Unimaginable Horror

Jose Solorio and Sen. Ted Cruz

Vile Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, roundly being hailed these days as the second coming of Sen. Joe McCarthy, is set upon by a smiling fellow Spanish-surnamed Harvard man, Jose Solorio. This picture comes from the Republican Party of Orange County Facebook page. Download it and bring it out on special occasions, such as whenever we discuss the 34th State Senate District race.

“Democrat” Jordan Brandman has appointed Republican master-lobbyist-cum-spider-cum-puppeteer Curt Pringle, who represents an enormous swath of interests sucking money and benefits out of Anaheim, to officially as well as effectively control the city’s Charter Revision Commission.

That’s less photogenic than the atrocity above, though.  Spanish-surnamed Harvard men Jose Solorio and U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz discuss party business.

Dr. Jose Moreno, a political independent, had this to say as he shared it with his online friends:

Wow! Go Democrat Jose Solorio at the OC Republican Party smiling and shaking hands with Sen. Ted Cruz who is vehemently opposing Pathway to Citizenship and humane centered Immigration Reform as well as attacking the entire Democratic Party platform including LGBT marriage equality. Bridge building perhaps?

[S]o…every time Jose Solorio or a Democrat asks me to register as a Democrat…BAM! I show this pic…not because i don’t believe Dems and Reeps should not shake hands but because of the cynical politics that some Dems and Reeps play yet continue to get a pass…unless of course Mr. Solorio was there to stand up and challenge Sen. Cruz on his cynical politics on Immigration reform; LGBT rights; and Federal Budgets.

I am, believe it or not, going to an all-day political training for the Democratic Party of Orange County today — not because I really need the training at this point, but to be supportive of others who may attend.  I’m making sure that my cell phone is well-charged, because I’m going to be showing this one around a lot.  Politically, this is sort of like being photographed naked in bed with Fidel Castro — which, to my knowledge, Solorio has never done.

It’s almost enough to make me forget to mention that OC Business Council leader Lucy Dunn has send out what sure looks like an illegal fundraising appeal for Kris Murray.  Thank you, Lucy Dunn!  I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without you this morning.

I’m just going to inhale the sweet aroma of some quotes from the article at that top link, from Voice of OC, before I go off to do my volunteer job today as a loyal Democrat.

Yet another controversy over charges of racism in Anaheim’s political structure erupted in recent days as former Assemblyman Jose Solorio criticized the all-white City Council for appointing only white people to the city’s charter review committee.

And beyond the race issue are contentions by Mayor Tom Tait — which are backed by a good-government expert — that committee members should be required to file public statements of economic interest, particularly because one of the committee’s appointees, former Mayor Curt Pringle, is an influential lobbyist.

The appointees to the charter advisory committee include: Amanda Edinger, a vocal opponent of automatic citizenship for children of immigrants and illegal immigration; Craig Farrow, a retired police sergeant and advisory committee member of the pro-Disneyland group Support Our Anaheim Resort (SOAR); Keith Olesen, an outspoken critic of the council districts election system; attorney Tom Dunn; and Pringle.

Solorio, to his credit (if it weren’t being done just to lay claim to some liberal cred), was a major critic of the appointment of an all-non-Latino-white Charter Review Commission for Anaheim.  “Where’s our OC equivalent of Texas Senator Ted Cruz on this commission?”, he did not ask — nor did he have to.

Darn it, now I’m going to be late for my meeting.  Sometimes it just really hard to psych up for a day away from family to support recruitment and turnout for a county party that some elected Democrats do whatever they can to undermine.  I hope that Dr. Moreno will be outside picketing, at least.

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