Leap-February Letter To Anaheim Democrats, and democrats.




Ashleigh, Melissa, and No More Harry.

Happy 29-day February, Anaheim Democrats!  (And democrats.)

In this blessed Leap Year of 2020, we find ourselves facing a February with ONE EXTRA DAY to get out the vote for the March election, one extra day to get signatures for the Schools and Communities First initiative, one extra day to contemplate Black History, and one extra day to help get Mayor Harry Sidhu RECALLED, which should be the number one priority for Anaheim Democrats (and good Anaheim residents of any party.)

And we’re getting an early start on this Fightin’ February, with a meeting on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 1! (Same time and place as always – noon to 1:45 at the Haskett Branch Library by Maxwell Park.) The Recall Warrior of Rancho La Paz, Lupe Ramirez, will be giving us an update on that noble project. Remember, if we are going to have a City of Kindness again any time soon, we’ll have to not only take over Districts 4 and 5 from Lucille Kring and Stephen Faessel, but do our best to remove this very corrupt and dictatorial Mayor.

The People’s Councilman Jose Moreno will also give us a report on what’s going on lately with the Sidhu Council, which will probably inspire us that much more to make the Recall successful.

But that’s not all – the “Primary Election” taking place over this coming month (Feb. 3 to March 3) is not just a primary, but the deciding election for several important races! Whoever wins the Supervisor race this month between our own Ashleigh Aitken and Trump-loving Republican incumbent Don Wagner  will be Supervisor for the next four years, in the district stretching from Brea to Irvine and including Anaheim Hills. Ashleigh will be one of our special guest speakers Saturday, and will let us know how we can help her campaign, and help her begin the transformation of our generally corrupt and worthless Board of Supervisors.

Same story in roughly the same geographic area for the Board of Education race between our friend Andy Thorburn and troglodyte 24-year incumbent Ken Williams – whoever wins March 3 will be that area’s representative for four years, and Andy would be the beginning of the transformation of that Board as surely as Ashleigh on the Supes. That’s why this Club’s members will be canvassing for both Andy and Ashleigh soon – watch your e-mails and Facebook!

Our second speaker Saturday is ALSO running in an area including Anaheim Hills – one of our favorite progressive OC Democrats, Irvine Councilwoman Melissa Fox, who is taking on mediocre Republican Assemblyman Steven Choi. It may seem unimportant for us Democrats to get even MORE of a super-majority in the Assembly and State Senate than we already have … except when we are talking about unusually good, brave and honest Democrats like Melissa or Josh Newman.

So we look forward to seeing you on the first day of this extra-long February, and let’s take advantage of these 29 days to make GOOD REVOLUTION HAPPEN!

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