Weekend Open Thread: Housing the Homeless, Zenger Art Show, and RIP BB King!




Meet the outsider who accidentally solved chronic homelessness:

This man isn’t homeless

In between tracking corruption and fighting for our cities, OJ Blog has discussed helping the homeless.

It’s a hard problem.

But one man seems to have found an effective solution for the chronic homeless, the hardest part of this hard problem: give them homes. (and counseling)

While the idea arose amongst lefty do-gooders, this idea has been tried, repeatedly, in controlled experiments and found to save governments money.

“We committed,” said Utah’s Gordon Walker, explaining how his state succeeded at eliminating homelessness — and saved millions. “It was costing us in state services, health-care costs, jail time, police time, about $20,000 per person. Now, we spend $12,000 per person.”

Treat humans with dignity. Save tax dollars. Address the hardest part of the homeless issue head-on.  What’s not to like?

(Here are some microhouses for your viewing pleasure!)

Homeless Housing from Utah

This is your Weekend Open Thread.  Talk about that, or anything else you’d like, within reasonable bounds of decency and discretion.

And welcome, California Democrats, to your annual convention in Anaheim.  Enjoy Loretta’s ambush attack on Kamala here, as I’m sure a few of you from out of town will.


Chairman Vern adds:

Come to Zenger & pals’ “plein air” art show mañana Tuesday – Friday at the Higbee Gallery in Costa Mesa!  Are the blog philistines gonna deride THIS Zenger (below) as a “paint by numbers?”  Their disdain becomes more and more insupportable, and is clearly a naked misdirection of their resentment at David’s plainspoken critique of their petty and gross criminalities!  Vern out…


And Ricardo reminds us:

Tributes have poured in for the blues legend BB King, the inspiration for generations of musicians, who has died in his sleep aged 89.

The world famous singer and guitarist, who began life on a plantation in Mississippi and was universally acclaimed as one of the best blues musicians of all time, had been receiving hospice care at his home.

More here

What, BB King died? Well then, let’s listen to some of his music!

1949 – first recording

1952 – first # 1 hit

1964 – from Live At the Regal

1970 – Grammy Award and one of Rolling Stone’s “Best Songs of all Time”

1988 with U2

2006 with Gary Moore

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