Monsanto’s Lackeys Resort to Cyber Bullying Kids


***** UPDATE

I wrote this story at 10 a.m this morning, as of 10:45, Facebook removed the page. As some of you  already know, I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with stage four rectal cancer in December 2010.  I do not have a history of colon cancer in my family BUT for 10 years I did eat dairy foods laced with rBGH, and corn and soy products that were genetically modified (gmo) and they are all brought to you by Monsanto. I NEVER knew I was eating foods that would soon give me cancer! I NEVER had the chance to decide for myself if I wanted to eat gmo foods!

I shopped around for attorneys late last year — I wanted to be lead plaintiff in a class action law suit against Monsanto and I was told that “not enough people have died from eating gmo foods yet”…then Monsanto got their “Monsanto protection Act” signed in to law this past Spring. My question is this… if Monsanto claims to have the “magic seeds” to save the world from hunger, why won’t they label their foods and then feel the need to be protected from lawsuits???

I will tell you why they are AFRAID to have their foods labeled… once they are labeled the numbers of gmo cancer related deaths can be officially recorded and they WILL  be sued up the yazoo… just like the tobacco companies.

We successfully got the Facebook page removed… its just a matter of time when gmos will be successfully removed from our foods…


I just received this post from the Institute for Responsible Technology:

An “adult” spokesperson vilified a child for standing up for her convictions, for wanting to protect the earth and its inhabitants. He called her a shill and demeaned her stance on Monsanto, wanting to classify it as naive and a result of …undeveloped thinking…What have we come to as a society, no less, a democratic one?I am talking about “Kids Right to Know Club”, Rachel Parent. Rachel was on the O’Leary and Lang show on CBC News to discuss the issue of labeling GMOs.Yesterday a new Facebook page was launched calling her “a shill and a murderer.”This is cyber bullying and if you are inclined, please voice yourself to FB and to the creators of this page! IRT is asking that you do NOT like this page. You can comment on it without liking it.Our children have every right to dream, and to shape the world they live in. Please do what you can to help. And, if inclined, LET’S SHOW RACHEL OUR SUPPORT AND LOVE AND ADMIRATION FOR THE COURAGEOUS, THOUGHTFUL PERSON SHE IS! Rachel Parent is the future we can get excited about!Included please find 5 links: Rachel’s personal page; her group page; the cyber bullying page; her interview, and, as freedom of speech requires responsible speech, if you feel this page violates that dictum, IRT has included a link to an online petition to have the offensive cyber bullying page removed.



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Has Monsanto’s group of paid thugs stooped to a new low by cyber-bullying children? Looks to me like they will do anything sell their poison to unsuspecting citizens.

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