Turn out the Lights … the Party’s Over!




Donald Trump poses between Joe McCarthy lecturing on Communist Party infiltration and Jimmy Hoffa walking down the street with an outstretched empty palm.

Hulking Donald Trump poses scowlingly between Joe McCarthy lecturing on Communist Party infiltration and Jimmy Hoffa walking down the street with an outstretched empty palm.

Word games are fun.  It sort of reminds us of three kids in a swimming pool…..one calling out “Marco”…….the other calling out “Polo”.  In this game, the kids are supposed to keep their eyes closed and when one touches the other…..they become “it”.  In the days of the “Walkman”, parents and observers around the pool – just tried not to get wet with all the splashing.  The sound really didn’t bother them.  Those of us trying to read the latest non-fiction novel of interest…just tried to be forgiving and let the kids have their fun.

This Presidential Season has been unique.  Accusations seem to be the grist.  “Liar!”…..”No I’m Not!”…..”You are an Ugly, Fat Pig that Bleeds from everywhere!”….”And you went bankrupt 10 times and have money in Bermuda!” “Corrupt”……”No I’m Not”….”Your Mother was Gengis Khan”………”And Your Hair is on Fire”. “And so it goes…” said Kurt Vonnegut.  Mark Twain might have said it best:  “If Voting really made a difference….they wouldn’t let us do it!”

So, the two great Republican and Democratic Conventions are over.  Everyone got to scream that wanted to scream.  Everyone got to wave their arms and pump their signs in the air.  Everyone went away with a variety of collectibles which included hats, badges, T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs.  It caused a little inflation in Cleveland and Philadelphia and employed a few local folks in the process.  All the Cable News folks were there along with all the Nations Networks.  Spanish Television even covered it, along with BBC (English You Know?) and RT (Russian Television).  Everyone had their say and a bunch of bogus polls all came out to prove that either candidate can win depending on who conquers the voters of Ohio and Pennsylvania.  What about Wyoming and Montana – or Rhode Island and Vermont?

For those of us that are C-Span junkies….that just love to hear Trump supporters rag on 40 years of Hillary…the entertainment value is super.  Better than watching any “Naked and Afraid” episode with all the blurred out body parts.  Occasionally, someone actually makes a point that is possible and might be arguable or probable.  That happens maybe once a hour…..or sometimes you have to wait all day.  Lots of people like to talk about how wonderful it will be to have a “Woman President”.  Others revel in the desire to “Hire the Jerk” and move the country into utter chaos.  No one ever asks questions of the candidates, like they used to on “Face the Nation” back in the 60’s.  We loved seeing Ted Koppel or Howard K. Smith putting the candidates feet to the fire in an intelligent and non-demeaning way.  But, as Mom used to say:  “Nothing last forever!”  Kind of reminds of our favorite Sports Commentators:  Cleve Hermann or Jim Healy.  We also so remember Clete Roberts – a great one – with a great voice reporting from war zones around the world and here in LA locally.

So, we are a mere 100 days away from electing a New President.  We will be replacing our First Black President.  A black President mind you that didn’t take away our guns, gave us Health Care for folks with Pre-Existing Conditions, Killed Osama Bin Laden, Got our troops initially out of Iraq, and then had to put some back in – then Saved GM, Goldman-Sacks, J.P. Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Fanny Mae, and the entire European Community with endlessly printed Fed Money.  President Obama has actually only faltered on one issue:  The Trans Pacific Partnership and the soon to be announced Trans Atlantic Partnership.  Of course First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is being blamed for Benghazi (Please watch “13 Hours”!), 33,000 deleted E-mails (we delete that many…every day!), Creating ISIS/DAESH and the demise of 14 Middle Eastern Countries, Doing the Iran/Nuclear Deal……which will cause Peace in that Region for 20 years, Having Bill Clinton as her husband, Having Chelsea as her daughter and Supporting a woman’s right to choose,  just for starters.  Hillary won’t even support Mandatory Drug Testing for every new firearm purchase or transfer!  Undoubtedly, in the pocket of Big Pharma.

Don Trump on one hand, has only been married three times (we are still upset about Marla Maples), hardly a pittance compared to someone like Tommy Manville – the heir to the Johns-Manville fortune – who was married 13 times and still stands at the top in the Guinness Book of Worlds Records.  Trump has only had four Bankruptcies, hardly any compared to the many others in the Real Estate Mogul Business.   time Shares anyone?  What can you say?  Don Trump talks like a Longshoreman with the body language and hand movements of Jimmy Hoffa or Joe McCarthy, and treats everyone with the same disrespect, and explains in no uncertain terms “I am the only one that can fix anything!”.  Don could start by actually promoting Mandatory GMO Labeling for our foods and Drugs.  He could make Drug Manufacturers reveal what buffers they don’t put in generic drugs.  He also refuses to open his books or Tax Returns for intense scrutiny.

The interesting things to watch in these exciting days to come – will be the first Presidential Debate.  The plethora of Negative Television Ads, the list of folks supporting either one of these candidates and who is going to break first?  As the Guru in “Gunga Din” said:  “Your graves have been dug!” We have no Third Party savior this time; Ralph Nader or Ross Perot to choose from.  Who in fact is Jill “what’s her face?” anyway.  This all reminds us of the time when we had left  Budva, Yugoslavia (on the Albanian border) and there was a check point in Titograd about 100 KM away.  The 20 something young man with the new clipboard (this was in 1969)…asked the following questions:  “So, where did you sleep last night?  “Budva!” we replied.  “And where do you sleep tonight!”  “Skope..” we said:  A strange look came upon his face and then he spoke:  “Well, you see the road to Pec is very difficult……so Good-by and…….. Good Luck!”

Turn out the Lights…the Party’s Over!

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