How is Mitt Romney such an effective liar?

In 2012, many folks have taken lying to a new level. We can think back as far as Charles Manson and wonder how and why sticking to their lies and misrepresentations is still possible and in some cases viable.  Every time Manson comes up for parole….he says:  “I’m a changed man!”

This article from Psychology Today tells us all a nice beginning:
If we start with Casey Anthony, Foxy Knoxy, then Joran Van Der Sloot, then a whole litany of people that have “maybe” killed their wives, girlfriends or other family members recently you do start to see a pattern.  Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson, Jerry Sandusky and a host of politicians which have included Anthony Weiner, Scott Walker, Mark Sanford, John Edwards, Dan Rostonkowski (Rest in peace!) and a list as long as your arm.
Maybe lying all became normal from the Presidential days of Andrew Johnson or maybe Andrew Jackson or maybe another list as long as your arm. People are supposed to expect that people are just going to lie. Since Corporations are now considered “people” by the Supreme Court of the United States….we can now say that “Corporations” like Mobil-Exxon, Shell, Chevron, Arco, Dupont, Monsanto and another list as long as your arm – can be considered viable liars and prevaricators.
Rules? No rules in a knife fight…when winning becomes a larger goal than honesty or caring for others.  Everyone has their list of  great liars: Richard Nixon comes to mind, Senator Joe McCarthy, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Grover Norquist and another list as long as your arm. Perhaps that old saying: “If a politician or lobbyist lip’s are moving – they are telling a lie.”
Mitt Romney, uses a variety of positions to try and confuse the issue. They call this the “Halley’s Comet” argument. Just change or alter the argument away from the subject at hand. If we are talking about ObamaCare…..change the subject to lost jobs! For those who don’t pay a great deal of attention to the science of argumentation…..”it all sounds good!”
Romney also uses the famous “Shotgun approach to issues!” List 50 issues and say you don’t agree with – any of them! Use words like “Failed Policies” to put a label on them. When pushed on any of the issues: Just say you weren’t against the issue…just against what the opponent said. No definitive answer to the argument and no desire to give any!  “I’m not for ObamaCare…..I’m for “Generic My Brand Romney Care!”
The time has come for the American people to stand up and reject “These liars” in our society. The time has come to reject them by not buying products that are created by them or sponsors that support them. Hurting them in their pocket books will be a good start toward dealing with the increasing “Society of Liars” we are facing as a Nation!
How is Mitt Romney such an effective liar? The answer is simple; some people are desperate to believe as they do – ” that lying is just fine, in relationships, in business and in politics.” Watching the various advertising for and against some California Initiatives will give us all a clue to how to set the standard for misrepresentation and reinforcement of the philosophy that “Lying works just fine!”
Looking forward to hearing your  favorite list of “Gigantic Liars of the United States!”
*There are smoke and mirrors and then there are just plain lies.
According to these figures….we better start sending all our kids for jobs in China,
Thailand and…….even Mexico!

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