Hillary’s Hopelessness: All in All It’s Just Another … Plate of Spaghetti Hurled at the Wall




(“Don’t Tell Me”: Words by Bernie Sanders, Animation by Rodd Perry)

Why is Hillary suddenly hemorrhaging supporters in Iowa? Perhaps it is that she does the sort of thing reported on below. A story lede from this morning’s email from TIME magazine.

Bernie Sanders is a shill for the gun lobby. Bernie Sanders is trying to dismantle healthcare. Bernie Sanders is inexperienced on foreign policy.

Those are all criticisms Hillary Clinton has thrown at the Vermont Senator in recent weeks, like so many strands of wet spaghetti, as she looks for something that sticks to quell his populist revolt. Now in Iowa, Clinton is workshopping one more attack, painting Sanders as a starry-eyed idealist incapable of acting on his ambitious agenda.

In a day of campaigning on Thursday in snowy Iowa, Clinton questioned Sanders’ ability to form coalitions and pass legislation in Congress, accusing him of being out of touch with reality.

In theory, there are a lot of things to like about his ideas,” she said at an event at Simpson College, in Indianola, Iowa. “But ‘in theory’ isn’t enough. A president has to deal in reality.”

‘I am not interested in ideas that sound good on paper but will never make it in real life,’ Clinton said.”

Another day, another abrupt new line of attack, desperately hoping to find something that will stick. Tomorrow, it will be another one, while Sanders will keep hitting the same themes.

Here’s the secret: none of us really know what is “possible” in politics. Electing Reagan was impossible. Electing Obama was impossible. Now electing Sanders — or Trump, or Cruz — all of them impossible, but no longer that unlikely. What the centrist pundits claim to “know” isn’t fact at all; it’s preference.

What we KNOW is that if you don’t try, you can’t succeed. Hillary’s position is that she doesn’t want us to try, because she’s quite happy with the moderate consensus the way that it is. It serves her and her patrons pretty well. And yeah, she’d manipulate it reasonably well. (“School uniforms,” remember?) But it would not lead, despite her gender, to serious change.

When it comes to political issues overall, Hillary doesn’t get — or at least pretends not to get — what she DOES get when it comes to the “women’s and children’s issues” that are (or at least once were) closest to her heart. One’s own bold actions, fueled by what some guy once called “the audacity of hope,” can help make a new reality where new things become possible. That’s what Bernie and his “political revolution” are really about: finding out what is possible.

Cheney (as the worse part of G. W. Bush) had much the same view of extending the bounds of what is “possible” when it came to normalizing war crimes. Then, the stretching of the “possible” was terrifying. Now, with Bernie, it’s exhilarating — a step into the unknown of a new, non-lobbyist-dominated world. And Hillary’s drenching it with cold water is unnecessary and unpopular, because she really doesn’t KNOW what we might accomplish if we try.

It’s terrifying! But not to Bernie supporters. We’re willing to try.  Like the video says, don’t tell me we can’t.

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