Diana Lee Carey: Democrats (and independents) should support MANSOOR for Supervisor!




Beloved Westminster Councilwoman Diana Lee Carey, protégé of the late great Gus Ayer, and famed for having fought off the OCTA’s 405 Toll Lane dreams years before most of us ever knew they existed, recently wrote this letter urging her fellow Democrats (and I assume independents) to choose Allan Mansoor over Michelle Steel in the upcoming 2nd Supervisorial District election.  I, Vern, a Democrat (at heart) have written similar things about this race:

Dear Orange County Democrats:

In conservative Orange County, it’s sometimes hard for people like me, a lifelong Democrat, to choose between two Republicans for local office.  But in the campaign to replace John Moorlach on the Board of Supervisors, the choice is easy.

Allan Mansoor is clearly the candidate most engaged with the community and genuinely interested in trying to make Orange County better.  Allan is thoughtful and pragmatic.  He knows the varied interests of our communities, and he will listen and weigh all concerns before making a decision.

While I do not agree with Allan on every issue, he has been aggressively working to protect Orange County’s middle class and disadvantaged families by stopping taxpayer-funded toll lanes on the I-405.

Allan’s opponent, Michelle Steel, moved here from LA County barely two years ago and is supported by the large corporate interests that want toll lanes on the I-405.  Congressman Dana Rohrabacher was the best man at her wedding with Shawn Steel – a former chairman of the California Republican Party – and is among her biggest supporters.

Steel’s husband is a lot like Rohrabacher, who is known for some of his “crazy” statements.    At a recent Tea Party meeting, Steel described Democratic State Senate candidate Jose Solorio as a “freak” just because, for health reasons, he is a vegan.  Then Steel called being vegan “fascist” and compared it to being part of ISIS.  This reminds me of the partisan dysfunction in Washington DC.  We don’t need this sort of thing on the Board of Supervisors.

We expect more of our leaders.  Agree or disagree, we need someone willing to try and work together on the issues, and never engage in name-calling.  This, along with Allan’s willingness to stand up to corporate interests and protect Orange County taxpayers, makes it easy to support his campaign for Supervisor.  I hope that you will join me in supporting Allan.  He was the first one there for us when no one else was, and he has fought for us for years.  Let’s return that favor on Election Day.

Diana Lee Carey
Westminster City Council member
I=405 Corridor Cities representative.

AND on the flyer in which he used this letter, Allan appended:

“I’ve lived in Costa Mesa my entire life, and my wife and I are raising our family here.   I care about our community and want to work with you to improve Orange County.  My opponent has spent more than $650,000 to buy this election.  Special interests are lying about my record to preserve their power.  If you have anything you would like to discuss with me, my door is always open.  Please call me at (714) 758-5318.”

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