Fast Eddie Snowden

Universal Exports was the cover company for James Bond as he skulled around for “M” in “You Only Live Twice”….about Sato Industries……..a company supposedly seeking a new formula for Monosodium Glutamate.  Sato actually was a front company for Hans Stavro Blofeld.  The dark voiced, unseen man with the little white kitty with the diamond collar.  The true mission was to capture US and Russian Spacecraft and cause World War III.  We won’t spoil it and tell what happens in the end, but it includes the help of the Japanese Secret Service and its leader “Tiger”.  Industrial espionage….was a big deal back in the 60’s!

Jonathan Pollard was a civilian Navy Intelligence gatherer….which gave most of our nuclear secrets to Israel.  The details of his wrong doing have yet to see the light of day.  The extent of the damage to the US Intelligence Community….was considered “incaluable”.  Johnny is busy spending the rest of his like in prison for that inappropriate disclosure.

The list of paid spies, double agents and generally greed consumed Intelligence folks is long.  The motivations for their wrong doing runs the gamut from just getting more money for a better life style to misguided political philosophical mental flashes.  One thing is certain – they had all signed a Security Clearance Declaration before anything serious happened.  It says basically that 20 years plus is guaranteed in a proscribed Federal Prison Facility awaits broaching any Top Secret info.  Some people are exposed to Top Secret Security Clearances in the Military, in Government, in Intelligence Agencies, in Federal Contracted Sub-Contractors and makers of weaponry, military aircraft or naval vessels…..and the list is longer than you might think.  Today….Computer Software, Hardware or the information contained within those vehicles….maybe considered critical information to the Security of the United States.

The WikiLeaks founder currently is residing in a Foreign Embassy seeking diplomatic immunity from prosecution,  in another foreign country.   How much damage has Wiki-Leaks done?   Thousands and thousands of disclosed documents have been unceremoniously dumped into the public domain.  Are they of any realtive value to our enemies?  Maybe….or maybe not?   The Government has not released that information. Will Julian Assange eventually avoid prosecution or be taken away in chains?

Fast Eddie Snowden it the latest in the list of Top Secret Revealers.  Snowden is a natural born eclectic.  Didn’t get a High School Diploma, said he served for a year in the CIA…..said he was in the Army Reserve but got booted out because he broke both legs in a training excerice.   Snowden was an Intelligence Contractor for the National Security Agency.  Snowden left for Hong Kong, but seems to be missing now.  Did he get picked up by the Chinese Intelligence Agency?  Did he make a deal with the Russian Security Service?  Is he looking for a job with the Chinese or Russian Government?  Does he just want to hold the US Government for ransom?  Who knows?  Why has Snowden decided to give up his $200K a year job and go public with the disclosure that “the government” and its PRISM program can target anyone’s information, phone call records, computer, click on any device.  We thought they already were doing that!

Whatever happens to Snowden’s fate will send a definite message.  One way or the other.  If Snowden is not taken down, the walls of the various Security Agencies may fall like rain drops.  If Snowden is taken down….there will be outcries of over zealous prosecution and chilling effects on so-called whistle blowers!  The results will not be satisfying to most folks.  The reality however is this:  If  you handle Top Secret Information as part of your job and you have signed a Security Declaration …. you should be held to your word.   If you lie and disclose without authorization… go to jail.  If you want to quit your high dollar job and tell a third party secrets that may endanger National Security……you better think twice about it.  None dare call it treason……but when does it become treason?  What was the moral, ethical and patriotic thing to do?

Fast Eddie Snowden!  Threatening that he could do a lot of damage if he wanted to.  Not so reassuring!  But, as with James Bond….what you see may not be actually what you get.  What could the real story be?


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