Easter Open Thread: Jack Hibbs Marks the Resurrection by Lying about President Biden.

Pastor Jack Hibbs must be in a foul, foul mood of late, after losing his control of the Orange Unified School Board last month with the recalls of Madison Miner and Rick Ledesma. Jack’s mega-church is the Calvary Chapel of nearby Chino Hills, but he has made himself a force in Orange County politics, so unfortunately we have to know about him.

As I reported in my prophetic “The Normal People Rise Up” piece last year, Hibbs, with a Chino Hills “flock” of 10,000 and a “Real Life” program that allegedly reaches “millions worldwide,” has always been especially worried that the existence of homosexuality is a sure sign of the End Times – because just think – those sodomites don’t procreate! So it could NOT have been in existence until just recently or humanity would already have perished, can’t you see? He illustrates this theory with films of ELKS mating, particularly focusing on the phenomenon of the biggest male elk beating up the smaller male elks, and then impregnating all the females – apparently an invaluable object lesson for us humans!

This would all just be funny, weird and sad, if it weren’t for folks like Hibbs’ inability to keep their hands out of our politics, whipping up their followers with loony stories and telling ’em how to vote if they want to save this sinful world. Jack really stepped in it when he managed to place MAGA moron Madison Miner onto the Orange USD, giving that board a majority to FIGHT that Culture War, blow gobs of public money on losing lawsuits and breaking state laws, and hand over the store to for-profit charter schools.

But as I said, the normal people in Orange and thereabouts rose up last month and took back their school board. So, now in a helpless rage, Jack Hibbs spent his Easter lashing out at Joe Biden, telling his flock that the Catholic President is honoring “ISHTAR” today in place of Jesus. (WTF is “Ishtar?” Who knows? But there is no record of the White House doing or saying anything in regard to what turns out to be an ancient Mesopotamian goddess of love and sexuality. In fact Hibbs’ own salivating over elk-mating rituals seems more Ishtaresque than anything Biden has done.)

You can hear Jack Hibbs spew this nonsense at this link; Tick Tock videos don’t seem to embed on this blog. But you really should hear the two minutes, it’s something else. And then consider that this nimrod tells tens of thousands of people how to vote.

And then for the thousandth time we ask how it’s possible that Calvary Chapel manages to retain its tax-exempt status?

What set Jack off on this Ishtar/Easter kick was the fact that today was declared “Transgender Day of Visibility,” something that lots of other assholes including the Trump campaign tried to spin as an intentional gesture of disrespect to sensitive Christians on the high holy day.

Well, the fact is, March 31 is ALWAYS Transgender Day of Visibility – it was only a matter of time before Easter (which is timed by the lunar cycle) ended up on that day. And what? They thought it’d get moved to avoid their transphobic panties getting in a bunch? Not on our watch.

From Biden’s official statement:

..Today, we send a message to all transgender Americans:  You are loved.  You are heard.  You are understood.  You belong.  You are America, and my entire Administration and I have your back.

And good. Republicans and Jack Hibbs spent the day trying to wring some fear and votes out of transphobia. President Biden spent the day attending Easter Mass and standing up for the LGBTQ. It only seems appropriate here to mention that in all the early representations of our Lord and Savior’s resurrection, he was wearing what appears to be a dress. Foreshadowing?

Me, when I was finished playing church services and giving out food (which Donna and I do every Sunday), I sat down to enjoy my favorite Easter song, “Roll Away the Stone” by Mott the Hoople. Check out how Ian Hunter is too rad and old-school to “lip-sync,” for which reason you hear TWO Ian Hunters in this video, which is even better than one!

“Sha-la-la-la-Push! Push!”

Now talk about anything. GO!

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