What if the Democrats win?




Well, all of those reading this must have survived Halloween.  It was a wild time down in Huntington Beach on Main St., also in Long Beach on 2nd St,  Naples/ Alamitos Bay where the turn out was immense.  Driving back from Long Beach the traffic was clogged big time going on to Balboa Island.  This was indeed a rare Halloween, in that yours truly donned a cape with bat ears and some bat glasses.  “Blaaahhh….” said Bela Lugosi…..”I vant to bite your neck….., allow me to introduce my self, my name….. Bela Lugosi!”.  The bit seemed to work with repeated smiles and nodding;  the bride wore her very intense New England Salem Witch outfit ….purple jacket, orange pumpkin t-shirt, black velour pants…..also big hit.  Some years people seem to go all out at Halloween…..2014 seemed to be one that fits the example.

We didn’t bother to survey many people either dressed for Halloween or their kids….whether they had voted, would vote or were Republicans or Democrats.   Perhaps, the simple fact that the LA Lakers were defeated by the LA Clippers had a sobering effect.  Maybe the thought the USC Trojan Football team could lose seven games this year had another sobering effect.  Perhaps the thought that the UCLA Football team may have more losses too……figured into the process?

The truth is, that lots of deck chairs are being re-shuffled right here in Orange County.  As we travel the country, Jean Shaheen is an example of how sensitive the majority of the Senate and House will be carried, by just a few serious races throughout the country.  Mary Landrieu in Louisiana another one.  One thing for sure is the Elizabeth Warren is setting a high bar standard and Scott Brown had to move to New Hampshire to try to get back into office.  That too may not be a done deal.

Does it even matter whether Harry Reid or Mitch McConnell is in charge of anything?  We are not sure.  Sure we voted for Dana, in spite of the fact that Suzanne Savary is probably the superior candidate.  But hey, we go back and we love Rhonda and the kids.  This is how many races are decided.  Not on whether our old friend Darrell Issa, has fallen off the rails and is running rampant through the halls of Congress.  We are not affected by Foxxxx News, CNN or MSNBC and their rhetoric nonsense…..on two cases of Ebola.  Let us know when a member of Congress or the Senate are diagnosed with Ebola and we can start to sweat.   The lies and misrepresentations abound from every corner.  We still support the President…..yeah..the Black Guy and we still like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  We don’t like Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Rand Paul, John McCain, Lindsay Graham or any number of Republican flame throwers.  We are honest enough to know that if Hillary Clinton runs in 2016, she will beat Jeb Bush….going away.  Hey, Hillary is still Hillary and not everything about her makes our heart all a flutter, especially her advocacy against gun rights.   The reality however is that our current (ORG)  Old Republican Party has no one that can in any way excite us ethically, morally or philosophically….us old Conservative/Reagan Voters.   We ask you to name your top three Republican choices for President.  Stuck for an answer aren’t you? Micky, Minnie and Goofy…..all come to mind!

The pollsters are calling for a sweep by the Republicans to take both House in this off year 2014 election.  We are not so sure, in any regard.  We are pulling for the voters to stay informed, get informed and not nod off in the voting booth.  The power brokers are betting on giant mail flyers, hit pieces, robo calls and a unrelenting misinformation campaign.  We voted YES on every CA initiative.  We may have been wrong on one, but hey….close enough for government work.  Will this election change the world?  Certainly not, no matter what happens.  We have to face facts:  Two more years of Obama and eight more years of Hillary and then…..who knows.  One thing is also clear:  We love Downtown Jerry Brown who will be our Governor for another four years.  After that Gavin Newsome can take the reigns for another eight years.  How bad can it be?  California has made a huge comeback, we are going to get High Speed Rail and we are going to keep building our job base.  Here in California we are going to deal with Immigration, whether the MugWumps of the Republican Party are in charge of  the Congress or not.  Downtown Jerry Brown makes stuff happen……we just have to make sure he knows how much we hate Toll Roads and Cal-Trans closing down our 405 Freeway for years at a time.  That detour around the 605 is brutal Mr. Governor – no matter what time of day or night!  Water issues?  This is why Downtown Jerry Brown will be re-elected by a landslide.  Always put a man on the job – that knows the territory!

Locally, we are going to miss Lou Correa, John Moorlach, Pat Bates, Wendy Leece and Janet Nguyen as they move on to other things and offices.  We look forward however to seeing Diane Dixon and Katrina Foley step up and try to improve those corrupt systems.  Hey, MLK said it:  “I have a dream……….”

OK, we hate the Seminoles……well, their quarterback anyway.  We don’t like Lane Kiffin and are still upset that Nick Saban has him as his Offensive Coach.  We pick Mississippi State to take the National Championship.  Sadly, Oregon will again probably win the Pac-12 Championship.  So politically……..What if the Democrats do win?  It will be an interesting 10 years, won’t it?


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