Open Thread: A Cheer for Speaker Mike Johnson, for putting Ukraine over his own ambition!

That inimitable look of knowing you did the right thing.

We haven’t had an open thread in a while. Since Easter. And you know what else we haven’t done in a long time? Seen a politician, or I should say a Washington Republican politician follow their conscience at the risk of their personal career. So why not kill two birds with one stone, and have an open thread giving big props to House Speaker Mike Johnson, for risking his speakership to get desperately needed military aid to Ukraine! Why not indeed.

He took the risk, but you know, I think most of his caucus respects him for it and will tell Marjorie Taylor Greene and her couple of creepy friends to go to hell. It was refreshing to see, and we hope it’s not too late for Ukraine. They were doing so well against Putin back when we had their back – now we have it again.

Victory to Ukraine!

And talk about this or anything else……

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