Making Obstructionism Fun?

Much is being made of the 10,000 to 20,000 unaccompanied children coming across our borders each and every month.  Seems like this is just some old Mel Gibson Road Warrior movie.  As Tina Turner said:  “What’s love got to do – got to do with it?”  Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome!  As usual, the Republicans have wasted no time blaming the Obama Administration for not being ready for this – instead of going up to Capital Hill and bringing an array of possible solutions.  So, let’s get this right:  Say, we are getting 200,000 kids a year from Guatemala, El Salvador and others.  What?  The greatest country in the world can’t handle them?  Heck, we have more folks than that which are Homeless in LA County.  Of course that problem is not being solved either.  Our elected’s are the first to blame someone else, but the last to find solutions.    “We have a black President so we should say NO”….they say.  When Hillary is elected…..they will say…”We have a woman President so we should say NO!”

We think it is about time that we all become Official 2 year olds.  Yes, this is the time to step up and just say no.  Say no to everything!  Say no to Republicans!  Say no to Independents!   Say no to Tea Party candidates!  Say no to Larouche!  Say no any and all proposals.  Let the world come to a complete stop.  Do not feed the homeless, do not take in unaccompanied kids from foreign countries.  Do not worry about Israel.  Do not worry about anything in the Middle East.  Do not worry about Terroism.  Do not worry about the high crimes of Edward Snowden. Do not worry about the screaming rhetoric of Glenn Greenwald.  Do not work or worry about our Immigration problems.  Do not worry about corruption in our business community.  Do not worry about corruption and crimes of high elected officials.  Do not worry about the Ukraine.  Do not worry about our Global Economic meltdown.  Do not worry about Big Companies selling the American public poisons in their food – which are causing disease and catastrophic health concerns like obesity.  Do not worry or fix our health care system.  Do not worry about television advertising on useless or dangerous drugs to get Americans hooked on.  Do not worry what chemicals, perscription or street drugs our kids are ingesting.  Do not worry about who gets elected or who steals what.  Yes, pehaps it is time to totally withdraw from the human race.    Whatever they ask…say NO!

Sometimes, we look out our window, see a beautiful sunrise, sunset or clear and bright day and think –  This really sucks…..doesn’t it?  We think back to the days of the so-called Greatest Generation.  As teenagers we brought up the many hypocrisies which were outrageous conduct.  We recall telling our Greatest Generation folks about Sports and Gambling fixing.  We recall telling them about the Boy Scout leaders that had grabbed our private parts.  We recall telling them about our school chums who cheated, by having others take their math or chemistry test.  We recall telling them the many sad things we saw going on in our society – like the lady with the 20 cats that lived in a huvel down the street and had to eat cat food.  We recall watching neighbor kids being beaten unmercifully by their drunken father or psychotic mother without reason.  We recall the local Preacher who was named as a principle member of the Communist Party in the 1950’s.  We recall Church members who took church funds and use those for their own purposes – like trips to Central and South America – and stayed in high dollar hotels, rather than going there to feed the poor.  On every occasion, the members of the Greatest Generation had one answer:  “We are not going to be here when these things matter – anyway!”  “It was OK, when I left!”

The Age of Obstructionism has been around for a long time.  If you look at FDR or Harry Truman for starters – you would simply see that our country had a very divided Congress.  The Conservative Wing of Bob Taft and others controlled the House of Representatives.  Bob Taft hated Harry Truman.  Tom Dewey hated Harry Truman.  Without Congressional approval – Truman dropped the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The sign on his desk said it all:  “The buck stops here!”  What would our modern day Rand Paul Tea Party folks say about Truman’s conduct.  Dwight Eisenhower road into the Presidency with Richard Nixon and seemed determined to simply do one thing:  Create an National Highway System and a bunch of low cost housing for returning Korean War and  WW II vets.  That effort took hell and high water and eight years of playing golf to accomplish.  The Republican obstructionist and Dixiecrats were all against it.  So, IKE just took his time and did it anyway.  He even did a few Executive Orders!

We will not bother to continue the endless litany of American history which has allowed our Presidents to step beyond the pale – all too many times.  How did JFK for example negotiate with the Russians about the Cuban Missiles without Congress hanging over his shoulder?  That could have caused World War III.  Hey, we have another election in November and the big Corporations will be sending out their big fat checks for re-election campaigns.  Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Chema, Big Banking, Big Defense Contractors and today a list of hundreds with axes to grind and looking for the chance of free Govenment money.  One thing is for sure – the politicians who are the parties of  NO – are certainly the Party of YES when it comes to getting or accepting money out of Global Corporations and Individuals.

Perhaps, the time has come to make obstructionism fun!  If someone wants you answer a survey….say NO.  If someone wants you serve on a committee of government…say NO!  If someone wants you to send money to their re-election campaign….say NO!  If a big company wants you to buy some new product with bad chemicals in it…..say NO!  If your processed food, your fast food raises prices or your favorite sports team wants more money for tickets….say NO!  The citizens of the United States need to start saying NO……. to everything.  Let’s see how many times in the coming week…..we can find an opportunity to just say NO!  Feed the Homeless…say NO!  Fire Rings…..say NO!  Buy tickets to a local event…say NO!  Buy a Transponder to go on the Toll Roads…say NO!   Red Light Cameras…say NO!  A Medical Marijuana Shop moving into your neighborhood…..say NO!   Pay lots of money to go see some politician and his cronies running for office…..say NO!  Let’s send troops to anywhere in the Middle East….say NO!   Hey, maybe we can make Obstructionism fun.  Yep, lets go back to the days of the Greatest Generation:  “It was OK when I left!”  This article is dedicated to the dear  Nancy Reagan….who said for eight years:  “Just say NO!”  Thats right Americans,  let’s make obstructionism fun?…….NO!


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