Bruce Whitaker <3's Popoff & The Slidebar

Dear Fullerton,

So . . . I’m just gonna throw this one out there and see how it sticks.

Bruce Whitaker accepted $1000 from Jeremy Popoff and The Slidebar as part of his campaign for re-election for Fullerton City Council.

His latest 460 filing is available here. (See pages 12 and 13)

For those of you who have been living under a log for the last two years, the Slidebar has been in the news quite a bit– mostly for its part in drawing the Fullerton Six to the transportation center on July 5, 2011.

Anyone have anything to say about this?  FFFF?

I do.  Give it back.


P.S. He also <3’s Chevron.  So does Jennifer Fitzgerald.  Still no word on t-shirts or free burgers.

Jeremy Popoff & attorney & whitaker portraits

Jeremy Popoff and his attorney in front of a wall at the Slidebar Those who have not visited the Slidebar recently may be surprised at who that establishment celebrates. (Artist’s conception.)

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