Loretta Sanchez endorses Donna Acevedo-Nelson




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Anaheim, Calif.  –  This week, Congresswoman and US Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez formally endorsed Donna Acevedo-Nelson for Anaheim City Council, District 5.

Said Sanchez, “It’s exciting and inspiring to see a progressive community activist like Donna Acevedo-Nelson running for Anaheim City Council. Donna is exactly the sort of candidate the district elections reform was meant to encourage. Her commitment to police reform and accountability will strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the community.”

Twenty years ago Loretta Sanchez stunned Orange County by defeating long-time Republican Congressman Bob Dornan, unleashing the new and growing power of Latino voters in the central county, and ushering in two decades of Democratic representation there.

This is an equally historic election in Anaheim this year, as the first one conducted by districts – a reform Acevedo-Nelson has spoken out for for years. If she wins, she will be this majority-Latino city’s first Latina councilmember, and she will also be the first representative in decades to live in this heavily working-class and Latino area of East Anaheim.

Donna Acevedo-Nelson, also endorsed by the Democratic Party of Orange County, is the sole Democrat running in District 5 against three Republicans.  She is running on a platform of:

  • police reform and oversight,
  • an end to the massive giveaways of public funds to well-connected resort district businesses that have typified the last few years here,
  • bringing resources back to Anaheim’s working-class communities,
  • and keeping the Angels here with a deal that’s beneficial to both the team and Anaheim taxpayers.

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