AnaheimBlog Censortopia Open Thread

Skadoosh! and a half!

Earlier this week, I challenged the operator of and his Sacrilegious Priest — or, at least, his BFF — to a debate.  I was refused.  Not only was I refused, but I haven’t had a comment published since.

For those of you not in the know, is a propaganda machine operated by blogger-for-hire Matt Cunningham largely as a mouthpiece for the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce.  Naturally it doesn’t tolerate dissent well; the vast majority of comments appearing on the blog belong to anonymous hooded minions of the Chamber’s President, Todd Ament — himself a minion of Anaheim Godfather Curt Pringle — using a myriad of pseudonyms.  As if to mock Arte Moreno’s “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim,” it would appear that part of Todd’s commenting agreement specifies that approved aliases shall include the name “Anaheim” therein.  Anaheim Insider, Anaheimster, Anaheim Jack, Anaheim Hack, One Who Knows in Anaheim, AnaheimAnnoymous, Anaheimolicious, I<3Anaheim, AnaheimofAnaheimdeAnaheim . . . all monikers belonging to what is probably up to three unique individuals operating out of Godfather Pringle’s basement.

Anyway, I digress.

Since Mr. Cunningham and Mr. Ament have such a low opinion of what is the fundamental building block of democracy– dissent — I’m proud to bring you this permanent addition to the Orange Juice Blog.   I welcome, nay encourage!, all of you to pay a visit to Matt’s blog and to comment.   In the event you find yourself censored by the powers at be, copy your message here.

Along with this thread, each week through the election I will honor to most ridiculous and insanely outlandish comment with an award — The Skadooshy!

November 4th is only four weeks away.  Will we allow Matt Cunningham and Todd Ament to unleash their shenanigans upon Anaheim unmitigated?  NO!  UNLEASH YOUR SKADOOSH!

Wait.  Don’t do that.  Just comment as sharply, intelligently, and incisively as possible.  They deserve it.  The Chamber’s minions on the Anaheim City Council have pilfered or attempted to pilfer over $1,000,000,000 (yup, check those zeros, it’s a billion) of Anaheim’s tax dollars in three years.  It’s disgusting; I won’t stand for it, and neither should you.

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