Which California Congressional Republicans Are Traitors?




Four California Traitors – LaMalfa, McClintock, McCarthy & Calvert.

As 126 Congressional Republicans debased themselves by signing on to Texas’ delusional and seditious suit aiming to invalidate the votes of many millions of Americans, I started to wonder how many of them were from California, and how many of the ones who DIDN’T sign on were from California?

I guess Michelle Steel (who probably would have signed on), Young Kim and Daryl Issa (who I’m not sure about) dodged a bullet, as they’re not sworn in yet.  And I guess OC dodged the bullet of being responsible for this suit at all. But first, I was surprised to see how FEW California Congresscritters at the moment are Republican – only six!

And two of those six did NOT sign on – Mike Garcia (the Navy combat pilot who took Katie Hill’s place – apparently his Santa Clarita district is fairly purple) and Devin Nunes!  That latter is a real surprise – that Devin clown has been jumping through hoops for President Trump for years, and seems to believe in every conspiracy theory that comes down the pike.  So it’d be interesting to know WHY Devin didn’t do this – maybe he was overseas doing some rogue diplomacy or espionage for his Orange Boss.

So we have FOUR California traitors, and starting from the far north of the state, we’ve got Doug LaMalfa!  Who is this lunkhead, representing the First District and about a dozen sparsely populated counties since 2013?  Here he is with Chris Cuomo yesterday:

Chris gets Doug to say he’ll accept Biden as President “when he sees his hand on the Bible January 20,” as though that passage of time will finally convince him of the lack of proof of fraud.  But what he signed on to last week was an attempted naked power grab with no proof at all – the Supreme Court just took their jobs a lot more seriously than many expected them to, otherwise four states and all American Democrats would have been robbed.  By LaMalfa et al.

Tom stirring up the Mexican haters.

Going a little further south we get Traitor #2, Tom McClintock.  Hey, we know him!  We used to think of him here at this blog as one of those “honest conservatives” whose social wackiness we could overlook.  At that time he represented a Thousand Oaks district, used to fight against eminent domain with none other than Maxine Waters, for which he was celebrated by our then-blogger Larry Gilbert.  I remember R Scott Moxley (in what was probably a provocatively contrarian moment) endorsing him for Governor during the Gray Davis Recall because … he was an “honest conservative” whose social conservatism would be cancelled out by the legislature.

Tom stirring up the gay haters!

But in the intervening years, since he took over a district farther north (district 4, another vast rural area encompassing Yosemite) he’s jumped on way too many hateful and nutty rightwing bandwagons, has been a craven enabler of Trump, and now this.  

(On further research, Tom gets a LITTLE credit for being not only pro-MJ, but also being the only Republican to support Libertarian Justin Amash’s “End Qualified Immunity” bill.)  So there’s that at least.

Heading a little further south to Bakersfield, we run into our third Republican traitor, none other than the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.  I don’t know about you, but Kevin always seemed kind of dumb AND sleazy to me.  Remember how he tried to justify the endless Benghazi hearings, not by claiming that they revealed any important information or pursued justice, but how they helped tank Hillary’s poll numbers!  That bit of indiscretion postponed his rise to the speakership a few years, if I remember correctly.  But now he’s up there, and trying to disfranchise millions of Americans to please Trump!  (Which reminds me, why isn’t Devin all over this?)

Finally, our fourth traitor is a TRUE sleazeball whom I used to occasionally write about because, before the 2011 redistricting, he represented part of South OC – Riverside’s prodigious Ken Calvert!   Now and then I watch in amazement as he slowly passes his huge bulk, on TV, past first Speaker Boehner then Leader McCarthy – he’s STILL there after nearly 30 years now!

27 years after that time getting caught with that prostitute in his car!  Twelve years after FOX News put together a special broadcast featuring several of his “Earmarks for Profits.”  And ten years since I observed him uncomfortably visiting a San Juan Capistrano Tea Party and wrote “Calvert In Extremis: The King of Pork Goes A-Teabagging!” 

Well at this rate, with the patience or apathy of Riverside, this character is gonna beat Dana Rohrabacher’s record of longevity.  But I think none of these seditious jokers should be seated in January 3.  And Americans should stop voting for them.  Who’s with me?



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