First Annual Landlocked Fullerton Harbor Cruise Boat Parade of Lights!


Step aside Newport Beach!  Slink away in Anglophilic shame, Huntington Har”bour!”  In the true shaggy dog story of this holiday season, little landlocked Fullerton has defiantly declared their First Annual Harbor Cruise Boat Parade of Lights, this evening from 5:15 to 6!

Hosted by Fullerton activists Matt Leslie (editor of the invaluable Fullerton Rag) and Jane Rands (Fullerton Observer columnist and council candidate) and featuring new mayor Bruce Whitaker, his wife Linda, and possibly councilman Greg Sebourn (who, if he attends, may actually be seaborne) this breathtakingly audacious event will occur outside the Muckenthaler Cultural Center at 1201 West Malvern, just west of Euclid (see map below.)

Just bring your own lighted “boat” to be carried Flintstone-style around the lawn-sea of “the Muck” immediately following their Winter Holiday Festival.  RSVP here, space is limited!

Hasty but Joyful Preparations at Fullerton Shipyard:

Matt Leslie, Seaworthy and Reporting for Duty!

Recent Night-time Sighting of a Ghost Ship off the coast of “The Muck”

Be there or be a square Land-Lubber:

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