An Urgent New Year’s Message from Joe Shaw!

From Huntington Beach Mayor Pro-Tem Joe Shaw:

Happy New Year everyone! 

I wanted to share the following extremely important and timely information about Bolsa Chica— I’m hoping you’ll take action and share it with others:

Help Stop the Ridge Project

We’ve already saved a large portion of the Bolsa Chica wetlands.

Yet there remains an 11-acre site with sweeping views of Orange County and the wetlands. Notably it is also the site of native civilization that goes back 9000 years — predating Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids.

The previous city council approved the Ridge Project — actually changing the zoning from open space to residential — without an Environmental Impact Report and in addition violating their own Local Coastal Plan.

The California Coastal Commission will determine the fate of a portion of this important resource on Jan. 8 in San Diego.

The developer, Signal Landmark, wants to build 22 homes here — forever destroying this rare and precious site.

9000-year old Native American cogstones from the Bolsa Chica mesa.

This development will destroy more of our open space and critical wildlife habitat and will destroy one of the last remaining Sacred Sites for the Native American people.

If you would like to write a letter in response please send it to:

California Coastal Commission
Attn: Meg Vaughn
200 Oceangate #1000
Long Beach, CA 90802-4316

All letters and postcards should be received at the Commission office by Jan. 3, 2014 [that’s Friday, so write ’em today and mail ’em first thing in the morning! – Ed.]

If you can attend the hearing on Jan. 8 in San Diego, the Bolsa Chica Land Trust will provide transportation — please call their office at (714) 846-1001.

Happy New Year!

I sincerely hope your Holidays were merry and full of cheer!

I’m excited that I had the opportunity to visit my mom and dad, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles in Oklahoma and had a wonderful holiday. But I am sure glad to be back in sunny Huntington Beach!

Here’s to a truly great 2014!

Joe Shaw
Mayor Pro Tem
Huntington Beach

PS. Do You Share My Vision?

Would you like to make sure Huntington Beach continues to set the standard in sustainability in Orange County? Continue to fight plastic pollution in the ocean and on our beaches? Do you want council members who listen to your concerns and not those of out-of-town developers?

If so, please help by donating to my re-election campaign.

Click here to ensure that the quality of life of our residents always comes first:

HB Mayor Pro-Tem Joe Shaw (with Bartender Kyle) delivering Christmas presents for the children of overseas military, at Johnny’s Saloon. Pic by Vern.

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