Baxter on the persecution of Fullerton’s most dangerous man, AJ Redkey.




Bax Baxter writes:

aj and pmIt’s been two years since Fullerton Police arrested the most dangerous man in town, my friend AJ Redkey.  He had originally outrun a dozen, slow, overpaid, overfed, soft, cops in riot gear at our Jan 18th protest following the not guilty verdicts in the Kelly Thomas murder trial.  AJ was picked up 3 months later in a Pasadena protest, when six FPD in three vehicles drove 36 miles to scoop him up.

During the following year AJ and fellow protester and “Live Streamer” PM Beers, whom these same officers arrested on the day of our protest, faced thousands of dollars in legal costs, a week long jury trial, harassment and intimidation by both FPD and the DA’s office.

In the end what did YOU, the good citizens of Fullerton, get in return for this harassment of peaceful protesters?  I mean what did you get other than having their time and your tax dollars wasted?  You my friends got Nothing.  Zero. You got fuck-all in fact.

My friends, however, had a year of their life stolen while they fought these charges, only to have all charges dismissed in the end.  Oh well, it’s been two years since they were targeted and all the same players are still in office and are still wasting your tax dollars.  If you failed this completely at your job, would you still have it?  Assuming you don’t work for the DA’s office that is.

It’s an election year, and when you vote for city council this November in Fullerton, please remember that the only people on this city council who showed any sympathy, and in fact put the AJ/PM arrest on a council agenda so the police’s focus on persecuting journalists while ignoring felons with warrants could be discussed, were Republicans.  bruce whitaker concernedI thank Greg Sebourn and Bruce Whitaker for their help.  Bruce (left) is up for re-election and despite our philosophical disagreements on a number of issues, I know him be a caring man and one with the stones to stand up to the police. I plan to support him in any way I can.

Jennifer Fitzgerald, also Republican and up for re-election, will never be of any help to anyone, at least anyone who takes issue with the conduct of our Chief of Police and the gang he leads.

This is what I had to say about AJ’s arrest two years ago:

And here is some footage on from the day of our protest, when the police failed to capture AJ:

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