Homeless garage – plenty of parking but… ummm…




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Predictably, some of the Santa Ana Civic Center homeless will not use the newly opened transit garage for shelter from the ravages of our occasional rain storms, according to news stories. “Too many rules” one is quoted as saying. Another says “too many cops checking for drugs or weapons.” angry homeless 2At least one reporter bemoans that the open air facility, while providing a roof to protect from the rain, has no heat for the residents. And, worse of all, no beds, just mats!

Anyone who has ever tried to serve the hard-core homeless who make up most of the civic center homeless population knows that these complaints and problems were very predictable. We have seen this movie before, but the pressure is on to try again.

angry homeless 3Many of the “free spirits” who are homeless are in that situation, at least partly, because they will not follow rules, they will not do without a weapon (for self-protection perhaps), or they prefer to be high as much as possible on alcohol or some other substance. Some are confrontational and assaultive, others are withdrawn and non-communicative and others babble, sometimes very angrily, to people who are not there.

Even some of the non-profits who serve the homeless prefer the cooperative and motivated and shy away from these folks. Is it any wonder?

Is it reasonable to expect government to do any better?

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