Fixing the Affordable Care Snack?




How much did you pay for Health Care insurance last year?  How much are you paying for your Health Care this year?  What was your Deductible last year?  What is your Deductible this year?  How much was your Co-pay for a Doctor’s Visit last year?  How much is your Co-Pay for a Doctor’s Visit this year?  How much do you have to pay for an Emergency Room Visit?  What percentage of all Imaging and Medical Tests do you have to pay?  Last year?  This year?

Do you have something called or could be called:  A Pre-Existing Condition?  Ever had any type of Cancer, a Heart Attack, a Stroke?  Diabetes, Parkinsons, Alzheimers perhaps PTSD or any Mental Disorder?  Are you hooked on Pain Killers?  They say about 40 million American are hooked on Opioids and how many more are hooked on long term therapy drugs for ailments that should be cured rather than just treated endlessly?  How many exhaustive tests to determine a minor ailment or obvious ailments were required last year, the year before and now this year?

As the Republicans ruminate over Removing and Replacing Obama Care, with the new improved American Health Care Act…what are the differences going to be?  Delay…..basically!  Delay until the 2020 Elections are over, to implement anything really different than what we have already.  Their first step:  No Tax Implications for NOT having Healthcare.  No fines, this year or next.  Of course, the unintended consequences to that “Go back to one!” as they say in the Entertainment business.  Our Emergency Rooms will again become clogged up with people without Insurance.  Doctors will slow down or stop taking Medicaid……and the older folks on Medicare will find the lines much longer than ever before.  There is every good chance, that the 20 million folks that are getting Obama Care now will either lose their coverage or find that only about 5 million will be left at the end of the day in 2018.  There is every good chance that those with Pre-Existing Conditions, upwards of 80 million Americans will find themselves Priced Out of the Market, or have such minimal protection that the cost will be greater than the rewards.  “If it don’t fit – you have to just quit!”

Nothing in the Republican American Health Care Act controls the price of Prescription Drugs or even over the counter drugs.  Nothing in the American Health Care Act helps people near or below the Poverty line……say $45,000 a year or less.  They will have to pay the going rate and that rate will rise faster than the Stock Market has – since Trump took over.  The so-called Tax Saving Accounts and Credits are great for those with over a six or seven figure income per year.  For the Middle Class – the Middle Finger!  Looking at removing the requirement for Industry and Business to provide a Health Care coverage, under AHCA for their employees will be a literal “Death Nil” to hundreds of thousands of American Citizens.  The Great Mind of Eddie Munster (Paul Ryan) has created the fertile ground of the worst possible consequences.  As D.J. Trump might say:  “The American Health Care Act – is a total disaster!”  “It will crash under it’s own weight!” “Pathethic!” “Weak!” or there abouts parenthetically!

So, what do the Democrats need to do to help the misguided vision of Eddie Munster (Paul Ryan)?  Let’s start with this simple concept, a Three Percent: Payroll, Capital Gains, Corporate Profits Health Care Tax – which is totally tax deductible.  Let us provide through Medicaid (under $25,000 dollars a year) and Medicare (over $25,000 dollars year up to $100,000) a very Structured Base Health Care, which includes all Emergency Care, Catastrophic Coverage for Life Events (Cancer Treatments, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Good Health Management.  $10 dollar Co-pays, $1000 Deductibles, $1000 dollar Prescription Drug Coverage, $2000 dollar annual Dental Coverage.  Additional Healthcare coverage would be offered at an additional cost through any Insurance Company that the covered patient may want to buy or adjust in their policy….for themselves and for their families.  Companies with over 50 Employees would be required to provide Health Care Coverage and continue to negotiate as they have in either Co-ops or through Industry Health Management Systems created for like Industries, creating a bigger market with more leverage.  Gold Plate or Platinum Health Care Insurance Coverage for the rich or upper middle class would also include a $250,000 dollars in Life Insurance Policy for every member of every family covered.  As usual suicide or other life threatening activities, such as mountain climbing, motorbike competitions and others would not be covered, without adding greater Premiums for those events.

One thing is certain:  The right changes need to be made – not the ones suggested by the Eddie Munster (Paul Ryan):  American Health Care Act.  As with everything else Trump – the time has come to Fight Back, Resist and now let Obama Care be debilitated any further without a firm and equitable, honest and true “Revision Program”.  Not a Derision Program!  There is little reason to accept that the Republicans do not have the moral aptitude to suggest a Three Percent Health Care Tax!  This will help solve our Homeless problem and create the true inspiration for Americans to work together to solve the American problems that face our country!

Fixing the Affordable Care Snack!  Republicans……”time to get a pair”…..and we are not talking about the Duluth Trading Company!

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