Save your Confederate Money….the South is goin’ rise again!




Do you ever wonder, "why am I searching for pictures of confederate currency on the Web when I really don't want to be doing this?" Me too.

Do you ever wonder, “Why am I searching for pictures of confederate currency on the Web when I really don’t want to be doing this?” Me too.

Sadly, sometimes you just plain miss it.  You spend years on your job, thinking you have a pretty good grip on the mood of the public.  You grab your best arguments and you stumble over old nostalgic memories of what has gone before and how the future will play out.  Then the inexplicable occurs… get your butt kicked in a bar room brawl.  Your drinking pals suddenly all turn on you and think that YOU are problem.  Among all the broken bar stools, mirrors and beer glasses, you sit there in shock.  On the wooden floor, looking around at the carnage as the paramedics come in, along with the PD, Swat Officers and Chief of Detectives.  The time has come to de-brief.  The skid marks on your wedgie exposed undershorts tell a story of maybe too many beers or glasses of wine.  You wonder how you could have missed the reading of the political tea leaves so badly.  You wonder about the future of your pension, your healthcare, the immigrant family down the street, your understanding of what “a real police state”….really means!  You wonder what the future of the female members of your family will be in four years.

We can thank the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Utah, West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia and of course Florida and Pennsylvania for making the impossible worst nightmares ….reality.  All these folks will have trouble drawing wide support for their various sports teams from this day forward, from our point of view.  Voting for a totalitarian state is not particularly “child’s play”.  The one redeeming factor seems to be that Illinois, New York and the entire Left Coast which includes our Golden State overwhelming voted for “Freedom”.  We are kind of proud of that, as well as and even though we got the right US Senator and passed a variety of good Initiatives……we lost one of the most important ones:  Proposition 63, Licensing Ammo Sales!  Well, maybe the NRA or someone can fight that one in the courts… that the NEW President will be able to stack the Supreme Court with so-called Conservative Reactionary Judges, defending Pro-Life, the 2nd Amendment and re-instituting the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1810.  What happened to this country?  Big Pharma Drugs have achieved conquest via Television Ads and with the help of Monsanto and the Food Additive Industry.  Can’t wait till they take over the Marijuana Industry across the nation.  Probably a very good investment opportunity there.

Excuses for this tragic loss?  Hard to pin much blame on those of us that thought America had grown up and realized that we were part of the Global Economic Community.  Those of us that thought that it was time to give our black, brown, yellow and native american folks a chance for equality.  Those of us that thought that stupid war, which kills millions a year wasn’t really necessary to keep global warming, population control and redistribution of wealth working the system.  Those of us that thought that fossil fuel was soon to be a thing of the past.  Those of us that thought that Driverless Solar Powered Turbine Cars would soon replace even the Teslas with a 870 mile range.  Those of us that thought that nano surgery would soon replace every form of archaic radiation, chemo therapy, dark ages debilitating forms of medicine and make lives of the people of earth….much better at an affordable price.  Those of us that felt that NO Firearm Laws were needed save one:  Mandatory Drug Testing for every new firearm purchase or transfer.  Those of us that thought that the Police State was simply something designed by the Romans to keep their empire in tact.  Those of us that thought that 2017 was going to be the Year of the Woman.  A moment in time when even Gender Equality would finally raise its wonder to the world with an awareness and  become a genuine reality.

The truth of course is that moral equality and genuine wisdom have to come after those that write books like “Mein Kampt”, get to act out their horrors on the weak of the world to simply stamp out any degree of speculation that those without the gold have any hope of fighting those that do.  King Midas…….did not create Midas Muffler.  Denial ……is not a river in Eqypt.  Elizabeth Kubler Ross wrote:  Anger, Frustration, Denial and finally Acceptance:  are all the fate of the less than stouthearted.  We can say with impunity that doing away with Electoral College would not have mattered in this election or any election in the history of the United States.  We can say that there is little doubt the results will always be the same when the Boss Tweeds, the Mega Rich and Power Brokers are quickly able to send in the cash when they need to.  How about Utah and that reversal of fortune?  One day for….one day against… day for……call the FBI… day against…..and OK….one day against.  As Yogi Berra said:  “It ain’t over….till it’s over!”  Well, fellas and gals….this one “IS OVER”!

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