Help put down San Onofre for good – sign by Thursday!!!


The award-winning image of San Onofre symbolically decommissioned with PASTIES, created by the frequent Orange Juice commenter known as “anon,” who ironically receives the award of great FAME for his anonymous contribution (see below.)

A timely battle cry from our friends at San Clemente Green:


We are at a historic milestone concerning the future of the San Onofre nuclear power plant.   Edison’s CEO, Ted Craver, has publicly stated that if they are not allowed to restart their defective reactor in June, they would likely have to abandon their efforts to do so. If that is not a call to action, I don’t know what is.

Thursday, May 16th is the deadline for comments to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).   Our goal is to get 5000 signatures on our petition by then.   We are at 1,681 at present, but it continues to grow at a moderate pace.   We just need a little boost now.

Many of you have signed on, but perhaps have not reached out to others to participate.   If each of those who have already taken action just got two other people to sign on, we would make our goal.   Will you please take just a moment out of your busy schedule to help put an end to Edison’s reckless proposal before it’s too late?

Here is the link to a more promising future.

San Clemente Green.

Original illustration from this morning:

Diamond’s best (short-deadline) attempt at photoshopping a brassiere onto the San Onofre plant (Vern’s concept.) See below for prolix disclaimer and etcetera…*

*  Diamond:

“Perspicacious readers, especially women, will immediately recognize that there is absolutely no way, none whatsoever, that that bra would fit over the twin nippled towers of San Onofre in that way.  (Well, it wouldn’t be the first bra that didn’t fit right!  Am I right, ladies?  Anyhoo….)  You are, of course, correct; the problem is not so much that we are men ignorant of mammary contours as that it’s just that difficult to find a photo of a bra aligned in just the right way to fit convincingly over San Onofre orbs — especially when you’re given about an hour to complete the task.  (Seriously, we looked.  This was the best we could do.)  So if you’d like to see a better iconic photo symbolizing the decommissioning of San Onofre — after which it will no longer bounce around freely and with inadequate support, endangering those around it — please send a pair of photos (one of SONGS and one of bra that fits with the first photo) to and we’ll see if we can Photoshop it right.  This may be, sadly, your best chance for everlasting fame.”

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