And The Award Goes To…

Who watched the Emmys last night? It sure wasn’t me. I have better things to do with my precious time than watch a bunch of narcissistic, overpaid actors pat each other’s back for three hours. I did look on Google to see what commercials ran during the show and I was shocked (and I am not easily shocked) to read that there was an actual category for best commercial 2021! I mean, are they serious??? I never did find out what commercials actually ran and how many there were.

The Emmys did get me to thinking though. Why not start a yearly award show focusing on our politicians? They seem to be pretty good actors. We can start with Pretty Boy Newsom. He was able to hold onto his governorship because his only real contender was a blow-hard conservative radio talk show host. Newsom is your typical rich guy who somehow smiles his way out of trouble, like when he got caught eating at the overpriced French Laundry restaurant when we were supposed to be taking this mask requirement seriously. I guess these rules do not apply to the wealthy. I do believe if he had walked his talk, we the taxpayers would not have had to pay an estimated $276 million for the recall. These career politicians do not care. They love spending our money. In my opinion, all of the ones running for Governor should split the entire bill. That money is needed and supposed to be used to help the citizens of California.

Miss Nancy recently did the same thing as Newsom at her fundraiser. Who saw the photos of her and her wealthy donors (who expect to be paid back in financial favors) sitting around without masks? I guess she thought no one would notice and when the photos became public she had a hissy fit. How many times are we going to allow these “actors” to run for office? When will term limits actually become law? Neither party will make it happen because both parties benefit. They like pretending to give other people from third parties a chance to win. It’s all an act and you and I are paying for their performance.

Grandpa Biden should definitely get an award. He acts like he cares about climate change and shows his concern by allowing drilling auctions to resume. He is just another typical politician and we Americans fall for their bullcrap every single time. We really do believe that this guy or woman will be different. We tell ourselves this one will work for We the People. We do not want to believe that they are all working for corporations. Who do you think got them into office anyway?

There have been presidents and politicians who took their oath of office seriously. Jimmy Carter comes to mind. He seemed to want to do the right thing and got slammed for being a decent human. I was a kid when JFK was president but from what I learned about him, he did not allow himself to be a puppet for the big corporations, and look what it got him. His brother Bobby didn’t do well either.

If there are people who sincerely want to make a difference, they usually belong to one of the fringe parties. The ones who never get a chance to get a seat at the table because the two parties, Republican and Democrat will not allow that to happen. Sure, they pretend (this is where the acting comes in) to want everyone to have an equal chance to become president or governor, but the system is rigged. You really have only two choices and when both of them suck like this past presidential election; our choices were between the loud-mouth psycho or the grandfatherly one who seems a little “confused.” There were plenty of others running, like Bernie Sanders but because he was not from the “approved” parties, he got very little attention.

We have been talking about getting money out of politics for a long time. When will it happen? Or will it ever happen? I believe as long as we allow money to rule everything we do, it never will.

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