. Isn’t that circulus in probando? Yet, aren’t these precepts everlasting, self-escalating, and self-evident within the laws of Papal economics? Do you think Centesimus Annus is the solution? The final solution? Or just more rectum wrecking of the anus in the lives of the poor?

Due to your obfuscation and non-responsiveness during this hearing, one can only conclude that you are a highly intelligent ignorama, which on the surface sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? However, to the reasonable person, as evidenced by your appearance here, you seem to lack any intellectual curiosity, don’t you? The antithesis of a polymath. No expertise in ANY other discipline other than rote memorization of legal cases. Amy is one dull girl, isn’t she? But why the pervicacity? In Catholic school, isn’t the willful child often sent to the corner to contemplate their actions? Yet, all these years later, here you are, a nothing-burger. What honest person would want you on traffic court much less The Supreme Court of the United States? Your type of intelligence, sans any actual analytical skills or connection to real world conditions, is the most easily replaced by well-constructed AI, isn’t it? Should the Senate confirm a super computer in your stead? Wouldn’t it save on salary and a pension?

While you have been a real go-getter, as a cute, youthful little mom, most of your thrust has been doing the mundane things of everyday life, which is wonderful for the average American. But, it has become quite apparent that you have been way too busy to lead an examined life. To anyone of high intelligence, that is a life wasted. Remember Black’s Law: Knowledge + Ethics + Intelligence = Wisdom. You lack wisdom in spades. Doesn’t any court, but especially the Supreme Court, deserve better?

Isn’t it ironic that this hearing actually indicted the D.O.A. American Legal System (yes, dead on arrival – it never really got going beyond a highly lucrative “profession,” did it)? How does it feel to have the lowest approval rating of anyone making it to the Big Time? You aren’t just unpopular; you are abhorred and disrespected by the wise. Won’t the pain you feel from your dismissal by the intellectually and ethically better half of the Senate, bias your rulings? Did it bother you that defensive, vengeful Little Lord Lindsey had to fudge the rules to pass you out of committee with a fake “unanimous” vote? Is this what’s known as a Pyrrhic victory? Are you looking forward to being branded a partisan (actually, partisan minus a couple), merely days before those same partisans become fewer in number than they are now?

Given your silence throughout this interview, I will take it as tacit agreement with the only unassailable conclusions a reasonable person would infer. At least, maybe you have not perjured yourself while under oath, although Sister Simone begs to differ. Thanks for your time and best of luck in the future for your children, because with you on SCOTUS, they’ll need it. As will we all!

Oh, wait, one last question; do you really think you are qualified to follow in the footsteps of the Notorious RBG? (Cue the theme from HBO’s Emmy-laden “Succession.”) Given all of your careful responses here today, Ms. Amy, despite the partisan fawners from the lesser side of the aisle, I have no alternative but to give you a big two thumbs down as in a solid NO vote on your confirmation (This ain’t fourth grade after all!)  To quote the biggest, baddest daddy of ‘em all, by conjuring the Holy Spirit of Logan Roy, “Now… fuck off.




With apologies to your sainted predecessor…

The notorious and lamented RBG at a younger age.

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