Two-Year Scientific Study Links Monsanto GMO Corn to Cancerous Tumors



Just when I thought I heard it all, this is the headline I read today,  Sweet times for cows as gummy worms replace costly corn feed

We all no there is a terrible drought in the Midwest and that means a shortage of corn and soy. So whats happens when there is a shortage? Prices go up.  Animals still gotta eat and that takes money.   If the price of feed is too expensive for the rancher to buy, what’s a rancher going to do? I guess think outside the box and feed their cattle candy.


So far, the FDA  has left any testing of the safety of  genetically modified organisms (GMOs)  to the biotech companies like Monsanto.  It has been reported that Monsanto responded saying  “its not their job to study the effects of gmos;  that job belongs to the  government“, so a team of researchers at the University of Caen, Institute of Biology, France; and the Department of Neurological, Neuropsychological, Morphological and Motor Sciences at University of Verona in Italy conducted their own two-year study.  Here is what they discovered:

Most earlier studies were done only to see the effects of one chemical, glyphosate  the active herbicide constituent of R.  When R residues are found in tap water, food or feed, they arise from the total herbicid formulation, which is the most commonly used mixture in agriculture; indeed many authors in the field have strongly emphasized the necessity of studying the potential toxic effects of total chemical mixtures rather than single components. 

These studies were done using GM soy and corn considered  herbicide tolerant to Roundup (R),  or engineered to produce a modified Bt toxin insecticide  (like the Bt corn currently for sale in Walmarts), or both. This is the first study that  links eating food containing  GMOs and cancerous tumors — and not just to allergies, as had been earlier reported. Tumors ranged from mammary in female rats to tumors in the liver and kidneys  of male rats.  Within just 24 months of  feeding rats Bt corn, 80% of  them developed tumors and most had at least three tumors on various parts of their bodies. Some of the female rats developed tumors as early as 7 months and  within 4 months for males.

All of the rats were given small doses of the GMO corn. 70% of the females and 50% of the males died prematurely.  Food containing GMOs are available in supermarkets right now — and before this study was done, they were only studied for 90 days!

Do you know that the majority of baby formula on grocery store shelves contain soy? Do you know how fragile a baby’s immune system is?  Since there is no current requirement by the FDA to label anything that contains GMOs, there is no way a parent will know if she/he is feeding her child a consistent diet of genetically modified food.

This alone is exactly why we need Prop 37 to pass!  The American public is a walking science experiment and we are participating without our consent!   And since I have the podium, its my opinion that any agency that allows these chemicals to continue to be used in our food supply constitutes criminal negligence.

Note: the following video is somewhat graphic; be forewarned.

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