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GREG:  This has been part of Vern’s beat, so he’ll get to tell the story when and as he pleases.  For now, we’re just letting you know that ABC has reported that the Army Corps of Engineers has blocked further construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).   I think that people should be able to get access to the video from which this screenshot is taken HERE.

“But can’t Trump undo this?”, you may ask.  Apparently not, because the hurry has been that after December 31 ends, people committed to the DAPL who would like to get the hell out of it can finally do so if the pipeline has not been fully completed — so the pipeline collapses for lack of funding.  That’s why they’ve been in such a hurry to complete it — and why the Standing Rock Sioux have had the opportunity to complete it.  The project should be dead before Trump is inaugurated.  (Now, could he spend federal funds to do it anyway, just to gouge a thumb into the eyes of Native Americans and sympathetic protesters?  Maybe — but he’d have to get it through Congress first, and that might be difficult.)  I can’t find the cite for that right now, but I did read it within the past few days — and maybe someone else has a cite at hand.

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VERN HERE.  Yeah, it’s true.  While it would have been nice to “kill the black snake” once and for all, they’re gonna go off and “explore alternate routes” instead of cutting through native lands and under the Missouri River reservoir Lake Oahe.  And all it took, to paraphrase Angel VanStark, was hundreds of people injured and frozen, journalists arrested, over 3000 veterans showing up from all over the country, including the OC – hey!  Let’s do this again soon!  By the way, President Obama and 90% of Democrats (with a VERY few exceptions like Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard) get ZERO credit for making this happen.  It was ALL grass roots, fighting through a media blackout too.

I’ll be back a little later with more details and reactions from our OC water protectors. We oscillate between elation and deep distrust. So far, BOAZ sez:

“Even if you say the snake is dead, WE AIN’T LEAVING!”

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