Applegate 28%, Levin 10%… Time for South County Dems to Unite Behind the Colonel!




I sure hope that, in the 39th and 48th districts, the gobs of fine, maddeningly comparable Democratic candidates vying to take on either Crazy Dana or the Royce Wanna-be, will come up with an agreement and method to unite enthusiastically behind the ONE most viable contender.  Because, in this Dark Age of Trump, history will not forgive us, if we Democrats – what’s that they say – once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Levin. Please do what’s right for the Party and the nation. Soon.

I realize that the south OC / north SD 49th District just vacated by loathsome Darrell Issa has a slightly different dynamic on the Dem side, one that’s grown personally bitter over the months, and comes down to not only who has the best chance to beat the Republican(s) down there, but a more basic one of what does it mean to be a Democrat?  The frontrunning Dem, Oceanside’s Colonel Doug Applegate, whom this blog supports and who ALMOST beat Darrell last year, is a Bernie Sanders-supporting progressive, while the next-Dem-in-line, Mike Levin carpetbagging down from Irvine, is the choice of the more corporatist DPOC forces – mover/shaker Frank Barbaro and the DINO running the “Liberal OC.”  And apparently, for some damn reason, there are three MORE minor Dem candidates in the race.

Well, if there’s one more poll like this one, Democrats in that district will need to very soon put egos and bitterness aside and unite behind Doug. Check it out:

We can’t afford to lose this one to either an unprincipled Mexican-bashing, elderly-swindling financial crook like Diane Harkey, or even a garden-variety Republican like Rocky Chavez. As Encinitas Applegater Jim Hesson puts it today:

Doug Applegate has a nearly 3 to 1 edge over Mike Levin in the recent poll of likely voters, and the other candidates are even further behind. The Republicans have admitted that they look forward to taking on the Democrat who limps out of the primary “battle royale, black and blue and broke.”

The Democrats had a candidate who was running the closest congressional race in the nation! Closest in the nation, an enviable position that they seem bent on squandering. They have insisted on crowding the field with unknown candidates with questionable ties to corporate donors and personal wealth. Doug came within 0.5% (1,621 votes). We should have treated this situation like a godsend for this district, like someone handed a pot of gold to the Democratic Party, which hasn’t won this seat since the 1960s, yet, they are blithely tossing the gold into the trash.

Could it be that the party is more worried about having the seat go to an outspoken Marine Colonel who has adamantly sworn off corporate money than to a Republican? We don’t have the luxury of running five candidates in this race. Yes, we now have five candidates in the race! We are going to fragment the vote and play into the hands of the Republicans. There’s a real possibility if the continues that we could end up with two Republicans alone in the general! And all our efforts to flip the 49th will be flushed down the toilet.

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to check out and support Doug Applegate, the only tested and proven breakthrough candidate who came within a hair of defeating Issa. In addition to the powerful protests and organizing against Issa, Doug Applegate represented the most formidable challenge to Issa and his near success was a major factor in his retiring.

This poll indicates that Doug remains the strongest front runner by far. Since the other candidates seem determined to fragment the vote, divide our ranks, and tax donor resources, we need now more than ever to grow his support and rally behind him as the frontrunner. Failing to unite behind the strongest candidate and losing in the primaries would be a catastrophic strategic blunder. 

Before it’s too late, please share and ask your friends and family, neighbors and co-workers and others in the community to join Team Applegate and support Doug Applegate.


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